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ProBlogger Case Study Series

Welcome to ProBlogger’s Case Study Series – a chance for me to take a couple of weeks break from blogging and a chance for ProBlogger readers to tell their stories, ask questions and to highlight their blogs to one another.

Over the first two weeks of April I’ve selected 14 blogs to take part in this series, each was selected by me from the 40+ submissions that I received to be involved by bloggers.

Each post in the series is either written by a blogger who is either sharing some of the lessons that they’ve learnt along the way or some of the questions that they have.

None of the posts are complete because they are being posted as case studies for you as readers to interact with.

The bloggers that I’ve chosen cover a wide range of topics, blog platforms, experience levels, expertise etc. Some have a good grasp of English and for others it’s a second language. I could have just chosen the more ‘polished’ examples of blogs but wanted to give bloggers of all levels a chance to show what they’re working on and get the wisdom of the PB community.

You will no doubt connect with some of the blogs featured and will react against others (they are a varied group) – all I ask is that you interact (constructively) with the bloggers that have shared their stories, respect their willingness to share and enter into the experience willing to learn and share what you know.

If you submitted a story and it is not featured in these two weeks please don’t despair – depending upon the feedback on this series I’ll attempt to use the rest in coming months.

Also over this two week period I’ve had a number of other experienced bloggers agree to come on as guest bloggers to write other types of non case study type posts. They are Toby, Rachel, Aaron, Wayne, Brian and Peter.

I’ll be back to ‘normal’ blogging after Easter. Have a good couple of weeks.