Australia’s Telstra Preparing for iPhone 5 Release

iphone-5A reliable source within Australia’s largest Telco Telstra today confirmed today that the iPhone 5 is about to be announced and that it will not be called the iPhone 5 (and that we’ll have them in our hands in a matter of weeks).

Expect media event invitations to go out in the next week with shipping to start shortly after. This came to light in the last few hours to me when a friend pointed out a ‘Secret’ Telstra page which directs to a page inviting people to be among the ‘first to know’. There is no mention of any particular device on that page but I’m reliably informed that the page is ALL about the iPhone 5.

The page reads:

Register to be amongst the first to know

We don’t always know what’s around the corner, and sometimes it’s a bit of a secret…

What we do know is that you’d like to be among the first to know when the latest hot new phone becomes available. Let us know your details below and we’ll email you with all the information.

The same source also revealed that this device will not be called the iPhone 5. Despite some persistent arm twisting I couldn’t get the name out of them – but we won’t have long to wait to find out with invitations to media events soon to be released.

Shipping here in Australia won’t be far off from what I can tell – whereas we’ve had to wait for shipping in Australia on some previous devices it doesn’t seem to be the case this time around.

But for now – all we have is the ability to sign up for notifications!

Update: I’ve seen a few other people talking about this page on the web in the last 12 hours, some say Telstra deny it is to do with the iPhone 5. However my source tells me it definitely is for Apple’s next device….. but I guess technically they can deny it is an iPhone 5 page if its not called that!

Update 2: Apple have now scheduled an iPhone media event for iPhone Event on October 4th 10:00 am (US Pacific time).