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Attracting “Money Traffic” To Your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 28th of August 2009 Blogging for Dollars 0 Comments

A guest post by Andrew Hansen from

If you’re a new blogger, particularly one who’s looking to make money from your blog you’ll know that generating traffic to your blog is, at least initially, priority number one.

But something that gets talked about much less is generating the right kind of traffic to your blog. When I say the “right kind” of traffic, I mean, the kind of traffic that is going to generate revenue. This is one step above “targeted traffic”, this is “money traffic”.

For many bloggers, the thought of trying hard to bring the kind of visitors to your blog that are going to be the most likely to make you money, is a little too “marketer-like”. But as we’re going to see in this post, it’s easy to attract the kind of visitors that are going to make you money while at the same time providing the high quality and value in your blog posts that you always do.

First, let’s answer the question:

What Are “Money Visitors”?

Regardless of the niche your blog is in, it’s likely that it has certain little sects or groups of people that are more likely to buy things than others. (Note that the reason I say this is that whether you’re monetizing your blog with ads or affiliate offers, it’s the people who buy things that are, at the end of the day, going to make your blog profitable.) Identifying those little sects within your niche and occasionally writing something to suit them can unlock hidden profit potential within your blog.

For example, say you have a photography blog. Let’s say some people found your blog online somewhere as they were searching or browsing for pictures of pretty sunsets. Another group of people found your blog while they were searching for a particular model of camera that they were thinking of buying.

In a monetary sense, while both groups represent traffic to your blog, the latter group is more likely to result in income for you, if you know how to leverage it. Those are “money visitors”.

Finding YOUR “Money Visitors”

More or less every niche has it’s “money visitors”. Your job is to locate the sects in your niche, to which you feel like you could provide quality information. It’s by providing information to those money sects, that your blog will become more profitable.

So how do you find your “Money Visitors”?

It starts with a little brainstorming and it helps if the niche you’re in is something you’re interested in personally. Start by asking questions like:

“What do people in this niche spend money on?”, or…
“What do I, as someone interested in this subject, spend money on?”

It’s easier than it sounds. If your niche is dog lovers, they spend money on dog collars, dog toys, dog food, dog beds, dog insurance… and the list goes on.

If the niche is photography, they spend money on cameras, lenses, holidays on which they take photos, and of course plenty more…

Once you have some ideas, you can get into some good old fashion search analytics (not complicated, don’t worry!)

You can take one of the terms you found above (let’s say it’s dog collars) and type it into the search tool at:

And see what you find. This tells us that people are out there on the Internet looking for information about these dog collars. And in some ways this is representative of the Internet as a whole. I mean if there are 10 000 people searching for “leather dog collar” in Google, we can safely assume that there are at least some people on social networks, dog lover forums, or other blogs that have a similar interest or intent.

So you scan the list of “dog collar” type terms that people are looking for.

If there’s something there that you think you know about or at least, could know about with a little research, you’re in luck. There’s no limit to the number of these little sects that you can find and capitalize on to make your blog more profitable.

Turning Visitors Into Profit

Now that you’ve found these sects of people that are looking to spend money in your niche market, how do you:

1. Bring them to your site; and
2. Provide them value and perhaps make money from them.

First you scan your list of dog collar “sects”.

Is there anything here that you can write about? Is there any existing content you have on your blog where you could include some info on any of these collar terms and provide an affiliate offer? (searching for a relevant affiliate offer is a little outside the scope of this post). If so, you’re in luck again!

Next, you need to go about doing some search optimization around these terms to attract visitors who might be looking for that particular dog collar or some variation of it.

This can be as simple as making a couple of mentions of the keyword in your post, or as full on as writing a new blog post targeted just to that keyword (this might involve having the keyword in the blog post title, using a wordpress plugin like All in One SEO to make sure the keyword is in the description and keyword tags of that post, and so on). You can even make mention of that post in another blog post of yours, linking to the post with the anchor text “leather dog collar” (or whatever the keyword is you’re trying to target) to build internal links to that post with the keyword you’re trying to rank for.

Then it’s just a matter of finding an affiliate program for a shop that sells some leather dog collars, and slot in a text link or a banner to it, and you’ve increased your profit potential significantly.

Scaling It Up

The great thing about this as a blog profit strategy is that it’s very scalable. Once you’ve found some money sects and worked out how to tailor some content to them and have it rank in the engines (like anything good, it’ll take some time and effort) you can do the same thing for new “money sects” as often as you have time.

If you wrote about dog collars one week, you can write about dog food the next week, dog training guides the next week and so on.

You don’t have to be a big salesman on your blog to increase it’s revenue. By throwing a bit of content out every now and then for your “money visitors” you’ll make sizable increases in the profitability of your blog and increase your readers happiness while doing it.

Andrew Hansen is a blogging an affiliate marketing strategist, CEO of Dreamlife Softwares and blogger at His free report at shows bloggers how to generate 1000’s of new “money visitors” to their blogs every month without spending a fortune in the process.

About Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Some great content on how to generate visitors who want to buy. I am however at the traffic building stage. I am getting a steady flow of unique visitors. My main aim is to advise people on how to leave the Rat Race. (I left it years ago). I’m not really too bothered about making any money right now. I just want a strong community of like minded people. My site is if any fellow bloggers have any comments on my blog I would be very grateful. Thanks

  • I created a new blog now in my own domain, which will be well organized from the beginning.

    I will follow all your directions, because I already saw that without organization and without the right links, etc, you simply waste your time writing and writing for your blog, without seeing the results you were expecting to.

  • Having a targeted traffic going to your blog will really increase your sales dramatically.

    Finding a niche to target and the keyword/ phrase should not be hard with all the free tools out there. Just be sure that you structured your blog posts accordingly.

    Great post!


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  • Interesting thought form there. My “blog” if you want to call it that is still young and growing, and affiliate marketing is something I’ve been wanting to get into myself. Thanks for the advice there, as I admit I’ve been struggling a bit in that dept.

  • Good guest post. Although I’ve been blogging for years I still consider myself a newbie as I only started doing it for money 2 years ago.

    I’ll certainly try and use some of the tips in this post.

  • Great article. Really helpful for beginner blogger like me. I have downloaded the free report. My blog is related to product lifecycle management. May be too technical to attract enough money visitors. Thanks

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  • Very good ideas – exactly what I was looking for.

  • Joe

    These are easy to follow ideas that do not take much time to complete, but with todays market And the service that I am in, of not buying or selling things…what happens if I own a Vacation Rental in Puerto Rico I do very well in searches for my rental, but for my blog not many visits, The focus on my blog, is my rental..and what is going on in the area, weather what we have been doing etc.. I dont want to put ads on my site that a potential guest, might click and steer away from my site…or compete with me..since my dot com has nice traffic, should I scratch the blog I have and add the blog to my dot com? How can you draw in visitors, while competing with all the other rentals here? My site is ad free…except for godaddy banner at the top.. any helpful coments you can email me…

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  • Awesome article. thanks for that useful tips but i guess that may help only in the a blog of a specific topic or content…
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