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@ProBloggerDeals – Deals for Bloggers

Welcome to @ProBloggerDeals – a Twitter account which will be all about passing on discounts, bonuses, coupon codes and special offers to bloggers wanting to improve their blogs.

Why @ProBloggerDeals?

Here at ProBlogger I get a lot of approaches from companies with products and services relevant to bloggers. Whether it be blog themes and designers looking to promote what they have to offer, plugin developers, ad networks or training resources – it seems that almost every day I have someone contacting me wanting to tell me of a promotion that they’re running.

I’d love to promote everything on ProBlogger but the reality is that ProBlogger.net is a blog that focuses more upon tips on how to blog rather than a blog about products or tools for bloggers.

As a result I’ve decided to start @ProBloggerDeals on Twitter.

What is @ProBloggerDeals?

@ProBloggerDeals is unashamedly an account for promotional Tweets. If you’re offended by people pitching you products or services (at discounts) – it’s probably not an account for you to follow (and I take no offense at that – this won’t be for everyone).

Disclaimer – @ProBloggerDeals will also have a few affiliate promotions on it to products that I think offer quality and value to bloggers. I won’t promote low quality products and will work hard to get great deals for those who follow this account – but consider this a disclaimer that there will be some benefit to me in some of these deals.

If you’re interested in being notified of discounts and special offers on tools, services, products and resources relevant to bloggers – follow @ProBloggerDeals today.

PS: if you have a ‘deal’ for bloggers – feel free to pitch it to me via my contact form. Please just make it clear that you’re pitching something for @probloggerdeals at the top of the email.