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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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BlogMastermind – ProBlogger Bonus

Blog-Mastermind-1BlogMastermind is the best blog coaching and mentoring course that I’ve come across.

For those of you looking to make an investment to take your blogging to the next level – I recommend checking it out. You can read my more detailed thoughts on it here and read some testimonials of students here.

Get a Bonus 1 on 1 Coaching Session with Me

Anyone signing up for the six month package of BlogMastermind through the links on this site (like this one) will get a free one hour consulting package from me. You can use this hour either to get a Q&A session with me on skype/phone, for me to write a report of how I think you could improve your blog or even for me to write a post for your blog or do an interview with you on your blog (subject to the topic of your blog being something I feel I can write about). Really we can negotiate on how you use this hour in any number of ways.

I generally charge $150-$250 for this type of session. I would recommend that you use it after you’ve been in BlogMastermind for a few months and have had a chance to digest the teaching there – then we can use the session to build upon Yaro’s teaching and tailor it for your situation.

To qualify for this bonus you need to sign up for the six month package of Yaro’s course before the end of August and stay as a signed up member for at least 31 days (Yaro has a 30 day money back guarantee so it wouldn’t be fair for you to get your money back AND get the consulting).

Whether you take the full six month package and get the bonus time with me or whether you want to get a one month taste of the course – I do recommend you check it out.

Sign up for BlogMastermind here.