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Take This Job and Shove It

The following post was submitted by Honest Abe from Finance for Dummies in this week’s group writing project.

I am new to blogging. A friend of mine does internet marketing for a living and recommended I try it. I started on April 21 and I must say I enjoy it a lot more than my current job.

My goals are:

1. To get my blog to start making enough money to where I can focus more of my time on it to make it better and more profitable. I would like to quit my current job and get a part-time job and focus on blogging and expanding to other topics out side finance.

2. To provide personal finance information to people who need it and help them make good financial and investing decisions.

3. GET OUT OF MY CURRENT JOB! (Or did I already mention that)

Since my blog focuses on personal finance I do not have a blog post on my site for this, but my blog is: http://finance4dummies.blogspot.com/