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12 CPM Alternatives to Adsense

Posted By Darren Rowse 3rd of March 2008 Advertising 0 Comments

Looking for a CPM Alternative to AdSense? Will Reinhardt from Calico Monkey (RSS) shows you 12 of them in this post.

Video content publishers face a unique capitalization challenge on the internet today. Sites that rely on new media for the bulk of their content are unable to earn as much from Adsense as those sites that feature more traditional written articles.

Improving CPM in a New Media Era

There are CPM alternatives to the pay-per-click model that can offer video content publishers better monetization than Adsense. These impression based publishing networks have often been around for many years, while some are new to the field and thus have less stringent traffic requirements. While the CPM amount that can be earned varies depending on the niche and number of unique visitors/pageviews per month, for new media publishers this amount is often higher than Adsense revenue.

The following publishers are ordered by their traffic requirements, in parentheses.

AdsDaq (no requirement) – While they only provide CPM ads to specific countries, their ability to display backup ads from any network makes them an easy first choice for somebody looking to test the waters of the CPM market.

Ad Dynamix – (no requirement) – While not quite as intuitive as AdsDaq, their minimal requirements make Ad Dynamix quite approachable even though their customer support is poor.

ValueClick (3,000 pageviews per month) – While their pageview requirements are quite low, ValueClick is known to be picky with the type of site they will approve.

Morning Falls (10,000 pageviews per month) – A relatively low traffic requirement, solid customer service, simple implementation and easy to understand reports make this a good CPM publisher for beginners.

CPX Interactive (10,000 pageviews per month) – A relatively new face on the advertising scene, CPX Interactive offers good integration and solid reporting. Meeting the traffic requirements is not always good enough, however, as their internal approval process is on the strict side.

Burst Media (20,000 pageviews per month) – Burst Media is an intermediate advertising publisher. Their overly-complicated integration and reports, as well as their poor customer service hold them back from the upper echelon of advertising networks.

Casale Media (10,000 unique visitors per month) – A good intermediate ad publisher, perfect for an established site that has not quite reached A-List status just yet. Casale Media handles larger sites as well, making them a good long-term choice for many sites.

Tribal Fusion (60,000 unique visitors per month) – A solid pay scale, depending on your niche. Tribal Fusion represents hundreds of sites with a wide range of categories.

Brightroll (100,000 video views and 250,000 pageviews per month) – Along with Video Egg, Brightroll is the only other advertising publisher on this list that is truly centered on new media. Their video view requirement automatically puts them in the advanced category.

Adtegrity (500,000 pageviews per month) – While their orange and green color scheme may make you scratch your head, Adtegrity is known for their quality customer service and is quickly becoming a leader in the advertising network field.

Advertising.com (2 million pageviews per month) – One of the heavy hitters of online ad publishing, their high pageview entry point means only well-established sites need apply.

Video Egg (10 million video views per month) – The cream of the new media crop, Video Egg concentrates entirely on advertising in online videos.


Once a new media site has obtained a solid audience a close examination will reveal that Adsense simply doesn’t have as much clout as it should. As your site grows, consider other advertising methods and networks. Your bottom line will appreciate your efforts.

The Author

Will Reinhardt shows his own cartoons and discusses making a living creating animation at Calico Monkey (RSS). He also teaches animation at Toon Boom Tutorials.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1. Nice list, I’ve been looking for some alternatives.

  2. You missed AdBrite and Viralytics Media. They are more realistic in terms of acceptance than Ad.com and Tribal Fusion.

  3. Yeah, Viralytics Media is good. Probably one of the better CPM pop-under networks out there.

  4. Hey thanks for sharing the excellent and comprehensive list of CMP alts to adsense. I am earning well from adsense and looking for new alternatives to male some more money. Few of them are really new to me.

  5. Morning Falls now shows this for requirements of pageviews/visitors:

    – 10,000 Monthly Unique Visitors or 200,000 Monthly Impressions

  6. that a good list of CPM ads but CPC is always better if your as are placed at right area of your website , here take a look at the adsense alternatives available based on CPC http://www.squidoo.com/topalternativeadsense

  7. wow these alternatives are very cool b’cas every one is forgetting about thier blogs or websites once banned by adsense.


  8. I applied for AdsDaq but still they did’nt respond me now I am thinking to make another try with my other websites

  9. Thanks for the great list.

  10. what do you do when none of the ad networks accept you apart from rmxmedia ?

  11. Try http://www.axill.com which is paying every week! Very prompt and excellent support!!

  12. I think the best alternative for both adsense and adwords is AdToll . You will see dramatic increase in your earnings.

    other great news is today AdToll is acquired by US company.

  13. Does anyone know of any good CPM for video linking sites, such as the one in my name???

  14. Great list. I would like to learn more about how these sites target (if at all) their ads.

  15. Hi Darren,

    I would really like to know of some CPM based advertising networks for Australian websites.

    I am struggling to find them for my finance blog.



  16. most of the foreign website owner cannot get CPM ads from above advertisement networks.Any one out there knows high paying CPM ads to Turkish websites ?

  17. Picky Boot says: 01/08/2009 at 3:03 pm

    CPM is one of the best online advertising program. Through this program one can make a good ROI. Great list of CPM networks, this blog would help the people who are in search of this kind of networks.I too came over a CPM network which offers a good service. The network which I came over was http://www.directcpv.com/.

  18. Thanks for this valuable information. As a beginner I see I have a long way to go, but it puts the mountain I’m climbing in perspective.

  19. I applied for Tribal Fusion but never got reply from it, now I am applying for CPX Interactive… my traffic is enuff to apply!>>>

  20. Thanks for the awesome list! I started using Morning Falls as my remnant inventory provider a few months ago and they have given me a 13% boost in revenue! Hell yes

  21. thanks for this list Darren it was pretty handy whilst i was looking which cpm advertiser to go with!

    also it pretty inspiring to see so many comments from people in the same boat as me

  22. Hey very good list of CPM advertising.Thanks for Sharing this.

  23. 2 Million page views per month? Wow that’s heavy dude. I’m sure there is not much websites apply to it. What do you think?

  24. 2 Million page views per month? Wow that’s heavy dude. I’m sure there are not many websites apply to it. What do you think?

  25. I don’t think there’s any real alternative to adsense for publishers with low traffic (like myself !)

    I got banned from adsense and now I have one PR 3 site and two PR 2 sites which don’t get much traffic and don’t earn me a dime !

  26. Very impossible if low traffic can get more money with cpm adsense

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