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Recording of ‘Monetizing Blogs’ Webinar

The following recording of a webinar on monetizing blogs goes for around and hour and 20 minutes and can be listened to below for free. Enjoy!

Also check out the slides for this webinar here (PDF). While our recording didn’t record the visuals and audios in sync they are largely in the order I presented in. Note: they also include some points on approaching advertisers to advertise on your blogs which was not included in the webinar.

Pages/Links referred to in the webinar include:

Money Map: How Bloggers Make Money

LASTLY – if you’d like more of these webinars with other bloggers please sign up as a member of ProBlogger.com and you’ll get access to a library of many recorded webinars for bloggers as well as live access to 2 new webinars per month for members.

Also – if you want more on monetizing blogs? Check out our Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing Kit.

The Blogger's Guide to Online Marketing