How to Write a Review Post

Today’s episode is about how to write a review post. Reviews are used many millions of times every day by people looking to make sense of the array of choices that they have, and to help them to make a decision. Writing reviews can help you to help those people, but also help you to grow your blog.

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In this Episode

You can listen to today’s episode above or in iTunes or Stitcher (where we’d also LOVE to get your reviews on those platforms if you have a moment). Today we talk about:

  • Why writing reviews can grow your blog
  • How to choose what to review
  • How to write a review so that it is useful and interesting
  • 6 questions every review should answer
  • How to increase the lifespan of your review posts

Further reading

Further Reading:

How did you go with today’s challenge?

What did you decide to review? I’d love to know what response you got from your readers.

I’d love to see your review post. Share a link to your review post in the comments below.

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  • I wrote a review post awhile back about a mobile keyboard I won in a contest (through the blogging community). I would love to get feedback from other people on the post – what else should I include in the post?

    • Nice review on benefits of the keyboard. You won it but how would someone buy one like that. Why not add a link to the official site for the keyboard so your reader doesn’t have to hunt for it.

      • I linked it to the blog (if you click on Goldtouch, it takes you right there), but you’re right I could make it more obvious. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I wrote a review post just a week or two ago and it took off almost immediately. It can be a good way to get a spike in traffic, and hopefully get people to click on a few related posts. The only downside for me was that the review was of a product that I really just loved but had little to do with the regular niche of my blog. Hence, I won the traffic but probably failed to convert that audience into regular readers. A lesson learned. 🙂 The review post, if anyone is interested in smart watches, is here:

    • Nice review, brief and thorough. Although you provide a link, the one thing that would have been nice to add is an image of the watch.

  • Wonderful timing for this type of post. I had been thinking of doing book reviews of decor and recipe books but wasn’t sure how to approach it. So I wasn’t quite ready to do one. Then I thought of all the scathing, nasty reviews I could do on Etsy to over-priced steam irons. But that would be boring. Finally decided to write a I-am-happy review on a recent purchase that eases dogs anxieties, especially during thunder and lightening:

  • Hey, I’m new to your blog – I found you via your new podcast- its super btw (heard you on Ducker’s podcast first…). I decided to join the conversation here since I really don’t have much feedback coming in for my site and would love it. So here is my review post: and in the intro I also Iink back to the list post that I did last week…. 🙂 I’m in a different kind of niche… with paper crafting and card making, fyi. Thanks ~amy

  • Simplify.Create

    Not a new post but a recent one – I was trialling different Pinterest scheduling tools after hearing so many great things about how they help build your Pinterest traffic so I decided to put together a review post comparing the most common scheduling tools. It’s helpful now when someone asks for a comparison in a facebook group for example, as i can link my post and give them an idea based on my opinion to help them out (hopefully)

    • That was a great review, very helpful. I have been working with Pinterest to see how it could boost my traffic, so your review came in just in time! Thanks!

      • Simplify.Create

        How is that for perfect timing! So glad you found it helpful. I’m dabbling with both Tailwind & Boardbooster again with separate accounts. If you use PC or laptop mostly, the tailwind browser extension makes it even easier. You can click the icon & schedule right from the web or Pinterest. I have only just tried this option & love it. But if on a tablet or phone, board booster is probably easier to use. No need to create your own pins.

  • Serina Huang

    This gave me some good ideas for reviews. Not a recent one, but I put my hand up to help sell Entertainment Books so decided to have a look at them to see if they really were good value or not

  • This is my review post:
    It’s a review -in Spanish- of my favorite five YouTube fitness channels -in Spanish. I had a hard time coming up with a review topic- because I don’t rely too much on products- but once I did, many other ideas came to mind. This is yet another type of blog post that I had not tried, but I will definitely include it in my editorial calendar more often.

  • Thank you for the great information, hope I managed to catch most of it in this post, this book is currently the best book for author-entrepreneurs out at the moment:

  • Tahani Sharief

    A review on search enginge optimisation

  • My fingers were flying across my keyboard as you spoke, Darren! I feel so much more confident about writing reviews now. My first one isn’t an affiliate link, but it’s such an important tool for my readers, so it’s worth not earning anything if they really do use it! Thanks!

  • The Baroness of Melbourne

    Thanks for another great podcast Darren, I am working through each day and looking for to #PBevent. As a food reviewer writing reviews is what I do but based on your advice in this episode re making a comparison I took the opportunity to refer back to a recent review I did on the night market. So I give you the latest market in Melbourne and it’s in the daylight!

  • Great podcast Darren. I seem to have fallen into doing more review posts than I intended to do, but it doesn’t make writing them any easier particularly when you are not a great fan of what you are trying to review.

  • Yogakompass

    Thank you for this great podcast episode Darren. This is a review in German. I test and discuss the yoga mat Yogistar Pro. This is my first review written for this brand new blog.

  • Thanks for the valuable tips, Darren. I tried to implement your tips in my new review. I write reviews about WordPress products