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Read My Blogging Goals Or Else … !

The following post was submitte by http://www.fitnessmantra.info as part of this week’s group writing project.

  1. Get readers to read: If you got this far, I’ll consider my goal achieved. There is nothing like a good hook or title to get readers toatleast read the first few lines of a post (and while I don’t think a title like the one I used here will work always, it did this time!). If you have read the first copywriting lesson at CopyBlogger then you already know the importance of GETTING READERS TO READ. That is first and foremost goal of blogging and everything else one can think of (including educating readers, entertaining them and even making money off blogs) can only be a result of this.
  2. Write articles focussed on the reader: I write about health and fitness. No, I should rephrase that. I write about how health and fitness information and news AFFECTS MY READERS. Nothing will turn readers away from your blog faster than if they arrive one fine day and end up having to read about the new trick you taught your dog (unless that is your niche!). My second goal, then, is to provide continuous and meaningful value to my readers.
  3. Be Regular: I will strive to post everyday, although reading this post mentioned by ProBlogger has made me reconsider my frequency. While I believe making readers believe you are serious is an important blogging goal, I have now realised that frequency is not the only way to do it. Some days I have actually felt quality succumbing to the need to hit “Publish”.
  4. Make RSS/Email even easier: I am going to make it even easier to subscribe by providing a littel tutorial for new comers who might not be familiar with RSS. Here, too I am going to learn from “certain” blogger who include subscription information at the bottom of each post. Like ad-blindness, regular readers learn to ignore this line, but new readers will benefit from this.
  5. Have 100 readers by end of the year: Sometimes it’s good to have a very specific goal like this so I can actually measure my success. Some say it’s too lofty a goal and that even “good” blogs have just about 30-40 regulars. To that I respond: I know I can do better. I just have to keep writing well and hope people take notice.