How to Create a Page That Propels People Deep Within Your Blog

Today’s episode is all about how you can create a page or post that propels (or sneezes) people deep within your blog to read your archived blog posts.

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  • How to keep first time readers on your blog for longer
  • How to increase page views
  • How to improve SEO

Further Resources on Creating a Page That Propels People Deep Within Your Blog

Check out this previous exploration of Sneeze Pages (which I wrote as part of the last time I ran 31 Days to Build a Better Blog on the ProBlogger Blog).

The above post contains some examples of sneeze pages but here are the links to the examples mentioned in today’s episode:

How did you go with today’s challenge?

Have you created a sneeze page? What sneeze page will you create next?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this approach to getting readers to dive down into your blog in the comments below.

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  • I just made this one on Monday, so it’s only cheating a little. I’ve got several more sneeze pages planned to make, and a few smaller ones that will be compiled into bigger sneeze pages:

    • What a cute blog you have. I thought you did well

    • Ticia – that is a great page – you make it all sound fun. I’m sure many homeschooling parents will want to visit there often.

  • Another great challenge: Here’s my sneeze page. Hope it works!! (gotta’ go, my dog is giving me the “orphan” look b/c I’m so busy! Now she’s sitting on my foot) Have a nice weekend

    • I like your sneeze page. It’s very visual. Great images!

    • I agree. Good use of the pictures to help. i love the intro paragraph as it was a cute tie in

    • I love how you set it up!

      • Thank you. Finding a natural voice was not easy but I think I’m getting there.

    • Feuza

      fabulous writing!!! I love the closet mention! and looks great visually

      • Thank you so much. I appreciate the compliment.

    • Love your sneeze page – there is so much to admire and choose from – your readers are going to want to click again and again.

  • Every time I touch my blog atm I seem to be re-doing chunks of it. This time I realized a whole mass of blog posts I did on a previous blog haven’t moved over successfully so I have added that to my task list. I was going to write this about the recipes but instead thought the garden reviews I’ve done would be better as some of them hit in my top posts.
    I am really wanting to build my content and keep being inspired to write more and more so there is really good depth of info for readers to find when they get here.
    I’ve also been trying to fix the MAILCHIMP subscribe button today and was glad to put a link to the form elsewhere on the blog. My first call to action in post I think.

    • Great opening photo.

    • Feuza

      Agree great photo, I did notice your opt in on right side says sign up for updates but you don’t mention what kind of update and no incentive to opt in so maybe add a bit more info there so people know what they are signing up for and maybe later create a tips sheet, cheat sheet, e-guide etc, hope you dont mind me going off topic 🙂

      • no no your right, I am in the middle of gathering enough to offer at least a couple of e-books…but a cheat sheet is a good, quick idea.

        Am also battling with Mailchimp?Wordpress pop up/newsletter sign up, it’s a very new thing to my site, so a few teething problems 🙂

        • just switched to mail chimp, was feeling a bit lost but now I think I got it lol, what do you need help with?

          • Mailchimp’s SUBSCRIBE Button is grey with white text, it’s not easy to see, I can;t find the bit of code to change the colour, Mailchimp aren’t replying. And the standard popup isn’t working (Pagelines Framework Theme on WordPress). There was a period where Mailchimp pop ups didn’t work with WordPress but now in theory they do…any guidance to speed up fixing it would be much appreciated 😀

          • humm, in pop up it lets you change color, you go to new list, create list, and do a popup and it gives option to change text color and background color, but not seeing it in a regular sign up form, I am so new to it too

  • kathy

    Thanks for this post. I will be creating sneeze pages for 3 of my blogs.

  • My WordPress theme has a feature that automatically creates a “start here” page with previous posts – thumbnail images an all. Under that on my menu I have an image gallery that includes all of my previous posts by category and image. It’s beautiful and the artsy fartsy nature of my theme suits me perfectly. BUT there’s also some really great stuff not getting the attention it deserves, so I’ve already started working on creating a new “sneeze” page that’s going to follow a story format and when it’s done I’ll jump back over here and leave a link. 🙂

  • Feuza

    what a brilliant idea, did not realize I had enough articles for a wrap up page like this! here is mine, I teach DIY SEO for photographers

    • It is like a two for one.. You have a list page with the sneeze. I can see someone interested in your topic clicking at least 5 or so to learn more.

      • Feuza

        OH MY GOD you guys are making my day, thanks so much for reading and for your comments here, so sweet of you Tammy to say.

    • Think I’ll be doing your seO challenge once 31DBBB has finished, site looks great, love the sneeze page

      • Feuza

        SWEET, and it can be applied to other genres too, thank you Rosalind

    • I just bookmarked your site. It is full of interesting ideas!

      • Feuza

        Fabi, thanks so much, are you Brazilian too?

        • No, I’m Mexican, but I could tell from your name that you are Brazilian. Lovely country! I’ve always wanted to visit.

          • ah okay! been wanting to take hubby to Mexico for a getaway 🙂

          • You will love it!

          • I have been and it was lovely but he needs to go! lol

    • I clicked through a few and I’m not a photographer

      • Feuza

        so Cool to hear Ticia, I keep struggling with opening it up more to other creative businesses and not just photographers but not sure how to do that in best way to attract a bigger audience, focus is DIY SEO for go-getters , creative businesses, small businesses, appreciate you checking it out

      • Feuza

        following you on Pinterest now! want to share any tips how did you get that many followers? I started a free video series on pinterst and would love to quote you and show your profile , thats awesome number thanks

    • I really like your sneeze page – very informative and readers know exactly where to go. I think this is what Darren meant when he said it draws people deep within your blog. I can easily see readers clicking on more than one link. BTW – I also really like your mission statement or should I call it an Elevator Pitch?

      • oh thanks so much, I guess its both lol

  • This is my sneeze page
    I created it using the fitness challenges I’ve posted so far. I’ve added it to my navigation menu. Next step, promote the page!

    • While I didn’t know what you were saying it is very visual 🙂

    • Looks good.

      • Thanks! Your site is full of posts, I imagine you can make several sneeze pages out of them! Lots of helpful ideas too, I will use some of them with my kids for sure.

    • Feuza

      great topics, maybe make one big pinterest photo with list of text for it too so you can pin it? or maybe like the 7 day one? just an idea

      • Hmmm that’s a good idea, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it for this post in particular. However, I do have some good ideas making Pinterest images for other posts. I just signed up to a website that is useful for that:

        • I can’t blog anymore without canva, I make all my graphics there.

    • This is a great sneeze page – I couldn’t of course read what you wrote but your pictures were clear enough I didn’t have to. This proves ‘One picture is worth a thousand words’.

      • Thanks Lenie! I noticed my sneeze has also drawn a bit more traffic to my blog. Also, I got my review back from Peek, and the reviewer said exactly the same thing as you, couldn’t understand a word but was able to understand my site and how to get around it. I just need to find a similar service in my language so I can get a review on the content.

  • I have made a note to work on this one. I have several blogs but I can see this one working well with my most established. It is just a fun type I did years ago to get into the blogging world so it might be fun to try when I do my weekly post over there. I’ll come back and let you know how it goes when I do it. However, I’m keeping this in mind for my other sites as i build them to keep creating a spider web if you will to catch them.

  • So I just wanted to share that after creating the sneeze page, I posted on 3 related FB groups! I got like 10 thank yous, over 31 likes on one of the FB posts, 16 likes on actual page post! and more views on my FB business page than I usually do, plan to create some more in future yay. thanks again Darren and so Glad you are finally doing podcasts, you have that great voice for it. You and all Australians perhaps lol

    • So happy for your success with your posts.

      • thank you and one more sale today, yay 🙂

  • This challenge has me digging deeply into my blog. I’ve also discovered that I needed to revamp my navigation bar so that I can send folks further into the content I have. Here’s my first sneeze page

    There is so much more to add to that page and to others (that will eventually go live into my Nav Bar).

    Now.. if only I can find a widget that will let me show the current article at the top of the sneeze page and then the ‘archived’ posts below. I’d love to hear what others would do. I link having a link to the labels in blogger to help folks find the latest posts in this section, but I’m open to other ideas.

    • Hi Devon – the way you have your sneeze page set up is so easy to follow. I like the use of visuals instead of words. Anyone intererested in making up their own family tree will be able to find the info they want with an easy click. Like that.

      • Lenie, That you so much for the feedback. I appreciate you noticing my groupings of photos as well as text links.

  • Angela Howard

    I posted this blog on Thursday and I think it qualifies as a “sneeze page” of sorts. I also update the links to my top posts on my about page: I love the idea of doing a page that is themed. I can see from my most popular posts that my readers are loving the topics of mental health, parenting and marriage. Would you advise doing more than one sneeze page?

    • Angela, I enjoyed your ‘sneeze’ page, left a comment and shared. One thing that I hope you don’t mind if I copy is your call to action re sharing. That is lovely and makes the reader feel really connected.

      • Angela Howard

        Thank you Lenie! So glad it was inspiring. I appreciate you sharing my post!

        • Sharing the good stuff is part of the fun. More than happy to share yours.

  • This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time – even though I didn’t know what it was called – but it’s another item on my “What to do once I know how” list and I hope that’s covered in my WP for Beginners course.

  • Okay, done one! Not great, but a start… and I’ve shared on Facebook too.
    OB Information is a ‘sneeze page’, gathering together the various bits and pieces about regulations and processes that an owner builder will be interested in at the early stages of embarking on a project:
    The Facebook post share is here:

    Good night!

    • Angela Howard

      I think your page is helpful for someone just getting started in the process of being an owner/builder. I loved the link on grants!

    • are you US based? great topic

      • Hi Fueza, The Owner Builder magazine is based in Australia. Although we cover mostly Australasian projects, the odd overseas one makes it in occasionally. Have a look at our website – there are some sample articles on our Extracts page. You can also see the full PDF version of an issue from last year here:

  • Simon Lawton

    This is excellent stuff Darren. Listen to one every time I go to the gym and have just shared the 31 Day Challenge on Twitter. Keep up the good work!

  • I published my sneeze page today: It’s a good exercise because I was able to look at some older posts and make a few tweaks here and there to keep them currentg.

  • Better late than never. Here is my sneeze page.

    How do you lose weight?

    I threw it together pretty quickly. I will probably pretty it up with images, but its a good start

    Thanks for the challenge Darren

    Thanks for the challenge Darren

  • Simplify.Create

    I’m running behind on episodes and playing catch up but I have created a few sneeze pages & posts lately. This one is for a challenge I have had going all year and I think I may add some extra links on simplifying posts at the bottom. Also my start here page has lots of links to my best content.

  • I created a little sneeze page for where new readers can get to know me better. I am a bit behind now! Must catch up. Loving this series!

  • digitalphotobuzz

    Got mine created today 🙂 Although was debating to put this as a post or a page? It’s a post now since most of my navigation on the homepage goes to recent posts so want to get it visibility now. Would love to hear others thoughts on posts vs. pages and any feedback on my page as well 🙂

  • Great suggestion. I pulled together a ‘sneeze page’ yesterday and published it just a couple of hours ago, but already it is bringing in about 20% of the traffic for the new day. I’ve got another planned for about a week’s time – I have and publish a lot of content on the site so I don’t think it will bore readers to find another one, and it is coming at the end of a week-long series of posts – but I will be very happy if the early results I saw this morning continue and are repeated. Thanks for the great idea.

  • Juan Feju
  • It’s taken me a while to start catching up but I thought this was a very worthwhile exercise. I did a page which is very similar to the list-post I did on Day 2. The fact that it’s a page though means it’s more accessible to readers. It’s already generating a bit of traffic which is great. Great idea Darren.

  • What a simple, insightful technique that produces results! Thanks so much for sharing the idea of a “sneeze page.” I heard it described and knew that it was what my blog needed to shake up the static portion of my site. I immediately built two sneeze pages, shared them on social media, and started seeing results in traffic right away.

    One page is on Productivity [] and the other is on Developing Teams [].

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Just created my first “sneeze page to today. Tips for First Time family Travel

  • Jennifer Richards

    I’m really enjoying dipping in and out of these podcasts! I’ve had a blog for four years, but have never really had a clear picture of what I wanted it to be. Recently I’ve worked out my vision for it and your podcasts have a great “how to” element to them. I have been wrestling with the idea lately about how to get people to delve more deeply into my previous content and this episode was particularly useful. Thanks!

  • My blog is still very young (still measures its age in weeks), but I was able to turn my About page a little bit sneezy.