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10 PBEVENT Speakers Reveal their #1 Life Hack

Posted By Stacey Roberts 24th of June 2015 General 0 Comments

10 PBEvent speakers share their #1 Life Hack for getting stuff done! problogger.netFollowing on from the earlier post about what our speakers get up to in the mornings, we also asked them to give us their number-one time management or life hack – how DO they get everything done?!

HEATHER ARMSTRONG: Author, speaker, and blogger at Dooce

Heather-Headshot-1.2015-200x200Delegating. I used to have the hardest time asking for help, but now it’s a basic part of survival. One example: I have a babysitter for two hours in the afternoon so that I can get in a full work day, and if I’m running behind on anything in the house she lends a helping hand.


Heather will be presenting the keynote session: The Courage of Compassion: Transforming Your Experience with Criticism

MRS WOOG: Mouthy 40-something housewife from the burbs. Blogs at Woogsworld

Kayte-Murphy-200x200I reward myself for a good days work by lying on the couch from 2-3pm and yell at the political hi-jinks on Question Time. That, or catch up with my Kardashians.



Mrs Woog will be on the panel for: How to monetise a personal blog with Heather Armstrong

BENJAMIN MANGOLD: Director of Digital and Analytics at Loves Data + Google-certified expert for Google Analytics

benjamin-mangold-800-2-200x200Honestly, I’m not the greatest at time management, but simple and short to-do lists help keep me focused. I also keep my work email turned off on my phone (unless I’m traveling) to stay sane – there’s always more emails to look at and more work to do, so this is one technique I use to help preserve some balance.


Benjamin will be presenting the session: Metrics that Matter: Google Analytics for Actionable Insights

KELLY EXETER: Owner of Swish Design, a boutique web and graphic design company.

KellySquareHeadShotHiRes-200x200The one minute rule. If there’s something to be done (wash a dish, send an email, file a letter) that will take less than one minute, I just do it. Otherwise the bloody thing will sit there for weeks and that’s ridiculous!
Kelly will be presenting the session: Blogging voice and the art of creating meaningful connections through writing



Ruth Soukup: Founder of Living Well Spending Less

Ruth-Profile-600x600-200x200I’m a big fan of the book, “Eat That Frog,” by Brian Tracy. I read it years ago, and it completely changed the way I structured my day. I try to be very vigilant about doing the big things first—eating my frogs first thing in the morning. I save the easier, fun things, like meetings, phone calls, & editing photos for the afternoon, when I am not quite as motivated.

Ruth will be presenting the keynote session The 5 Ordinary Habits of Extraordinary Bloggers, and breakout session Pinterest Marketing 101: The Three Elements of the Perfect Pin

NAT KRINGOUDIS: Women’s health revolutionist and fertility fixer at natkringoudis.com.au

Nat_1698-200x200I’m an all or nothing kind of girl – so as far as time management goes, if I know I’m ‘off’ I don’t even bother. For me it’s so about quality over quantity, so tuning into this has been such a life saver for me. What it means is if I’m having an off day, I don’t even bother, it’s counterproductive.

If I had to say there was one ‘app’ or thing that saves me time and time again – it’s my google calendar. It means that everything is in the once place, the whole team (and family) has access and it makes life one heck of a lot easier!

Nat will be presenting the session: How to create your gangbuster e-product

BRANDON COWAN: 21-year-old co-founder and Director of Crazy Dog Apps

Brandon-Cowan-1-200x200You asked the wrong person because I am late for everything :) But seriously, I will usually do my best to avoid any type of meeting as they are usually boring, unproductive and the same information can be exchanged faster via a phone call. Of course meetings are sometimes necessary and it will depend on each persons individual situation…
Brandon will be presenting the session: Creating Business Ideas

PAMELA WILSON: Big Brand System and Copyblogger Media

Pamela-Wilson-600px-sq-200x200My favorite time management hack is to try not to tackle more than three projects in a day.

That doesn’t mean I only do three things every day! It means that in terms of projects that will take me more than 30 minutes of work, I try to keep three on my list, and no more.

I’ve found that when I reduce my list to three main projects, I’m able to get them done. And I don’t suffer from feeling guilty about “not doing enough with my day.”

Instead, I’ll often finish them with time to spare. When that happens, I look ahead to other projects on my main to-do list, and pick something to get ahead on.

That’s a completely different feeling than the “look at all I didn’t get to” routine I used to put myself through at the end of every day. Doing this has transformed the way I approach my time.

Pamela will be presenting the session: Design 101: How to Use Design Basics to Polish Up Your Blog, and How to Create a Content Event That Builds Your Email List

DAN NORRIS: serial entrepreneur, award winning blogger and the author of the best selling business book The 7 Day Startup

dan-norris-1-200x200The only time management hack I employ is I ensure that I automate or delegate most of my jobs. Definitely the ones I don’t like and aren’t good at but even the ones I do like and am good at, at least the critical business ones. That way I spend 100% of my time (or very close to it) doing only what inspires me on that day and time becomes much less of an issue than it is for most people.

Dan will be presenting the session: How to use your blog to supercharge your small business

CAROLINE MAKEPEACE: Co-founder of y travel blog

Caz-Makepeace-bio-square-600-x-600-200x200Meditation. It helps bring clarity of thought and a grounded sense of calm. That helps you tap more into flow and when you’re in flow time doesn’t exist. I truly believe that mediation has been the most powerful life hack for me for productivity + so many other things.

Caroline will be presenting the session: From Blog to Business – the steps you need to take from to create a profitable business online



There are a handful of tickets left, so be quick to ensure you don’t miss out! You can go here to purchase.
PBEVENT is Australia’s biggest and longest-running blogging conference. Our first 400 tickets sold in around 20 minutes this year, firmly establishing it the ‘go-to’ event on the blogging community’s calendar for training and networking.

In 2015, ProBlogger Training Event is presented by Olympus and will be relocating to the spacious RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast, ready for over 650 bloggers on August 14 and 15.

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  1. Speakers commonly keep a journal of problems solved each day or week. Then, invest time in developing explanations of solutions, in layman’s terms, and practice these explanations.

  2. Interesting to read different approaches by different folks. My number one time management tip is stop focussing on time management and focus on self management instead!

  3. I truly adore Kelly Exeter’s system for evading inspiration, by doing certain assignments before you have to start up the energy in yourself. i regularly hear that it is so vital to get propelled before an errand however i never took a gander at it that way, Intriguing to peruse distinctive methodologies by diverse people.

  4. Reading these sort of articles on different mentalities and experiences of authors offers good inspiration. Life is a mixture of ideas, thoughts and expressions, which indeed makes me attracted to this content. Thank you for your rejoicing articles.

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