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How to Use Advertising to Promote Your Blog

Have you ever considered advertising your blog? Today I want to explore this idea as part of my series of posts on how I’d promote my blog if I was starting from scratch. Most blog promotion tips that I see given are about growing your blog’s readership quite organically (something ...more
Blog Promotion
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How to Promote Your Blog through Networking

This is the second of five ways that I’d promote a new blog to new readers if i was starting out again. Today I want to turn our attention to Networking as a great way to promote a blog. If I were starting out in blogging today knowing what I ...more
Blog Promotion
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Finding New Readers for Your Blog with Guest Posting

This week I’m introducing the first of five ways that I’d promote a new blog to new readers if i was starting out again. Perhaps one of the most powerful ways of exposing your writing to a new group of people is to put some of your best content on ...more
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8 Reasons You’re Losing Money On Your Blog

This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton.  You spend hours and hours of time each week on your blog, but at the end of the month, there’s nothing to show for it in your bank account. In fact, after you add up all of the expenses associated with maintaining ...more
Blogging for Dollars
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One (Surprising) Blogging Resolution You Should Make for 2022

It’s the start of a brand new year, and chances are that at some point you made some New Year’s resolutions. As a blogger, you may have set yourself some goals (SMART goals are something I recommend) such as: “I want to double my traffic.” “I want to create an ...more
Strategy & Planning
How to set SMART goals for your blog in 2021
13th of January 2022 Bill Harper 0 Comments

How to Set SMART Goals for Your Blog in 2022

This post is based on episode 218 of the ProBlogger podcast. It’s been a very long year, and like most people you probably can’t wait for it to be over. And with the new year just around the corner, now is a good time to set yourself some blogging goals ...more
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Evaluating Your Blog’s First Year: 12 Great Questions to Ask

  I originally wrote this review process for bloggers who had started a blog through our Start a Blog Course however this is the same process that I go through EVERY YEAR for my own blogs and I’m sure it will help you too!   Firstly … congratulations on making ...more
Start a Blog
9th of December 2021 Stacey Roberts 0 Comments

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits: Five You Should Ditch in the New Year

I don’t know about you, but it’s around this time of year when I start thinking about all the things that didn’t quite work out over the last 12 months in my blogging efforts. Things I got wrong, things I didn’t try hard enough on, things I know I should ...more
Be Productive
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Five Steps to Have Your Blog Run Without You Over The Holidays

  This is a guest contribution from The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson. December is a special time of the year. It’s a time for reflection, for planning and for new beginnings. It’s also an excellent time to do some serious (but fun) overhauls of your existing blog and business, in ...more
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