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How to Keep Growing a Successful Blog When It All Seems Too Hard

Today’s episode is about how to face the things that you are struggling with on your blog and how to make it successful despite the challenges. There are many hurdles to building a successful blog. Every blogger encounters their own unique combination of challenges. I share 9 of the major hurdles I’ve faced with my blogging and how I’ve got over them.

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In This Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • How I managed to start a blog without even knowing how to make text bold!
  • Why you need to make peace with the fact that you will never know it all
  • How you can get other people to help you with your blog, even when it’s not making any money yet
  • Why being willing to learn new things will help you, even if you decide to pay other people to do the things you can’t do
  • How to keep blogging when you’re scared of looking stupid
  • How to find a focus for your blog
  • How to get new ideas when you can’t think of anything
  • How to keep blogging when you feel burnt out
  • Why taking care of your wellbeing and physical
  • How to deal with personal attacks or criticism
  • How to build your blog readership
  • How to build a profitable blog (how to choose which monetization model is right for you)
  • Why relying too much on advertising can hurt your blog
  • How to find time to blog even when you’re working other jobs and have a young family

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