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The Benefits of Having a Personal Blog

Today’s question comes from Dorothy K from and she asks: “I’d love you to talk about the “usefulness” or “value” of personal blogging. There has been a bit of a discussion about this lately on a few blogs.”

I think this question is relevant to a lot of people. I frequently get this question when I am doing Q & A sessions at conferences.

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People want to know if they should have a personal blog as well as a niche focused blog. I actually think having a personal blog is a good thing.

Just about everyone at one point or another should have a personal blog, and I’m going to give you 15 reasons why.

In Today’s Episode 15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having a Personal Blog

  • to express yourself
  • to record your life
  • to see if you like blogging
  • to get used to the idea of putting yourself ‘out there’
  • to learn the technology of blogging
  • to experiment with different topics and test different ideas/niches
  • to try different writing styles/voices
  • to improve your writing
  • to improve your thinking
  • to help you connect with others
  • to help you develop habits/structure
  • to see life differently – when you’re writing regularly about your life you become more intentional and are more on the look out for the things that happen to you that you could write about. Small precious moments don’t pass you by as much.
  • to find what is meaningful to you… and to do something meaningful to others
  • to serve, inspire, give hope, teach, give hope, encourage others – a blog need not stick to a topic to do this. Your personal blogging can be useful without it necessary solving a problem, teaching something, staying on topic.
  • to let off steam, talk about passions, record what you’re learning on topics that don’t relate to your ‘professional blog’

So why do people say personal blogs are not recommended? Why is the common advice to go for a niche.

The main reason many people recommend niche blogs over personal blogs is because personal blogs are more difficult to monetise. Still, it is possible to blog about a range of topics relevant to a group of people and monetise around that.

Most bloggers, I know, who make a living from a personal blog do a couple of things:

  • they either write for a demographic – a range of topics appealing to a certain group
  • they tend to end up specialising in or becoming known for a certain topic – and morph into a niche blog

Lastly – there are no rules of blogging. Your blog might evolve. You might start out for self expression and end up doing something else (or vice versa).

Blog On!

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