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13 Tips to Recession Proof Your Blog

How can I prepare my blog for a recession or economic downturn?

Recession-Proof-BlogImage by Rednuht

Yesterday I asked my Twitter followers what they wanted me to write a post about on ProBlogger and this question (and variations of it) was asked repeatedly.

So today I want to suggest a number of ways that bloggers, particularly bloggers making a living from their blogs, can prepare themselves to ride out the economic downturn that we are having.

I’ve also asked my Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends for their tips on the topic and have included some of their responses (there were too many to use in the end so I’ve used about a third of them).

How to Recession Proof Your Blog

1. Focus Upon Content

Don’t become distracted from building quality content. While it is shaky times in some of the Web 2.0 industries and technologies people continue to go online more and more to find information that will enhance their lives. Your primary activity as a blogger needs to be on creating useful content that will solve problems, enhance lives and fulfil needs. This needs to be your core activity – recession or no recession – don’t become distracted from it.

The last thing I’ll say about content is that I suspect ‘how to’ or ‘advice’ content is particularly important in times like these. There is a general sense of uncertainty in the air at the moment and while people are always searching for ‘tips’ and ‘how to’ type content I suspect in economic downturn that searching for this type of content will only increase.

  • @nathanrice suggests – ‘keep writing. great content doesn’t take a lot of money to produce. It just takes time and patience.’
  • @dcrblogs suggested – ‘Make sure the blog adds value to people’s lives in some way.’
  • @HollyJahangiri suggests ‘offer timeless content for free’ – I think this is a wise move. Don’t just write for the hear and now but write the type of content that people will still be searching for in years to come. This type of content can drive traffic (and build income) for years to come.

2. Build Networks

‘It isn’t what you know but who you know’ – I have a feeling that this mantra will only become more important in times of economic downturn. I think a wise use of time in coming months would be to invest into your existing networks and to work on expanding them. Both online social networking and real life networks can open up great opportunities and provide you with support in tough times.

Perhaps working with another blogger (or a group of bloggers) to support each other and to promote one another’s work could be one way forward through this tough time. Together we know and can achieve so much more than we can individually.

  • @lucio_ribeiro suggests – ‘Cooperation works on recession. Team up with another blogs for promotion of mutual content ‘

3. Don’t Panic

I met a few bloggers at Blog World Expo who within 30 seconds of meeting them had almost worked themselves into a lather of worry, stress and panic as they talked about their blogging future.

I’m not saying the times we live in are not reason to be concerned – but panicking is not going to do you (or those around you) any favours. Do what you can to have a level head and to look logically at the situation – if you can’t, find others who can and give them permission to slap you in the face next time you go into panic mode.

Related to this – don’t panic publicly on your blog. There are plenty of bloggers around whipping their readers into a frenzy about the economic downturn – why not do something different and provide a positive place?

  • @JonSymons suggests – ‘Write posts that focus on feeling good, and are proactive, not negative.’
  • @jonathanmead suggested – ‘Market to people re-gaining power of their lives. Make them feel in control when they powerless.’

On a related note – blog with a little sensitivity and knowing that your readers might be doing it tough.

  • @CraneFactory suggested – ‘humility and sensitivity. in a recession when ppl are doing it tough reading about John Chows $500 dinners might put ppl off.’
  • @juliemarg suggests – ‘Don’t Be Snarky (my tip) remember that sarcastic/cynical personal commentary could alienate potential collaborators’
  • Nicole Ouellette wrote – ‘Be positive in your blogging. People are tired of reading the negative in this economy. Bonus if you can teach them something with your post. Empowerment is an empowering thing!’

4. Build Your Own Products/Services

Finding it harder to find advertisers for your blog? Why not advertise yourself? Bloggers that use their blogs to sell themselves, or a product or service that they sell add another monetization stream to their blog.

5. Build Authority

One of the most powerful things that you can do at any time as a blogger is to work hard on building up your profile and perceived expertise and authority in an industry. This is especially powerful in times of uncertainty where people are looking for leadership, advice and stability. Build relationships and be the most useful person that you can in these times and you’ll position yourself as a leader in your field.

6. Backup

It strikes me that over the coming months we might start seeing companies that we rely upon for services as bloggers go out of business. For example what if your hosting company was to go under – or the company you use to store your video or podcasts online? Might be time to backup – just in case.

  • @adamtaylor suggested – ‘be even more rigorous with backups incase someone goes bust!’

7. Diversify Your Income

If your family’s income and livelihood relies upon your blogging it might be a wise move to think about how you can build multiple income streams rather than just relying upon one. This could happen in a number of ways ranging from not just relying upon Advertising income but using affiliate marketing, having multiple blogs, doing some freelance writing and even getting a 2nd part time job (offline).

  • @EcoAussie suggested – ‘maybe u need another blog or niche to diversify.’
  • @lizzy7577 suggests – ‘Make sure you have a variety of blog income sources to depend on.’
  • @WayneHurlbert suggests – ‘Make sure you have a variety of blog income sources to depend on.’
  • @jonathanfields suggests – ‘Assess whether your readers’ information/entertainment needs have shifted. If so, adapt your content to stay insanely relevant’
  • @deniseoberry suggested – ‘Diversify around your core topic. Watch the 80/20 ratio of interest. As the 20% evolves, your writing should focus on that area.’

8. Look for Opportunities in the Negative

I was given this advice by an older family friend recently. He said – ‘In Recessions some industries boom – position yourself in them’. While many industries shrink in times of economic downturn others grow. I was at a search engine conference recently and one of the presenters said that there had been a sharp increase in search traffic around topics related to financial advice, budgeting, employment advice etc. Starting blogs in these types of topics could be a wise move at this time.

  • @ncheapskate suggested – ‘Write about fugal living. That’s working for me.’
  • @cyberpunkdreams suggests – ‘aiming the blog at freelancers perhaps? Freelancer numbers are expected to go way up.’

9. Find ways to Expand and Improve your Blog

I’m no economist, but from my limited study of economics and entrepreneurship it seems to me that while most companies take defensive positions in times of recession – certain companies and individuals see these sorts of times as opportunities to expand and position themselves for the future so that when the economy expands that they are ahead of their competitors.

I think expansion in times like these needs to be done smartly and responsibly (don’t spend your life savings if your family depends upon them) but I personally am planning on expanding my blogs in the coming months by adding new features, improving design etc.

  • @collegegourmet suggests – ‘Spend some money on ads and PR. Most people blow budget during good econ. but when times are bad is when u need it most.’

10. Track Track Track

I’ve been on a bit of a ‘metrics’ binge lately – examining the statistics that Google Reader (and other stats programs) are giving me on how my blogs are performing. While there is a danger in becoming obsessed by stats (at the expense of other important elements of writing a blog) it is amazing what you can learn about improving your blog by analysing how people are already using it.

Look at what people are searching for to find your blog, what they are searching for while on your blog (a tool like Lijit can give this information), what posts are most popular, what pages are leaking most readers, where people are clicking on your page (a tool like CrazyEgg helps with this) etc – all of this tells you how your blog is being used but can reveal ways that it can be improved.

11. Work Hard and Work Smart

There is no escaping it – building successful blogs takes a lot of work. I’m yet to meet a successful blogger who doesn’t put significant hours into their blogs development. Having said that – many bloggers also waste a lot of time. Identify core activities that you need to do to keep your blog on track and stick to them ruthlessly. Learn how to manage your time, eliminate distractions, identify goals and objectives (both short term and long term) and keep focused.

While doing all of this – take a long term view of your blogging. Blog rarely hit it big overnight – you’ll need to still be building your blog up in 2-3 years if you want it to reach its potential – so have a long term view and settle yourself in for the journey!

  • @GrantGriffiths suggested – ‘recession proof by focusing, focusing, and focusing. Dont try to be everything to everybody. Concentrate on your niche.’

12. Cut Costs

When times get tough another way to get through them is to cut down on unnecessary spending. Go through your expenses (credit card statements and paypal history) and look at what you’re paying for. Often as bloggers we sign up for small recurring services that don’t cost much but which we hardly use – perhaps it is time to eliminate some of these costs that are not important and/or to find ways to cut back.

  • @jonathanfields suggests – ‘analyze recent server loads and see if you might be able to scale down to a more modest hosting plan.’
  • Frerickus Willliford suggests – ‘Use wp-cache to save on bandwidth by reducing server load every bit counts.’

13. Experiment with Income Streams

One of the things I’ve noticed recently is that different income streams are really behaving quite differently on different blogs.

For example I was chatting with a group of bloggers recently who told me that their AdSense earnings had drastically dropped. As we were chatting another blogger came into the conversation and told us that his AdSense eCPM had almost doubled in the last 2 months.

In some industries CPC advertising is on the decline, in others it is on the rise. For some affiliate marketing is just not converting any more (as people have less disposable income) yet on some topics it is doing better than ever.

The key is to experiment and test different income streams, even old ones that you’ve previously written off might now be performing.

  • @degeeked suggests – ‘Up usage of click-based revenue streams (i.e. not affiliate programs) like AdSense. People still click during a recession.’
  • @ncheapskate suggests – ‘Use affiliates that offer freebies. Logical Media is one that does it all the time. It’s win-win for you and your reader.’
  • Dave Konig responded – ‘Don’t rely on one type of affiliate program, diversify not only your programs but your link types.’

What Would You Add?

You’ve heard a lot of opinions in this post about how to recession proof your blog – but what would you add to the opinions and ideas expressed above?

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Tips to Recession Proof Your Financial Blog ;
    1) Respond to your emails
    2) Propose solutions
    3) Offer coaching
    4) Follow up

  2. Keywords from other articles help to spark ideas for themes to follow. One tangent leads to another and continues to build an audience!

  3. As Bloggers we are also writers, therefore, entertainers. As I said in my post on the same subject, if anything I write, or upload on any site of mine makes people feel better for reading, even if just a smile, then I have done a job worthwhile.

    Internet marketing blogs also have it within their power to entertain people, not just a seemingly endless list of tools and suggestions. So well done Darren, for creating a good balance between advice, tips and sensitivity.

  4. Fantastic list of tips, dcrBlogs suggestion is one that I try to focus on daily. If my content isn’t relevant to anyone , then what is the point.

  5. Keep on writing what you love and create more mini sites that have niche

  6. Making the mistake of refusing to think about it, thinking that will make it go away or not affect you is a risky mistake.
    Internet Marketing

  7. Good tips, but I think many of them are important no matter what the economy is doing. Writing great content, networking, and developing multiple streams of income are important is both good times and bad.

    What really was the ah ha! for me in this post was the suggestion to backup your files because you don’t know what could happen to your host. This is excellent advice! Of course it is always good to backup, but I normally don’t worry about my hosting!

  8. So you’re saying I shouldn’t stuff my blog under my mattress for safe keeping?

  9. I already back up my blogs regularly…However, some pay for hosting up front, and we should think about that, even with hosting service with proven track record, best not to go too long term!

    After all, a year ago some may have been excused for thinking Lehman Bros and AIG had “proven track records”!! No one is immune from this morass.

  10. I think Slideshares contest around the latest economic crisis is a ***fantastic*** way to leverage the current situation for good AND profit.

    • Its participatory + community oriented
    • Its learning + education oriented
    • Its creative

    Three premises that will drive companies and blogs that stay ahead of the curve during economic storms. And by the way, fantastic post Darren. Soooo on point.

  11. Charles says: 10/17/2008 at 9:55 pm

    Come on, you’ve got to be serious! All the self proclaimed “gurus” are jumping on this recession bandwagon, it’s getting old real fast.

  12. I am quite happy to see this post here, I have been wondering how this recession is going to affect the dot com and how we are just going to survive it.

    But I am now happy, atleast I’ve seen a way of shielding myself from this hard times. thanks guys, more power to your elbow

  13. Great article. In this economic downturn its also important to mention that people may flock to the internet now for free entertainment. I teach a blog on Music Lessons, and I know this is the case with me, and I’m sure plenty of other people.

  14. Thanks for including my comment, Darren. I wanted to expand. The first thing companies cut in bad economic times is PR and advertising. It’s unfortunate that most blow their budgets during the good times and while advertising can be very expensive, PR is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. If you can’t afford to hire a PR firm on a retainer basis, many firms (especially now) will take hourly work or might be able to refer you to a freelancer who can write you a press release. (Don’t be tempted to write it yourself if you’ve never written one. It’s a different type of writing). If you can afford it, also have them do a few hours of media relations (pitching your blog, sending out your release). If you can’t afford it then pitch the release yourself. Don’t have the media contacts? Start with your local area media. They are often starved for stories and having a national blog might just be of interest to them.

  15. Dude….can u tel me is my blog need anything..?? Im getting descent visitors since its a month old..!! though i want you to cross check it..!!



  16. Great article. I will definitely use these tips.

  17. When economy gets bad nothing works. First thing you notice your income drops.. and than it gets worse. Nothing really seems to work because there is so little in the society to go around.

    AdSense revenues have dropped 20-30% in the last 2 months have you noticed that? Why ? Because fewer advertisers placing ads and fewer people interested in buying anything. Everyone seems to be hunkering down.

  18. It’s true that when economy gets bad the first cuts in cost are made on advertising so earning money from ads will be more difficult. But If one focus on content, one is doing advertising about himself and “being important” in the blogosphere can be a bridge to other many opportunities that networking provide. Don’t forge this.

    Jaime Arroyo

  19. NasMobile says: 10/19/2008 at 12:28 am

    Excellent article as usual. For me point 6 – about backup in case the hosting company goes under is the single most important issue. This is one item outside your control. I would make sure the hosting company is as solid as you can possible assure. If a host disappears and you have backups, it is still quite a pain to get the site up an running again. A little attention now can save a lot of pain later. Also have trial runs with backups and make sure you can get up and running quickly – will your backsup work when you need them most? How do you know? This Personal Business Continuity Plan will safeguard your livelihood if all hell breaks loose, minimise downtime and minimise costs. Preparing for this is critical at all times, but even more when uncertainty is in the air.

    Reliable Host + Tested Business Continuity Plan = Recession Proof Blog.

    Good luck everyone – hope the dark clouds lift quickly.

  20. Proofing yourself against a recession? Darren, are you short of ideas for new content? I certainly get that feeling.

  21. gavin and Charles – as I said in this post, this was the number 1 question I was asked when I asked my twitted followers for their questions. Obviously people of all industries are concerned about the topic, particularly with advertisers changing their spending habits. I think it is a topical and relevant topic for times like these.

  22. I need to improve my blog. Your post is interesting, I try to do this way but I think it’s difficult for me.

  23. Hey, this is good tips, i love it, specially person like (newbies blogger) thanks for the tips and motivation

  24. I would suggest bloggers to get some real advertisers (direct ads)

    This might work really well because advertisers want to minimize costs and want a good ROI .. this will also build long term relationships ..

    nice post btw

  25. The reality is crucial! Economy going down has a great impact on small businessmen! Blog as a great tool to describe ourselves will still be important. We need it and go on with passion.

  26. Make sure your blog headings are also catchy.


  27. It is important to do all this on a recession. Like carefully building your content, actively network etc. There are a few ways which I feel we should look at this. Aggressively. Create opportunities.

    I have written a blog on this. visit 2record.blogspot.com – Tips to tide over recession

  28. A lot of people are experiencing financial distress and they are seeking financial advice. Nonetheless, the advertising should offer an escape from their day to day worries.

  29. An excellent post….The point I liekd the most is your third one –> Dont panic.. I fully agree with this.. Certain bloggers usually panic a lot and waste their time in non trivial things.. We should work very hard and smarter as u said..

  30. During the recession we have been faced with some serious decisions. One of which is how to make a splash with out spending too much money. And my blog has been a real pleasure to develop and care for. What stuck out in this post for me was that I should keep my cool. If you panic and worry about things, you could do something silly. Strong and steady and as they say in Blue Ocean Strategies: Forget about your competition.

  31. The recession has not affected my blog in a big way.

    Most visitors are from universities and large corporate establishments, the general public however does not seem interested in the recession.

  32. Yeah, It’s imperative to see that recession should not affect our well beings.

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