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13 Questions to Ask Before Publishing a Post On Your Blog

1. What was the main point of this post? have I made it clearly?

2. What do I want readers of this post to do? have I led them to this action?

3. Have I written something useful?

4. Have I written something unique?

5. Has what I’ve written taken me closer or further away from my blog’s goals?

6. Have I used a title that draws people into my post?

7. Are my spelling and grammar correct?

8. Could I have said it more succinctly?

9. Have I credited sources of quotes and inspiration?

10. Have I written something previously that relates to this post that I could link to? has someone else?

11. Have I left room for my readers to add something to this post? have I invited them to?

12. What keywords will people search Google for on this topic? have I optimized this post for those words?

13. How could I follow this post up with another that extends it?

Image by Elín Elísabet

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Thanks for great tips.

    I have adopted these tips on my satirical Hindi article at – http://raviratlami.blogspot.com/2008/02/13.html
    hope, you do not mind.

  2. Very usefull rules.

    I say rules, because these tips seem essential to all good postings.

    I apply most of them, but I don’t do it systematically, though I might do this in the future.


    Pieter Jansegers

  3. Thank you for this post. I have gotten some valuable tips from this post which I would recall everytime I would write a post.


  4. Thanks for this gr8 list.

  5. This is a very useful blog I must say…. However what is difficult to find is useful information in laymans terms for the best ways of getting your blog well listed. It is downright frustrating clicking on links and then getting taken to other links signing up for the programm and then getting taken to other links signing up for the program and then….. ad nauseum

  6. I have a select list of things I have written down in my Moleskine to think about when writing.

    This list will be added as soon as possible.

    This is a great tool. Thanks for writing it.

  7. No. 7: Purposely make a few spelling errors so that people will comment on your blog saying “hey you spelled wrongly!”

  8. Darren. This post is so simple, but so terribly genius! What I like most about your blog is that you write about things that I can actually see you doing on your site (like linking to your past articles, leaving room for your readers to respond, creatively using graphics, etc.) I think “Darren’s” must be a pretty smart group! Thank you.. and keep up the good work!!!

  9. Very nice list Darren! I’ve been waiting for you to post something simple like this, but very straight to the point. This post is exactly to ask by bloggers all over the world. You make a great job! Thanks!

  10. Really great list of questions.

  11. After reading this post, I started to feel the pressure of blogging. I mean the good one. This post actually intend bloggers to put attention more to their readers before posting. Great! Thanks Darren!

  12. I think your point #3 is particularly important. Have I written something useful. Of course, if we really ask ourselves that, wouldnt that take away about half the blogs in the world? I mean, how would I know what someone ate for lunch in Topeka, KS?

    Seriously, a well thought out list.

  13. And, I would add, does it reflect my personal brand (what I’m already known for – or want to be known for).
    Maria Elena Duron

  14. Thanks for all the info.

  15. another general bullet point might be: does it inspire people to respond?

  16. Great post Darren, I have been blogging from quite some time and have many posts in blog, but never gave this much of thought before i post things. will try to implement atleast some things and will see what happens.


  17. Good One!
    This can actually help us keep the visitors coming back to our websites.

  18. Great useful list. Blogging sure takes a lot of thought. Each post is a work of art.

  19. This list would make the writing process so easy, because it would generate many ideas to write on them.

  20. Thanks a lot for this valuable post as this will help me a lot on my own post. I appreciate you a lot and I draw my inspiration from you.

  21. Good post. It would improve the blogosphere as a whole immensly if people considerd these points before posting

  22. wow, very interesting lists.. thanks a lot for sharing your secrets on what to check before posting.


  23. I have just started blogging and that’s smth i needed and I bet everyone does. Man you are something. Thanks for the great post Darren.

  24. This one “Have I written something unique?” is easy to answer :) both when you post something totaly useless as well as when the content is unique. I keep to a simple rule. When I don;t have a good idea I don’t write!

  25. Mario Lopez says: 03/12/2008 at 9:55 am


    Greetings. I recently started in the blogosphere by creating and maintaining a bilingual blog.

    As a rookie, I started ignoring about “rules of engagement” like to the ones you’ve suggested us to consider before posting a message.

    I wonder if I could contact you again if some doubt could exist after reading and studying the rules?

    Thank you very much.

  26. how about “Is my blog post too long?” I find that many blog posts are way too long and tend to ramble on after the point has been made…

  27. Great checklist. It clearly argues for me to quit blogging. Thanks.

  28. Thanks you made this so easy! I’m new to blogging but I’ve picked up the courtesy rule I’m referring any of my readers to you for this useful help!

  29. This is exactly the sort of thing that more bloggers should be doing if they want to rise to the top.

  30. how about “Is my blog post too long?” I find that many blog posts are way too long and tend to ramble on after the point has been made…

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