How to Improve Your Blog by Partnering with a Blogging Buddy

Today’s episode is all about finding another blogger (or bloggers) to help you improve your blog. Blogging doesn’t have to be a solo venture – in fact it can be incredibly social and when we grasp this idea of doing it together it can lead to all manner of great things.


In this Episode

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  • Why having a blogging buddy can help you to improve the quality of your blogging
  • Areas that you can work on with another blogger
  • 3 ways to find a blogging buddy

Head to the ProBlogger Facebook Page to connect with other ProBlogger readers – you might just find a buddy there.

Further Reading on Finding Blogging Buddies

How did you go with today’s challenge?

Do you have a blogging buddy or buddies or are you apart of any mentoring groups? If so – how did you find them?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this approach to blogging in comments below.

Also if you’re looking for a blogging buddy feel free to put the shout out in comments below – you never know who you might meet!

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  • I joined an FB group (Vegetable Bloggers) earlier in the challenge and then a couple of days ago a Linked in group recommended by Lenie, it’s early days for both but so far so good.

    • Rosalind, I was glad to see you on BHB – hope you enjoy it as much as I do – I’ve already visited your post, left a comment and shared. Your info is great.

      • Lenie what’s BHB is it only for food bloggers?

        • Hi Vivinne – BHB stands for Bloggers Helping Bloggers. It`s a LinkedIn group. Here is a link to a post I wrote about the value of this group – quite amazing actually.

          • Amanda Paul

            Thanks for the link Lenie. I’ve just requested to join

          • Pete Reece

            Great recommendation Lenie. I’ve sent requests to join a couple of Facebook groups. If they don’t work out I’ll definitely consider BHB and MyBlogU.

          • Pete, I know you would be more than welcome at either one.

  • Ok, I just joined a couple of Facebook groups where the purpose is connection and support. I also liked the ProBlogger facebook page. I don’t why I hadn’t done that! I have recently started a relationship with a couple of other bloggers in my niche, but they are not very experienced either. I hope we can become blogging buddies! On the other hand, I think this challenge referred to finding a mentor, not just another clueless buddy hahaha. Seriously, friending another starting blogger and having a mentor are two different things, but both could make very worthwhile relationships, I think.

  • Glad the comments are allowed now. Well I tried blogging buddies before like 4-5 yrs ago, and it was a fail. But thanks to this I”ll try again and like minded folks are afoot so…you said use the FB page but….well, I’ll just mention here that I have two sites- one on holistic lifestyle yoga, healthy food, meditation- so anyone related (like you could be about acupuncture/Ayurveda etc.) who is serious not hobby blogger- lets connect.
    I also have new site with blog, for my professional copywriting and so I write on marketing via inbound content marketing, and related. Not so much writing for other writers but to educate and attract business who would hire me. So anyone related or simpatico get in touch.

    • sorry about the comments being shut earlier – not sure what I did to turn them off! 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the geese bit! 🙂

      • Glad to know these glitches happen even to you – will make me feel better next time I run into a problem

    • Sam Walker

      I am also a writer, Vivinne, although this blog is not specifically about that. But happy to connect with like-minded people in a similar field. If you are interested, let me know how you want to go about it – Facebook, comments on blogs etc.
      I have had similar experiences to you in the past where connections have not really worked.

  • Sam Walker

    We are half way through this 31 days, so today I spent some time taking stock of where I am with everything.
    Oh my goodness, I still have so much to do. I’ve written a list of 12 items that I need to follow up. Some of these I have started but haven’t finished – like the editorial calendar, joining forums and commenting on other blogs. But I have found it useful to write a list so I feel I am not forgetting all about the earlier challenges we started with. Has anyone else done this?

    • Well, I’m taking notes, but I am so full of things to do it is difficult to do everything. For example, I said I would do the editorial calendar that same day, but I confess I have not gotten around to doing it. I also have not gone to the mall. However, I take the old school approach of sticking post it notes in front of my work space. I just hope I can find the time to do everything I have missed!

      • Sam Walker

        Glad I’m not the only one Fabi! I have not seen post-it notes here in Cambodia. I must try and track some down. I tend to find a mix of old-school and modern technology work for me.

        • Same here! Not everything has to be high tech, right? I just decided I will print out a monthly calendar, stick it in front of my computer, and write down all the blogging tasks I have to do on it. Voila! An editorial calendar!

    • good idea. We’ll do a day at the end of the 31 days that is kind of along these lines of planning next steps so this list will come in handy.

      • Sam Walker

        Sounds good Darren.

    • Pete Reece

      Sam, also take stock of everything you’ve learned and everything you’ve achieved. I bet you’re miles ahead of where you were two weeks ago aren’t you? Be gentle with yourself. This is entirely voluntary isn’t it? It helps me to think that everything we’re learning from Darren, he’s accumulated over many years of blogging. We can’t catch that up in 31 days. We’ll only just be beginning. Pete 🙂

      • Sam Walker

        Thanks Pete. Wise words. Yes it is of course all voluntary and I have achieved a number of things, which this list also highlighted. So that has been great. I tend to stress myself out with never-ending to do lists that seem to keep growing in length rather than getting smaller so taking stock is a good way for me to look at what I have achieved, what I still need to do and try to prioritise. You are right, it will take a long time before we catch up with Darren’s knowledge accumulated over so many years – and of course start forming those habits.

      • Amanda Paul

        Pete thanks for the reality check. I too have become so overwhelmed and think 31DBBB has opened a can of worms in my head around how much I want to move from being an eternal dreamer to an eternal action taker…but right NOW. So many ideas have sprung to life in my head so I too have been writing lists and crossing things off as I action them.

        • Marie-Claire Allington

          With you there Amanda – I am playing slight catch up and trying to carry on with my writing when I feel suddenly more keen to do this – have to keep reminding self I can’t do one without the other. I couldn’t manage with out my lists either.

        • Pete Reece

          Thanks for taking it in the spirit it was meant Sam. I only said something because I recognise so much of myself in what you were saying. Idea for Darren – perhaps build a day into the challenge where we all take stock of what we’ve learned so far and how much our blogs have improved in that time?

  • Sam Walker

    Darren Rowse, I’m wondering if you address RSS in any detail in this 31 days? I find it totally confusing and I’m not sure if I have ovelapping things going on. I signed up to Bloglovin’ which apparently is an email subscription option. I also have Mad Mimi installed and the other day I downloaded Jetpack, which has an RSS function. Are all of these doing the same thing? I just can’t quite get my head around the difference between RSS and email subscription and whether one thing does both. And I know this is a pretty important part of growing my blog. Any advice?

    • RSS isn’t really in this 31 days but I’ll put it on my list of ideas.

      I would say that it’s less important than it used to be. Years back RSS was going to kill email and other subscription methods and so bloggers promoted their RSS feeds very heavily. These days it’s less used although still worth promoting. I think if you promote your RSS feed somewhere in your sidebar it’d be worth doing for those who use it but I personally see more people gravitating to subscribe via email or follow via social these days.

      • Sam Walker

        Thank Darren! Good to know.

  • I belong to 2 blogger groups and they are both very active and members supportive of each other. I also belong to a FB group for women professionals and while it’s not strictly about blogging, everyone does it and we share our challenges, pass on what we learn and do what we can to promote each others work. So I feel like I’m fortunate enough to have a whole tribe of blogger buddies.

    • fantastic. It’s hard to remember what we used to do pre-FB groups! 🙂

    • And a good buddy you are.

  • Matt

    The tips and advice from this podcast series has been fantastic. From an earlier challenge I commented on another niche blog and have since been invited to post a guest blog. I’m really hoping further interaction and even ‘blogging buddies’ can grow from this or from other similar steps.

  • I very recently wrote a post about the value of blogging relationships and how much other bloggers have supported, helped and actually taught me. Not only that, I have formed strong online friendships with a number of them. This has been invaluable and I’m not sure I would still be interested in blogging if I hadn’t received those connections. Anyone wanting to be my blogging buddy, just let me know.

    • I would love to read that post

    • Amanda Paul

      Lenie I’d love to buddy with you!

      • Amanda, that’s wonderful. How long have you been blogging and what do you blog about? I would love to visit your site so please send me your link.

        • Amanda Paul
          • Wow Amanda, this is tremendous. I blog about frugal (definitely not cheap) living so I feel we can share a lot. I’ve visited your site, liked your info and shared to Twitter.

          • lisainlouisiana

            Lenie, I love the birdhouse! I think we have similar values re: money.

          • Thanks for saying that about the birdhouse – it just really seemed to capture what frugal living is all about. I’ve been in touch with Amanda re blogging buddies and we decided to meet weekly via Skype just to chat about what’s happening in our blogging world. Don’t be surprised to hear from her. We decided we needed to commit otherwise we could see the buddy system die a natural death.

          • lisainlouisiana

            Hi Amanda, if you want another blogging buddy, let me know. I write on the fabulous frugal life at My unique spin is that I tell MIRL, or real life money stories, not just stories about people who have $500K homes and massive annual dual incomes.

          • Hi Lisa – I write abut frugal living with style and I would really like to buddy with you. After visiting your site I can see opportunities for future sharing. I’m at

          • Amanda Paul

            HI Lisa, for sure. Please let me know how I can contact you offline.

          • lisainlouisiana
  • Amanda Paul

    I just want to say I’m thoroughly enjoying 31DBBB, however, it’s made me realise how much I’m not doing and has actually emphasized how lost I am in my blog in that I have no clarity on my specific niche or reader. My ideas appear to be too broad I think and I’m really struggling to narrow them down. It might mean I start another blog to focus on 2 separate niches. I had thought to hook up with or set up a small group of bloggers for brainstorming and advice if at all possible and love this podcast for promoting to ‘buddy up’ as I feel this is exactly what I need. I guess I got so caught up in the technology side of things (learning WordPress, and about plugins etc) that I lost focus of my content and regularity and then my target market. If anyone is willing to Skype or join a small closed FB group to brainstorm ideas or critique other blogs or even buddy with me 1 on 1, I’d be eternally grateful.

    • Cheryl Osler

      Hey Amanda – I ‘m trying to catch up on all the comments and just saw yours. Did you have any takers on partners or a group? I’d be interested. You can contact me on FB or my website is:

  • Marie-Claire Allington

    Doing a mass catch up on this today this one has hit a sore spot as my writing group sort of imploded yesterday and some of us were thinking of starting a private group but I am not sure right now – not sure I can face the organisation. Its a lot to take in and having been a very active member of that group for the last three years I feel a bit wary right now – especially if I have to pay to join again – plus I have been giving a lot if support there and tbh I am knackered and could do with some myself for this work. I think I will catch up to date with the pod casts and then let it settle in my head – then have a look about. Writing groups can be very competitive and that isn’t me right now I am looking as you say here for buddies rather than either responsibility, lectures or competition. SO much to think about 🙂 So glad I joined in 🙂

  • This is an area where I need assistance. I want to connect with other bloggers who desire to start businesses that create change. I want to connect my readers with resources on how to start organizations similar to New Story Charity or Pencils Of Promise.

  • Thanks, Darren for this. I just realized you are in Australia. I live in Armidale, NSW, where I am studying as an International student from Nigeria. Unfortunately, I am not free to attend the upcoming PBEvent. It would have been a great opportunity to meet you in person as I have always been inspired by your works. I am just one of those passionate about helping and sharing with people through blogging. Through my blog I aim to inspire people and businesses toward intentional excellence. At the moment I consider myself a starter and desperately seeking information and buddies to help me grow my idea and blog on intentional excellence. This edition of the podcast comes in handy. Thank you for this and looking forward to more from you. I hope I find some buddies here, as I intend to do a 70-day guest blogging series towards the last 70 days of the year.

  • Jon

    The podcast recommended coming here to find a buddy, so I’m hoping this works. I looked through the comments and didn’t see anyone already in the startup / start an online business segment. Anybody interested in starting a buddy group. It would be great to get 3 to 5. You can reach me through twitter @inspirestartup


  • I’m finally going through and listening to these first episodes. Yay me! The universe timed this one perfectly. Just last week (before listening to this episode) I emailed a sister blog (similar niche and size to mine) to ask if she’d be willing to be my blogging buddy. We had already been building a relationship via comments, sharing links, FB so I thought this was the logical next step. I also have a group of local bloggers (not in my niche but we have lots in-common otherwise) that I’d like to meet with more regularly. Thanks for the ideas on how to give some basic structure to the conversations.

  • Sound Royalties

    Doing Guest Blogging has created a vast network for me, I highly recommend everyone to embrace this idea.