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What to Do When You’re so Boring You’re Boring Yourself

Posted By Guest Blogger 2nd of July 2011 Writing Content 0 Comments

This guest post is by freelance writer Jocelyn Anne.

Have you ever finished one of your own blogs written by yours truly and finished the dang thing bored out of your own mind? To the point where it’s too painful to even re-read it for basic proofing?

Well if you haven’t, not to fear, your day is coming. It happens. All good things must come to an end, or so they say. Not that I’m saying you’ll be boring forever. It’s just a phase. Or something. Anyway. Here’s what’s up.

If you’re bored, your readers are bored. And if your readers are bored, they’re going to stop coming back—like, super-fast. Readers are finicky like that. While you may have faith that your temporary boredom is just a phase, and I may have faith that your last irritatingly boring post was just a fluke, other readers aren’t likely to be so kind. They flee boring like mad.

So, what this boils down to is that you don’t have a whole lotta time to dwell and wallow in your phase. Maybe a few posts (if you’re lucky). Boredom calls for desperate measures. You’re gonna have to ditch yourself altogether and become someone much newer and cooler and hipper than you are. Sayonara baby.

My favorite way to break the boring posting doldrums is to create an entirely new person. New alias, new pen name, what have you. I decide what I’ll look like (always some sort of super model, of course), what my past was like, where I’m headed in life and how many hundreds of dollars I’m getting paid to write this blog (it helps). Then I decide what I’m passionate about. Who cares if it’s even remotely relevant to what I typically blog about. Clearly neither I nor my readers can bear to read any more of that right now.

So. You’re a new person, with a new passion. If you’ve got guts, you can post as yourself. If you’re not so gutsy yet, post it as a guest blog. Bottom line, do whatever will allow you to have the most freedom and most fun. Be wacky. Be crazy. Be fanatical. It honestly doesn’t matter. What matters is that you regain a voice again. It could be a superhero, it could be a cartoon character. It could be your super sexy blonde neighbor with the Greek goddess tan you despise. It could be the nerd who lurks behind the recycling at the Piggly Wiggly. You get the point. Pick one and write about bananas. Or maybe boxes.

Now, depending upon the severity of your boredom “condition” you can decide how far to take this. Do you need an entirely new blog? Probably not. But if you feel like the one you’re on is just too far gone for recovery, then do it! Break a new and start afresh. Sometimes a new little WordPress layout is all it takes. If you think you just need to snap out of it, then more likely than not, a few posts will do the trick and bring back some pizzazz to the normal, every-day you. If you feel like you could slip back at any moment though, then instill something like Friday Fun Day and post under your alias once a week from now on. Your readers will develop a bond with the two of you and you’ll get to be you and someone probably a whole lot more exciting.

What will happen is that you’ll have fun. Believe it or not. I know, I know, sometimes blogging is torture. But this won’t be. You’ll have to use an entirely new area of your brain, an entirely new capacity of your humor and wit and your sass that probably hasn’t seen the light of day in far too long. And, especially if you post as a guest, you have no fear of consequences. There’s nothing that can touch you or harm you because whoever the nut is that wrote that piece, wasn’t you! Brilliant, eh? Write a couple pieces. Write until you regain the spark and vim and vigor you used to have in your area of expertise.

Now, while I suggested this idea primarily for those of you suffering from boredom, or at least for those of you making your readers suffer from your boredom, it’s actually not the only thing this handy-dandy technique is good for. It’s also awesome for the wanna-be-writer struggling with finding and settling on a voice. Heck, try out a new voice a week. Toronto Tom this week, Sweetly Sara next. (A gender writing voice mix-up is always interesting.) Once you find a voice you’ve fallen in love with, then step into your own. Claim your own name and attach it to the voice you connected with. This might even be helpful for Writing 101 when your professor hates everything you do.

And finally! It’s also grand for the blogger who desires to be controversial but hasn’t the backbone, the experienced blogger who needs some work improving his technique, the ancient blogger who’s been blogging for far, far too long and my personal pet peeve: the blogger who has seemingly forgotten that blogs once consisted of words and has since taken to posting irritating iPhone pictures of what he ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead. (Isn’t that annoying?!)

Perhaps you know of a blogger or two you could forward this article on to? I know I do.

Freelance writer Jocelyn Anne is an avid blogger and sometimes writes as Ella Stella if she’s getting dull.  But, right now you’ll find her writing about captivating uses for a portable air conditioner!

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  • Did anyone read all the way through this?

  • Okay, but then I felt so bad that I went back and read it all.

  • Great idea Jocelyn – to adapt a new persona on the internet just because you can! I will definitely give this a try next time I start feeling bored with myself.

  • I’ve definitely been down that path. I’ve had to take off weeks sometimes when I wasn’t feeling creative. It really is a state of mind and finding your voice can help a lot. Once you have a strong feeling for what you and your writing is about things become much easier.

    I don’t have to ability to post something that bores me. I choose to separate my mind from it and give myself the necessary time to get excited again then I write my heart out.

  • This is really interesting because I actually have a different alias that I post under from time to time. I thought I was crazy for being one person writing under two names. One name represents the conservative side and and the other name reveals my edgy “tell-it-like-it-is side.”

    But to be honest, I find most blogs boring, even my own from time to time. I try to write first, what I would like to say then, second, go back and try to spunk it up a little. The most important thing to me is getting my message across so that people will read my posts and know what my main point was. It may be boring to some, but hopefully for others, it’s useful.


  • hmmm trying out new writing voices to relieve boredom? good for freelancers, bad for bloggers.

  • It was/is common in many writing realms and with Movie directors, to go by an alias. Film directors would go under the official pseudonym “Alan Smithee ” . Usually when a project bombed out and they did not want their name attached to the project. Okay, enough trivia. For me, I have done different blogs, covering a wide variation of topics(Just for self expression). I did not need to change my identity to achieve this, I just voiced different aspects of my personality.

  • Hi Jocelyn,

    Helpful tips here.

    The advice about writing with a freeing and fun state of mind is spot on. When we relax and have fun, we let go all the creative ideas the tense, self-conscious person keeps inside. A flood of really cool and entertaining ideas hits our minds and we know this post can’t possibly be boring, because it’s charged with a certain energy.

    My best posts are my fun posts, and these are the product of being less concerned with how my audience would perceive the post and more concerned with writing from the heart, and enjoying the heck out of the process.

    This is why you shouldn’t post if you aren’t inspired, because it’s better to wait a few minutes or hours until you generate the feeling of enjoying what you’re doing rather than churn out a bland, lifeless post.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  • Interesting. I’d thought about being a little controversial, expressing an opinion, lots of other things to make my blog more interesting. You’ve brought some more good ideas to the table. Thanks.

  • There is an interesting argument when it comes to blogging that you should always be yourself. Use your real name and be as honest as you can. People will always see through any fakery. However if you are a good creative writer you can easily get away with being someone else – at least for a while. It can be hard to really get inside the head of another person unless there is a little bit of you in there too.

    When I get bored with blogging (and having just been at it for a month or so, I am hoping that time isn’t coming soon!) I hope I will be able to take advantage of guest bloggers and linking to keep my readers satisfied. As I still have plenty of ideas, I am not yet there. if you are truly bored, then maybe the time has come to stop blogging…