2 (2)I’m super excited today to welcome to the First ProBlogger Podcast!

This has been a long time coming and I’d like to thank all of you who have encouraged, nudged and at times nagged me to get this podcast going. I hope you enjoy it!

In this Episode

Today’s episode (find it here on iTunes or listen to it above) is all about setting the scene for the month of podcasting that is ahead.

In episode 0:

  • I share why I decided to start podcasting
  • I talk about 2 traits that I’ve seen in many (if not all) successful bloggers
  • I issue you with a challenge that could take your blog to the next level
  • You’ll discover what the next 31 episodes of this podcast will revolve around

This podcast will not be for those wanting a nice gentle passive journey. Each episode will challenge you to not only ‘listen’ but to ‘create’, ‘build’ and ‘implement’ the strategies discussed.

My hope is that it’ll encourage you to develop effective habits that will help you to build a better blog.

Mentioned In this Episode

31dbbb_2nd_3d-300As we move into the first 31 days of the ProBlogger Podcast we’ll be moving through the activities mentioned in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Workbook.

Having the workbook is not essential to get value out of these next 31 episodes but if you do want to have your own copy of the material (plus a bonus 7 days of challenges) I’ve set up a coupon code to get a copy at 50% off.

From the 31DBBB workbook sales page use the coupon code PODCAST50 in the check out to get the 50% discount for the next month.

Again – there’s no pressure to have a copy of the workbook but it’s there if you’d like to have a copy as we move through the activities (and to work through again and again in the months that follow).

Also as mentioned in this episode – I highly recommend you install Google Analytics (or some other analytics/stats package on your blog as we’ll be talking about it in a future episode and it would be good to have some data collected by then. Google Analytics is the most powerful stats program I’ve come across and best of all it’s completely free.

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Once you’ve listened to todays episode I’d also greatly appreciate you giving us a short review and rating to help us get a little more visibility on iTunes. Also please share the podcast with anyone you think might benefit from it.

The next episode (Day 1 of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog) will be released on 1 July!

  • Tracy Raiteri

    Just the right kick up the ‘blogging’ butt I need… Thanks Darren for starting this podcast, it’s just at the right time to motivate me and keep my blogging endeavours on track. Also looking forward to sharing your insights with the blogging clients that I work with in my agency.

    • thanks Tracy πŸ™‚

      • Tracy Raiteri

        Great timing, now just need to take action and implement!! see you at 2015 #PBEVENT

  • 60-TheNew40.com

    I am excited to be a part of this 31 day challenge. It is very timely as I have felt like my wheels are spinning and progress has slipped despite my efforts. I am looking forward to this challenge and the 2015 #PBEVENT. Thanks you so much, Kathleen

  • writeofthemiddle

    Really, really enjoyed listening to you Darren! I’m embarassed to say that I think ‘fears’ have me sitting in Group 1 and I’d really like to be in Group 2. Looking forward to your next podcast AND #PBEVENT in August.

    • You’re not alone in those kinds of fears. Glad you’re joining us in the challenge at the event – hope that both things help move you into Group 2 πŸ™‚

  • This is great BUT can this go out on a Podcasting distribution network other than iTunes? Stitcher is my preferred option.

    • We applied to Stitcher last week (same time as iTunes) so I’m hoping it’ll be approved in the next day or two. Thanks Corey

  • Hello Darren, it’s nice to see you got your pod casting in full swing. I’m a follower of your work and often visit your blog as well.

    I feel the lack of motivation in my work caused by real life event’s. I don’t know if this is just a excuse of am I in need of more positivity.

    I currently have about 2 blogs which I feel are my main websites but I really have a passion for Web design and WordPress development and I have a website dedicated to WordPress and development.

    I don’t really share my thoughts like this but sometimes I feel like it’s only me that wants to be successful and I sometimes feel like I need more encouragement we all need that pat on the back and hear those words great job you can do it.

    Thanks so much for being so positive and sharing your wisdom. RobG

  • John

    I am keen to listen, but there is no way to download, except via iTunes. This is a real barrier. Would be great if we could just download it from this page. If that is not the way you are going to offer it, I would love to know more about why you would use such a strategy.

    • thanks John – we’re actually working on adding it to some other podcast directories at the moment and giving a way to show downloads. Hoping that the download option will be live in the next day.

      • John

        Awesome, thanks Darren

      • John

        Great to see the download option!

  • Marie-Claire Allington

    Enjoyed that – particularly the idea you quoted about making the path rather than just stumbling about looking for it. Best Wishes MC

    • Thanks Marie-Claire – that’s my favourite quote πŸ™‚

  • Martin Neumann

    Hey Darren – caught your email and thought I’d take a listen. Good stuff. I myself am looking into getting back to some serious blogging. You might remember me from HomeOfficeVoice / TheBlogHerald / Melbourne Webbloggers Meetup / GoPies circa 2005-2008 πŸ˜‰ Older and much wiser… and looking forward to getting back into shape with ProB.

    • Hey Martin – remember you well. Nice to reconnect and welcome to the podcast!

  • LisaLaMagna

    I agree with “why you like podcasts” — I walked in the park this morning with the dog. Also, you are so right “listening to a blog is intentional.”

    Looking forward to the 31 day challenge — I frequently write blogs for other businesses, and it’s easy to be motivated for them, now I want to focus on my own blog. I just got your ebook too

    Listening to your voice is a nice switch, you are my new “blogging buddy.”

    Thanks for sharing yourself so generously.

    • thanks so much Lisa – nice to be your buddy! πŸ™‚

  • Darren, the Subscribe with RSS buttons are apparently for the comments feed and not for the main episode pages. Since the universe does not all have iTunes that means I can’t subscribe in any manner.

    • thanks – let me check into that RSS issue. We have applied to other podcast directories but are waiting for approval.

  • Great news, Darren! I have been followed your posts from facebook. All of them are useful for me. I am waiting for special news from you. Thank you.

  • When I first started thinking abut blogging… I was lucky enough to find your site, Darren, and even to this day… while I don’t visit all that often, when I do I just stare with a stupid smile and I’m like… yeeah… that’s how it’s done. AND NOW, you have a podcast! Something I’ve been trying to get my head around for a while now. Thanks for all the inspiration. πŸ™‚

    • thanks so much – appreciate you sharing that and for listening in!

  • SO excited for the launch of your podcast, Darren! LOVE your blog, website, overall content – everything you share is always value-packed. Excited that I can now pop in my earbuds and get the same great value on-the-go! Thank you for all you do!

    • thanks so much Kate – appreciate you tuning in and for your encouragement along the way.

  • Robert Palmer

    Isn’t ITunes only for Apple Users?

    • Robert – iTunes is available on Windows PCs but there are two other options for you.

      1. you could listen here on the site on your computer or phone
      2. we’ve just had our application to join Stitcher approved. You can subscribe there at http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=68818 – sorry this option took a while but they take 5 biz days to approve applications vs iTunes 12 hours.

      3. we will be adding an option for your to directly download episodes to your device in the coming day or two.

  • The ProBloggerPLUS newsletter page doesn’t seem to have a subscription form.

    • strange – it does for me. Alternatively can you see the spot at the top of this page near the subscribe with iTunes button where you can subscribe via the newsletter?

      • Just checked again and I still don’t see it in the newsletter page, Darren.

        I did, however spot the one in the header and got signed up shortly after making my original comment.

        I’m windows 8.1, Latest stable Chrome. Attaching a screenshot.

  • Naseema Perveen Sheen

    A big thank you Darren, you are such a inspiration.

  • I just got your email about the 31 Day Challenge so I’m going to do it. My elevator pitch is – I write a blog that encourages non-tech people to get just techy enough to get the best out of their WordPress sites without a we designer, using the Genesis framework and good quality plugins.

  • Darren,
    Thanks once again for your very valuable blogging help. Here is my first cut at an elevator pitch, which I think I may use on my website. I will appreciate any comments or feedback from you or any of the others who are doing this 31 Day event.
    Ted Lang

    Is your website costing you money or making you money?

    Are you spending precious time, money, and other resources on your website, but finding that you’re not getting the return on investment you expected?

    Well, anyone can create and host a website today.But, turning that website into a real profit center is a different challenge. It takes more than design and technology.

    At BusinessWebsiteStrategies.com you’ll find the tools, tips, and tactics to turn your website into a real marketing powerhouse. Learn the best practices that Internet marketing experts use to create profitable websites for any type of business.

  • Charlie Blair

    I appreciate the simplicity of the review of the elevator speech process. Here is my attempt: I am in the process of trying to launch a new blog. It will be called: LifeEngaged and is for equipping men and women of radical faith to engage culture effectively. I help them in discover and unlock the resources, power, and purpose that propels them toward fulfilling engagement in their work, trans-formative impact within their spheres of engagement, and personally engaging their faith as they experience God.

    Reactions? Suggestions?

    Thank you very much.

    • I think that’s a good one for your own purposes but I’d like to see a shorter one for using with readers as a tagline if you can get it down a little more maybe?

      • Charlie Blair

        How would you define the difference between an elevator speech and a tagline? For instance, would the following be a good tag line to lead to an elevator speech? “LifeEngaged: Living your life in full gear!”

    • LifeEngaged: helping people put a wrench to the bicycle chain of their faith as they experience God…one engaging conversation at a time.

      • Charlie Blair

        Thank you, Tracy. This is very concise.

  • writeofthemiddle

    I’m so excited about these podcasts Darren! Coming up with an elevator pitch turned out to be a lot harder than I had thought it would be but clarity is something I most definitely need so I gave it my best shot. Here it is: “At Write of the Middle, we give you permission to be a little bit selfish, to benefit the well-being and happiness of yourself and those you love. We show you the what’s, why’s and how’s via a variety of Snaps, Crackles & Zen.” How’d I do?

  • I’m new to blogging – and just launching a new business. Would love some insight on what I’ve written for day one!

    “Why does life have to be so difficult?” Actually, it doesn’t have to be. We are providing simple strategies, tools, insights, and resources for easy practical application to help you EMBARK on the path to getting more out of your life, relationships, career and business.

    “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” – Wayne Dyer

    Tag Line:

    “Why does life have to be so difficult?” Actually, it doesn’t have to be.

  • Retha

    Inspired!!! I have been badly neglecting my blog – I trust these 30 days will help me to find my rhythm. Can’t wait to start.

  • I have been watching ProBlogging grow from afar – I’m an Aussie expat, so attending a conference is out of the question. THANK YOU so very much for this series, and thank you to your friends for nagging you to do it. You have no idea how much your experience, knowledge and passion means to me. I’m so excited to grow ms-havacaht with your support. THANK YOU! x

  • Maxx Heth

    I really appreciate the no-holds-barred honesty in this podcast. Sometimes you just have to pick up the hammer and start pounding nails, so to speak. You rock, Darren! =D

  • I definitely like that quote, “Do one small thing today that will take you closer to your dreams.”

  • Aga PogΓ³recka

    Yey! This is so exciting! Thank you πŸ™‚

  • I feel like I’ve been losing my blogging mojo lately so I’m super excited to play catch up and join you for this!

  • Inspiration, Information, Action, and a cool voice. I look forward to your podcasts and your wisdom.

  • ak_laura

    Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

  • I just came home from my afternoon walk where I listened to this first episode and laughed when I heard you say that’s how you listen to your podcasts too. I’m also a recent podcast convert and have made listening to a great podcast on my daily walk a part of my routine over the past few months. I’ve only listened to this first one so far but am already excited about the episodes ahead. Thanks!

  • Hi Darren, I am a fairly new reader of ProBlogger and this is the very first time I am commenting here. I came across these podcasts yesterday and find them extremely useful. Thank you so much for sharing. πŸ™‚

  • simplywebly

    I am so happy you started a podcast. I bought the book a long time ago and confess I never finished the 31 days. You intro podcast inspired me to take that one small step you mentioned. I look forward to many more inspiring podcast.

  • You’re so motivational, I like how you mix inspiration with technical information. I am looking forward to listening to the series. Thanks!

  • Thank you Darren. I intend to be one of those bloggers who acts instead of a blogger who says they are going to act. I have never blogged before and now I start.

  • Hi Darren, one of your tweets today brought me here and I’m glad I clicked. I’ve just started listening and I’m excited. As a new blogger I know I have lots to learn. Thanks for sharing all you know.

  • annemarie murland

    HI, I have just found your site – problogger and would just like to say how easily accessible it was for a late blogging bloomer. The podcast [0] was fab and I look forward to working my way through the rest

  • Thank you Darren for taking time to build this platform and podcast with 31DBBB. I am a very new blogger you can call me a novice or beginner. Naturally I have so many question. Some of the questions are unknown. Something like this step by step with one thing at a time is really good. I am looking forward to this 31 days podcast. From the titles I am sure it would help me in getting my act together and become a better blogger. Thank you again.

  • Kelly

    I only just found your podcast and thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. I decided I wanted to start going for a daily walk but needed something to listen to, and since I’m starting a blog, I figured this was a good choice. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what you talked about in this podcast, that you yourself had also starting daily walking and listening to podcasts, so I guess it was meant to be. From this episode I’ve discovered that I am definitely a habitual dreamer!!! Soooooo many ideas and things I want to do, but I never seem to achieve any of it. You may have discussed this before (please provide me with a link if you already have if possible), but I’d love to know how I can stop being a dreamer and start doing more. I just have a list a mile long of all the things I want to do and become so overwhelmed I don’t even start. Or, I start one thing one day, and then the next day I get bored and move onto a different thing. I frustrate myself daily πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the podcasts, looks forward to listening to more soon!

  • So, I have started my blog recentrly and I really would like to skyrocket my little blog sky high..I have listened your first podcast and I am not really clear on how to start moving forward. If you can visit my blog and please recommend me what to do. This is the blog: http://www.apartments-novalja.info/news-apartments-novalja/