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How to Decide When to Give Up On Your Blog, Business, or Project

This is the third podcast in a miniseries about what you need to do to find success as a blogger on online entrepreneur. The first episode was about the importance of establishing the habit of starting new things, instead of just coming up with great ideas and thinking about them. The second episode was about the importance of persisting.

Today’s episode is about how to decide whether now is the time to quit your blog, business or project. There is definitely a time to quit a project; it’s a part of life. But timing your quitting can be important! I share my own personal experience, as well as questions you can ask yourself to work out what is right for you. Stop! by Niklas Kreuzer on

In This Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). In today’s episode:

  • Inspirational quotes about the benefits of persistence
  • Why you should ask yourself if it’s time to quit
  • 4 questions to ask yourself to help you decide if it’s time to stop
  • How to decide if you should be quitting, or just slightly changing direction – and real life examples of people who have done this successfully

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How did you go with today’s episode?

Have you had a time when you wanted to quit? What did you decide to do? If you chose to ‘pivot’, or change direction, what did you choose, and did it work for you? Do you have other tips or tools that helped you make your decision? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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