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14% of Bloggers Prefer to Do It in Bed [POLL RESULTS]

Posted By Darren Rowse 22nd of January 2008 Reader Questions 0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I polled ProBlogger readers about their favorite place to blog. 1481 readers responded.

In many cases their choices were determined by where their computer was (it’s hard to take your desktop computer to bed) and so the ‘home office’ was the clear winner. But the other results were interesting.

Picture 6-2

Also interesting were some of the comments that the Poll’s post received with the ‘other’ section including people saying that they liked to blog from the bath, pool and beach.

My response was the Cafe – I’m spending around 10 hours a week now in cafes blogging – it’s good to get out of the house and get a different perspective (and the coffee doesn’t hurt either).

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Genius post title

  2. Pádraig says: 01/22/2008 at 6:30 am

    Now that’s a killer title. You could write a whole article on it.

    I would find it difficult to blog in front of the TV. Too much of a distraction. Home office is the most convenient for me.

  3. Yep, that was a great title for the post. I thought this was about where the blogger prefer to have sex.

  4. Blogging is my hobby/part-time job and I find much of my inspiration sitting with my laptop in front of the TV on my Bed. Since blogging at work isn’t productive it is hard to do it anywhere else except in my happy place.

  5. Anyone that doesn’t click on THAT title doesn’t have a pulse! LOL!

    I usually do it in front of the TV, in my home office, or at work. Shhh – that’s where I am right now.

  6. Does that mean bloggers are lazy?

  7. Haha. Nice title. I don’t really blog in my bed though, but on my home office instead. So I guess I’m part of that 51%.

    By the way, I noticed that you use Numbers from iWork for your graphs and charts? I also used it for my latest poll on my own blog.

    Sly from Slyvisions.com

  8. I did it in the balcony once. The cold draft was a bit much to handle.

  9. Kind of a Sensational title don’t you think? Then again it causes the majority of us to buzz about what you talk about and the title you choose.

  10. *chuckle* :)

  11. I love the “provocative” title, Darren.

    Now I’m wonder how people blog from the bath or the pool. I mean, poolside I can understand but, in the water? Don’t drop the laptop!

  12. Nice headline! Brian C. would be proud. :)

    Home office for me. It amazes me that people can write in front of a TV, I turn into mental jello.

  13. Haha, nice title. I blog from my computer in my bedroom – but if i had a laptop and wireless internet I’m sure I’d find some more original places!

  14. I prefer to do it in the bed too… Oh… blogging! Well I prefer to blog in my home office. Its difficult to blog in bed with my PC desktop computer. Imagine all the cables and stuff..hmm.. not to sexy for me.

  15. great title, i blog from my 2 seater sofa in front of the tv.
    tis comfy!

  16. hehe – sorry, couldn’t resist.

    ‘51% of bloggers prefer to do it in the home office’ didn’t have the same ring to it :-)

    Actually – I had the title in mind before I even posted the poll. If only the result had been 51% of bloggers prefer to do it in bed.

  17. I dont need this because i know how to have sex with my blog.thank you

  18. Interesting. I guess the answer is highly correlated to the type of blog one has.

    I would say that people blogging about personal stuff, for instance, would have no problems blogging from their beds.

    I wouldn’t be able to focus enough.

  19. I can only imagine the traffic this title will bring! Of course, it’s hard to argue with the poll findings. I was one of those that enjoyed getting away from home to generate a few articles. I find the distractions to actually be helpful in coming up with topics.

  20. LMAO @ title!

    Us bloggers are getting more and more creative with where we “do” it at. Nice post, Darren.

  21. I’m starring this in my Google Reader, so I can save this example of an awesome title….I had to click over just to check out the post.

    I would have to say that I am one of those bloggers that would prefer to blog from bed while watching a favorite movie. Thought sitting in one of my favorite cafes is a good place as well.

  22. I prefer the kitchen table.

  23. Interesting results Darren. What worries me is that 10% of bloggers prefer to do it at work. That is a lot of bloggers ripping their employers off – unless they are doing it in their lunchbreak of course.

  24. lmao! ditto to all above comments regarding the title.

    r the record, I love “doing it” in cafe’s around town too…but it works best if you find a dark corner so no one catches, errr, disturbs you. ;-)


  25. Darren, great survey. I see you are spending more and more time blogging in cafes.

    That brings to mind that you said earlier that you would do an updated “A day in the life of a ProBlogger.”

    Could’cha do it soon, please? Would love an update.

    Totally appreciate this blog, your willingness to help us beginning bloggers, and your integrity.

  26. Well, I dont like coffe and I don’t feel comfortable to take my notebook out in my country (Brazil).
    But yes, I do feel comfortable at bed. This is the best place to blog.
    My best,

  27. I tend to blog in only two places: Sitting in front of the TV, or upstairs in my home office (where I actually feel more comfortable). I can’t remember ever blogging in bed, although I have done a fair amount of surfing the net while lounging in bed.

  28. Best title for a post on any blog in a long time.

    50% use a home computer for blogging. I would’ve have thought that the number would have been lower, as all you gadget groovy people have macbooks.

  29. I was waiting for something with a little more flavour.

  30. Great title!

    I do agree with Catherine though…10% at work? Would they be company bloggers?…or get to hang out after work and use the company PCs?

    Now, that would be a sweet job….a paid company blogger. It would be the best of both worlds.

    A new title…”10% Get Paid To Do It, On Company Time”

  31. Darren, you’ve got a “catchy” blog title, it just caught me off-balance.

  32. Darren, you’ve got a “catchy” blog title, it just caught me off-balance.

    Just look at the rest of the figures as well. 51% of the bloggers do it in the home office.


  33. 10% at works… I would like to know which company paid their employee for blogging…

  34. Interesting ! is there so many readers of Problogge Pro Bloggers in the bed ? Is there 14% of pro sex blogs ? ;-))

  35. Home office. The last place I’d blog is from bed.

    Second would be someone else’s house and third would be hotels.

    Like most of us I multitask like crazy. It’s hard to get away from my room full of stuff and be effective. I’m not really into a coffeehouse vibe while writing. Unfortunately. Tunnel vision works out well for many writers.

    I posted some more thoughts over on Write for Blogs.

  36. Had to comment! Love the title!

  37. How many cups of coffee do you need to consume to justify being at a cafe for that length of time…I can imagine some owners getting a little snotty if you stretch a cup to last the entire length of your stay…..?

  38. I dont think i would blog from bed.. I would say the home office or commuting to and from work on the subway or bus.

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