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Recording of Webinar with Sarah Wilson

I recently had the chance to interview Sarah Wilson – another Aussie who blogs at SarahWilson.com.au.

Sarah is an Aussie media personality with a lot of experience across Television (she hosted Australia’s MasterChef Series 1), Magazines – (she edited Cosmopolitan Magazine), Newspapers (she’s written 100+ columns for a Sunday Magazine in some of Australia’s largest papers) and much more.

In the last couple of years she’s increasingly transitioned form mainstream media to online media. This has centered around her blog but in the last year or so she’s also released two eBooks.

You can connect with Sarah also on Twitter and Facebook.

Below is a recording of this webinar I recorded with Sarah.

PS: Sarah mentions an eBook by Shayne Tilley (who also goes by the ‘Web Marketing Ninja) in this webinar – it is The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing.

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