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Do These Things Before You Launch Your Blog

Today we are talking about launching your blog. I’ve been getting a lot of questions in terms of content and design and what types of things you should have ready before you launch your blog.

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Pre-bloggers often want to know how much work should they have done before launching their blog. They ask questions like how much content should I have ready? How many posts should be live? Should I have a customized theme? Should I invest in a logo?

Sometimes excitement kicks in when launching a blog, and it gets launched before it is completely ready to go. Today we are going to talk about the ideal blog launching scenarios.

In This Episode

I used to be a partner in a blog network, and what we would do content wise is what I’m going to share with you today. We aren’t going to talk about choosing a blog platform, hosting, or choosing a domain today, but we have a post here on how to Start a Blog that walks you through those decisions.

  • Brainstorm post topics – if you can’t come up with 20, your niche may be too narrow
  • Write 10 blog posts, make 3 live and 7 drafts
  • Ideally have a unique design – put your own logo and colors on a premium theme
  • Setup your email newsletter before you launch – having an email list is gold
  • Setup social outposts – choose most relevant social network and set it up
  • You can register social accounts on all of the networks, but focus on the main one

Tools and Resources for Launching Your Blog

Premium WordPress Themes

Email Providers

Email Opt-Ins

Note: I am an affiliate for some of the tools and resources listed above.

Problogger Resources

Further Reading for Launching Your Blog

How did you go with today’s episode?

There is always more you can do to customize a blog, but the top listed items are what I would focus on. I’d love to hear what you would add to this. Let us know what you did to customize your blog, and if you are a new blogger leave us a link to your new blog in the comments.

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  • Tzvi Barish

    Are there any WordPress social media plugins that you would recommend for a blog?

    • Do you mean a plugin that puts social sharing buttons on your site? We’ve been using the ones from SumoMe lately but there are plenty of other options.

      • Tzvi Barish

        Thank you!


  • I launched my blog a few weeks ago, and it would have been really nice to know all of this. Fortunately, I started listening to the podcast immediately after launch, so I was able to straighten things out really quickly. I’ve made it through every episode since.

  • tomthiessen

    Darren’s excellent book ‘your first week of blogging’ also helps set you on the right track. 🙂 always worth going back and reading.

  • Brooke Ciccozzi

    Hi Darren – I’ve just found your awesome podcast series! I kicked off with episode #95 and i’m so relieved that I did most of these steps prior to launching my blog (just over a month ago). I’m an absolute blogging newbie but I am LOVING it!! My blog is the running mate of the app i’m developing (mid 2016). I cant wait to incorporate more of your tips –

  • The Peaceful Manager

    I started my blog with a basic Word Press theme that I have customized to give it my own look. I have minimized my cost by looking for free or low cost plugins that help me to social network and create sign up forms. I have lots of content on my sight and am working hard to promote my sight. I am curious to find out from others how do you get people to sign up for your email newsletter. This is my big struggle right now. I have a free offer for my new book but maybe my offer isn’t compelling enough? I would be curious to know how others promote their sight, engage their readers, and get people to signup for newsletters and email lists.

    • Sounds like you’re taking some great first steps. In terms of getting subscribers – check out episode 68 ( and 69 ( which were on this topic. Hoping that they help!

      • The Peaceful Manager

        Darren thank you for the episode recommendations I listened to 68 this morning and am experimenting with SumoMe. I will listen to 69 next. Love the podcast. Thank you for the great content.

  • Paweł Witecki

    Hi Darren. I’ve just discovered your podcast. Great episode. I have done most of this steps when starting my blog ( except for preparing some posts in advance. Currently I have only 3 posts, but I’m waiting till I have at least 5 before I start promoting my blog. I love the idea of having a list of 20 post ideas before even registering a domain. Thanks!

    • thanks for listening Pawel. Sounds like you’re on the right track!

  • J Pow

    Great timing with this post, Darren! Thank you for providing such great resources, through Problogger and DPS!

  • Kimberly Owens

    Hi Darren, I am fairly new to blogging and in the process of launching my blog . While my blog may not be for everyone I also want to be best at what and how i inform my audience. I look forward to listening to your general ideas for a great blog 😉

    • thanks for listening Kimberly! Best wished for your new blog.

  • Darren – I wish I had built up more “drafts” ready to go when I launched (technically, re-launched) my blog last year ( That would have been helpful in allowing me more time to build community, guest post, etc.

    I appreciate your podcast and blog! Thanks for doing it.

  • Tanks Darren for this amassing podcast, and I have learned a lot from it.. And your book “Your first week of blogging” and “31 Days to Building a Better Blog ” have played a key role in my blogging up to now.. I always look forward to learn new stuffs from you.
    I have applied the style of Draft post in my recently personal blog ( and it worked better than I expected and gave me a lot of ideas for more post.

  • Great podcast Darren. A bit late for me (must say) but I’m learning from it. Had everything ready but did not know how to use it. Loving the series so far, Very inspiring and my mind is flowing with ideas 🙂 Thank you for your work. Here’s my blog ( ) if you want to have a look at it. I inspire people to live a healthier, active, cleaner life.

  • alaya

    Darren, your resources, and especially your podcast have been invaluable to me as a brand new blogger. Thank you! I had already gone live before hearing this episode but hadn’t promoted yet, so I was able to make some tweaks and officially launch today! Thanks again!

  • I am in the process of wanting to set up a new blog, so really timely advise. I probably would add get Google/Bing Analytics and Webmasters ready to go as well.