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Blogs Must Earn Their Keep

Posted By Toby 15th of June 2005 Business Blogging, General 0 Comments

Sounds like Darren is having a wonderful time on his well deserved holiday. From a ProBlogger fan, it’s been great fun reading the variety of posts by guest bloggers.

Over the past few months, I’ve been talking to marketers around the country about how blogs can support business initiatives. Most folks are intrigued and want to explore ways to incorporate this new tool into their strategies. However for some the deal breaker is how to justify to their management that blogs are not a resource drain.

If blogs are going to be accepted as a credible marketing tactic they must be able to earn their keep within a company’s master marketing plan. Let’s save the “people talk” for blog conversations. In “marketing talk” that means accountability. As with any interactive strategy “blog” metrics can be tracked and ROI can be established. Compliments of Diva Marketing here are a few suggestions.

Blog Specific
*May be measured by unique or total posts

-Search rankings
-Visitor hits*
-Page views
-Trackbacks *
-In bound links – general*
-In bound links – “high ranked” blogs/sites*
-Comments* such as customer feedback/new ideas
– Newsreader subscriptions

– Newsletters subscriptions
– Sales
– Leads
– White paper/other down loads

– Speaking engagements
– Podcasts, vlogs and other interviews
– Media mentions/quotes
– Mentions and links on other blogs/websites

– Customers’ emotional involvement with the brand
– Increase in brand loyalty
– Providing customers with the opportunity to talk with people within a company and ensuring that customers are heard, responded to and respected by those people who are assuming the role of the public “voice” of their company.

  1. We track traffic stats back to our main website, http://www.moosetracks.com. So far, our family of four blogs has helped us increase traffic about 12% — not bad at all.

  2. Hi Toby,

    Apparently our brainwaves are aligned! I started writing about the importance of metrics for business blogs a couple of days ago. In fact, its the cornerstone of what I do at The Blog Studio. Business blogs need to be goal driven and accountable. Thanks for sharing the comprehensive list of measurable items.

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