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No Matter What Your Blogging Goals for 2012 Are… We’ve got a 50% Off Deal For You

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of December 2011 ProBlogger Site News 0 Comments

Over the last week on Digital Photography School we’ve been running a 12 Deals of Christmas promotion where we’re offering some big deals on photography related products over 12 days (each lasting for 24 hours).

A number of readers of both ProBlogger and dPS have asked whether we are going to run a similar promotion on ProBlogger – hoping to pick up some ProBlogger eBooks at a discount.

We were not planning on it but who am I to say no!?!

Starting today we’re running a 50% discount for 3 days on any (or all) of 3 ProBlogger eBooks.

Lets call it the Three-For-Three-At-A-Half Sale (cheesey I know but this is spur of the moment).

Here’s what we’re offering:

For three days you can save 50% on any of these three great blogging eBooks, and there’s something for everyone…

If you’re just getting started …

first-week.jpegFirst Week Of Blogging – just $9.99 and it’s yours!

Making great early choices is vital to the long-term success of your blog. This ebook guides you, day by day, through your first week of blogging so you can make the most of those critical first few days.

It will ensure you’re blog is build on a rock solid foundation — a Probloggerdation.

Pick up a copy now

If your plans are to turn your blog into a page view power house next year …

31dbbb-workbook.jpeg31 Days To Build A Better Blog (2012 edition) just $14.99!

New and updated for 2012, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is a downloadable ebook designed to help you revitalize your blog.

One step at a time, it will transform your blog into the page view powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of — because we all love seven digit numbers on google analytics!

This is our best selling eBook ever – so join with many others and get involved.

Pick up a copy now

If your plans are to start earning real money from your blog in 2012 …

bgom-180.jpegThe Bloggers Guide To Online Marketing (normally $99.99) now $49.99.

A comprehensive, 31 chapter blueprint for your blog’s ongoing profitability – right from the ground up (AKA more cash!).

Backed by an extensive library of practical templates, printable worksheets, and in-practice example documents, this kit delivers all you need to make your blog turn a profit now, and over the long term.

Pick up a copy now

Three 3 deals are good for 3 days only, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to pick up a last minute Christmas bargain.

Grab one or Grab All Three – But Don’t Delay

I’ve chosen these 3 eBooks because they represent the 3 biggest needs among our readers – starting out, giving things a kick start when they’re slow and making money. So whatever your blogging goals are in 2012 I believe we’ve got you covered.

This sale ends in 3 days time on Friday 23 December at midnight US Eastern time) so don’t delay – they’ll all be full price again from 24th and into the new year.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Possibly use this fantastic offer and buy some of these products. Earlier I bought some and I must say with great quality.

    • Yeah, absolutely, these types of posts are a great way of showcasing great must-have books for each year. Too bad there isn’t a request for authors to submit their books if they think their books will be great 2012 manifestos. I think mine will be, its a brief , succint, HANDWRITTEN book that takes one last look at the sales funnel and how it is important for old and new business persons to keep in mind when building strong online businesses. Well, i just put up for the Amazon Kindle crowd who im sure will love the glossy aspect of the scanned A4 mindmaps. Darren, and any other interested blogger can contact me on my blog ( or through my facebook page, its a very fresh(not new) concept and people can find some free scans on my blog and facebook page.

  • Hi Darren,
    Thanks for being so generous. :)

    The three ebooks would be a wise investment for anyone who is serious about blogging.

  • I was waiting for something like this to come! I wanted to buy the second one, but since there’s 50% off, I might end up buying 2 or all of them. Thanks, Darren.

  • Somehow my comment got deleted. Anyway, I´m buying the three of them. I always wanted to your: 31 days to build a better blog.
    I´m pretty sure I will enjoy the reading.
    Best Regards: Servando

  • Darren,

    I think that is a wonderful thing to chew are doing with selling the blogging book. You should consider starting up an affiliate program for it. This way, you’ll be able to potentially more sales by way of recruiting affiliates to sell for you on the World Wide Web. Let me know how I can help :-)

  • Thanks for a great offer. I have purchased 31 days can’t wait to get started on it. Thanks. Have a great Christmas.

  • Darn it! I just bought 2 out of 3 of these books a couple weeks ago…do you have any deals for people who recently purchased or already own these ebooks?

  • Hey Darren,

    Thanks for the awesome offer.

    I already have one of your book (31DBBB) and i think it is time to get those 2 ebooks.

  • I bought the first two books at 100% of the prize. I wonder if I can get a 50% re pay? :-)

  • I want buy this book…

  • I’ve been planning on buying 31 Days to start my New Year’s blogging off right. Perfect timing! I appreciate this. Thank you, Darren.

  • Darren Rowse,
    many many thanks to you for sharing this information that is about 50% off deals for us. i definitely buy one ……………

  • Just bought the 2 books I said before.
    Time to start reading!

  • Look out for my blog next year! I have just also purchased the Bloggers Guide to Online Marketing. I am hoping to get some time over the Christmas break to start reading and working my way through that and 31 DBBB. Thanks again for a great offer!

  • Great offer,2012 looks good already,Going to take this offer serious.

  • Looks like I missed the sale price….bummer!