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The Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing Video Content Production

Posted By Guest Blogger 9th of February 2013 Writing Content 0 Comments

This guest post is by Leslie Anglesey of EssayTigers.

Does it make sense for blog owners to include video in their posts? It sure does!

Your posts should include all types of interesting content to engage and entertain readers, and this can definitely include videos.

But rather than trying to do all of the work yourself, get smart about your time and consider outsourcing your video content by partnering with a reliable provider.

Research for reliability

How can you find a reliable service? You do your homework.

  • First of all, consider how much content you will need each month, as this will help you determine the costs you can expect to pay for each service.
  • You will also want to ask about content storage volumes and delivery.
  • Support is an important issue. Find out whether you would contact the provider by email or phone, and how long you would have to wait to get a response if you need to rely on email as the preferred contact method.
  • Price is another important consideration for any business owner, and you need to make sure that you are getting good value for the money you’re spending. Consider the following services if you are interested in outsourcing your video content in addition to writing posts.

In finding companies to consider, ask other bloggers for recommendations. Word of mouth can be a great way to find the service that you need.

The companies you are considering should have samples of their work posted online that you can review. When you are checking them out, make a point of looking at the quality of the sound and lighting. These two factors will tell you whether you will be getting a good quality product.

A few options

Here are a few outsourced video services that I’ve come across, and which you might like to consider.


The Viddler video platform allows users to upload videos one at a time or in batches. You can record your video from your webcam directly into your Viddler account.

It’s an easy and convenient method for getting your message out to your readers. This company has been in business for six years and has processed over 22 million minutes of video since its inception.

It offers iTunes syndication and RSS feed, as well as embeddable widgets, so you can imbed your videos into your posts.

Pricing starts at $42.00 per month with an annual subscription. You also have the option of paying $50.00 on a month-by-month basis for this service. At this level, you would be provided with email support. Customers who choose a higher level of service would be entitled to email and phone support.


ReelContent is a UK-based company that offers video production services on location or in its studio. The company also offers editing services to its clients.

If are looking for highly polished video content to complement the blog posts you are writing, you may want to consider this type of option. The company has experience shooting content for news items, reviews, interviews, guides, and product demonstrations.


BlissMediaWorks targets the small and medium-sized business market. The company offers flexible video services that can be adapted to suit your needs.

Services include adding real footage, graphics, and animated text into a video. They can even include music and sound effects if you wish. The company will even post a video direct to YouTube as a special service to drive traffic to your blog.

Audio Concepts

Audio Concepts offers web videos as one of its services. If you are looking for a way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, adding a series of videos to your blog is an effective way to enhance your online reputation.

Invite visitors to visit your blog to view the next installment to get more information about the topic you are discussing. This is an excellent way to tell a story and really connect with your visitors.


If you know what you want in a video service, and are prepared to review multiple quotes for your video project, you can post it on SmartShoot.

This online marketplace will connect you with filmmakers and photographers who will put up bids for your job. You then choose who you want to work with.

What are you waiting for?

Adding video to blog posts is an excellent way to give your writing a boost. You can connect with your readers in a new way, and give the search engines something different to index from your blog.

This type of content is, of course, very popular with readers and may result in more shares on social networking sites. If your goal is to have more people liking your posts on Facebook, stumbling them on StumbleUpon, or tweeting them on Twitter, you will want to include video content on your blog more often.

It’s a good idea to get in front of your audience to let them see and hear from you, too. People want to know what you look and sound like so they can get to know you.

If your goal is to be seen as an expert to promote your business and get higher conversion rates for a product or a service, you need to be seen as someone your readers know and trust. The video messages are a good way for you to accomplish this goal.

Finally, remember: your videos don’t need to be lengthy. Anything from 30 seconds to three minutes will give viewers a chance to get to know you. And focus on one main theme per video.

Over time, you will feel more comfortable making videos. Just pretend you are talking to a friend, which is exactly what you are doing. You’re just speaking to your readers instead of writing your message.

Leslie Anglesey is an educational specialist and editor at EssayTigers – service that provides professional paper writing tips for the students.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. I am sorry, this post is without focus. It is trite, superficial and pointless.

    Is it about video creation, hosting, process, what?

    This is like mainstream media…shallow, asinine.

    I never knew guest blogging had such a low bar.

    What a disappointment.



  2. NICE post sir your blog is a great source of inspiration to me thanks and i appreciate this wonderful post thanks

  3. Leslie,

    thanks for the resources. I have been looking to start doing some more video for my blog.

    I recently did a video where I simply read my blog post on video. It allowed me to double my content and got some great feedback.

    What are the advantages of Viddler over Youtube?

    Jack Bastide

  4. Excellent points on reliability considerations. You should consider adding mailVU to the list. Unlike the other options mailVU’s Business Plan provides a webcam recorder for your website so users don’t have to go elsewhere to record videos for you. Example site: http://www.optimalrun.com/video-reviews/ You can record videos on your site just like YouTube does.

  5. nice post thanks for sharing this useful links for video blogger very beneficial for me..

  6. I thought it was a good post, because it is titled, after all, the beginner’s guide to outsourcing video content!
    You know, one can also use videos already made and popular with You Tube to get their point across. Video is a great way to engage your audience, and depending on the video, and excellent way to drive traffic to your blog post. I’ve written a bit more about blogging and driving traffic to it, plus doing it effectively (and still making money), in under 30 minutes. I found these tips useful enough that I did a piece on them myself! Marjorie http://www.empowernetwork.com/index0923/blog/how-to-make-money-blogging-in-30-minutes-and-get-more-traffic-to-your-blog-2/?id=index0923

  7. I have to agree with Mark.

    I found it hard to understand what’s the main purpose of this post because VIddler isn’t an video production company.

    And I was actually thinking about this: Maybe every blog should have 1 video that sums everything up before posting 1 video for each article?

    I’m really interested in finding other people’s opinion on this because I’m in this field (video production).


    • Nino, not sure I understand your question. I have seen that adding video to blog posts will increase SEO ranks even if you didn’t create the video.

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