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Is It Time to Hit the Reset Button on Your Blog?

This guest post is by Joseph of Blog Tweaks.

Don’t worry, nearly every blogger knows the story. You’ve been writing for six months or more, but haven’t seen a significant increase in traffic. Some of your posts have have been successful, but the majority have gone unnoticed.

Quite frankly, you’re ready to quit.

But should you?

No. Don’t give up just yet.

Why you shouldn’t give up yet

Did you know that most professional bloggers weren’t successful with their first blogs? This list includes Darren Rowse, Jon Morrow, and Johnny Truant.

With so much to learn in the first year, it’s almost impossible to start a successful blog on the first try.

But you also learn a lot in that first year. You learn how to write better posts and how to craft compelling headlines. You learn how to use Facebook and Twitter for promotion, and how to work the technical side of WordPress or Blogger or whatever platform you’re using.

After a year of blogging, you’ve got a lot invested in your blog. If things are going rough 12 months, it’s not time to quit just yet.

So what should you do instead?

Hit the Reset button

Instead of giving up on your blog, you should hit the Reset button.

It’s not that your blog isn’t any good—you just didn’t know what you were doing when you started. This is the case with most bloggers.

When starting, they don’t know what they want to write about, and they don’t know how to write for an audience. Most people don’t even know how to write a simple post or headline.

It makes sense that you wouldn’t be successful with your first blog. Does a magazine owner start a successful magazine without any experience? Of course not.

Magazine owners start successful magazines after being in the industry for a decade or more. After years of experience, they’re ready to start a publication. That’s what the first year of blogging is all about—gaining industry experience.

So now that you have some experience, how do you use it to run a successful blog? And what do you do if your current blog isn’t performing as well as you’d like?

Here’s what to do—instead of giving up, hit one of the two blog Reset buttons.

Reset button #1: the Refresh button

If your blog is good enough, you may be able to get away with hitting Reset button number one—the Refresh button. This means cleaning up the clutter, giving your blog a new look, and planning for the future.

To refresh your blog, mercilessly delete any weak or unnecessary posts. After this, take a serious look at everything else on the site. If there are any tags or widgets that are creating clutter and adding no value, get rid of them. All of them.

Widgets shouldn’t just take up space. If you can’t think of what value that they add or if they take away from something important, it’s time for them to go.

Here’s an example: Do you really need a calendar widget for your blog? Do people actually use it? And even if a handful of people do, should it really sit above other important sidebar elements like your subscription widget?

The answer is no. It’s got to go. If there’s anything else like this, it needs to go as well.

The goal is to have a clean, uncluttered site that doesn’t distract from the steps that you want people to take. That means reading your posts, subscribing for future posts, clicking on ads, or anything else that is really important for you.

If there’s anything that doesn’t fit into one of these important categories, it needs to be removed. Immediately.

After cutting out the unnecessary clutter, the next step is to refresh your blog’s look. This is the time to invest in that premium theme you’ve been looking at. They’re usually around $80 and totally worth it.

If you want people to take your blog seriously, you need a professional looking site. To get one, invest in a premium theme.

This is how to hit the Refresh button. If your blog needs more help than this, it may be time for the Eject button.

Reset button #2: the Eject button

It’s possible that your blog is in worse condition than the refresh button can help with. When you started, you really didn’t know what you were doing. Your blog was totally an experiment, and you don’t even like your topic any more.

In this case, you need to hit Reset button number two—the Eject button.

If you’re really tired of your blog and you know you’re ready to start over, now is the time to do it. Hit the Eject button and get out of your blog while you still can. It’s time to start over.

The harsh reality is that you have a limited amount of time to write for your blog. Everything you write needs to be creating value for the reader and needs to contribute toward your long term goals. If you feel like your blog is headed in the wrong direction, don’t just try to wash it up a bit—get out as quickly as you can.

If you do, don’t quit—start another blog. Take some time to decide what you really want to write about, and then get to work.

Pick a topic that will get you going in the direction that you want to go. Then, start a self-hosted WordPress blog with a premium theme that will give you the flexibility and look that you need to create a professional impression that readers will take seriously.

After getting these pieces in place, it’s time to start writing again. Go ahead, make that keyboard work.

A fresh start

Don’t worry, it’s okay to start over. A fresh start in a new direction may be exactly what your blog needs. You may not realize it, but most bloggers have done it already. Most successful bloggers didn’t start out with the site that they’re currently writing. Most of them hit one of these two Reset buttons.

So what do you think? Is it time for you to hit the Reset button?

Joseph recently started Blog Tweaks which specializes in helping bloggers reset their blogs. Check out the site to see how you can get your blog tweaked.

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This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. It just may be time! I need a new look and a new attitude. Tough to keep coming up with good topic about similar stuff though.

  2. We are 7 months in to our blogging experience. Loving (almost) every minute of it, but like you said we made some mistakes early on that need fixed up to help us continue to grow. The biggest of these was launching on, dare I say it, Blogger. I know, I know! I would love to migrate, but 2 things hold me back. 1- we make no money on the blog, at this point because of choice, some day that could change. That being said I can’t afford $$ to migrate everything over. But more important then that is
    2- I’m concerned about the audience impact. We’ve developed good back links, great google possitioning for our topic, and an active readership,of about 1000 page views a day. In addition we have over 600 feed burner subscribers 60/40 email to rss).

    All that waiting for a question… Is there a way that we can join wordpress utiopia without killing our positive momentum and without spending an arm and a leg?


  3. 65 comments in about one and a half days! People liked this Blog. Well done!

  4. Good advice! I have recently started my own personal blog. Its my first blog. I think I should bookmark your article.God knows, I may need it after about a year.

  5. What a fantastic post

  6. Holy crap…I read this on Twitter last night after a couple of glasses of Malbec and took drastic measures! Still working it all out…but it’s kinda’ exciting. Peace…Stay Thirsty…WOOOOOO!

  7. Great advice. I’ve done a partial facelift to my site, but still have to go in and get rid of the unnecessary posts and check all the links I have on it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Elizabeth, I’ve been thinking that my blog is “dusty” for a while. Thanks for spurring me on to freshen it up and, perhaps, give guest authors some more powerful questions to contemplate.

  9. Thank you for your insight on keeping up on your blog and cleaning out the clutter and keeping it simple. I’ve found out that alot of the pluggin are useless i’am constantly reviewing my blog to kept it simple and informative .
    Thank You and Kept up the good work !

  10. We do it all the time in our lives.

    We hit the rest button all the time there is detour, and we are forced to take another route to complete our journey. We hit them in our relationships, business and whatever is giving us headache. But why are we bloggers notoriously lagging behind where there is a compelling need to do a summer clean up or a complete overhaul of our blogs as Joseph is suggesting?


    Most of us suffer a malignant arrogance of know-it-all.

    From personal experience, here are 3 additional ‘Reset Buttons’ needed to make the ‘born-again’ blog very charismatic and evangelical.

    Reset button #3: Choose blog topics that scientific data say is popular. Running against the wind is always a stupid and misguided race.

    Reset button #4: Take good lessons in copy writing. Blogging is about selling. You sell well if you can write well. A good copy draws people to you, like bees to the honey. They’ll tweet your posts, they will share them with their friends. They make you popular.

    Reset button #5: What’s your blog anchor? What products or services are exclusively your brand baby? If you are just an affiliate product promoter, chances are that you won’t have a steady stream of loyal drum beaters. Most successful bloggers have core product brand.

    What’s yours?

    Without a core product, you are just a follower not a leader. Without being a leader, you will only make sporadic income and the wild fluctuations will make you irritable, confused, sad, inconsistent…. emotions your readers easily pick up.

    These are my contribution to the ‘Reset buttons’ offered by Joseph of Blog Tweaks. They are by no means all there to do. Blogging continues to evolve and mature. Keep you eye on the picture and copy what works.

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