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I’m on Google Maps Street View!

This isn’t really relevant to blogging so I’m putting this on a ‘page’ instead of on the blog itself – but here’s something that amused me today.

Google Australia have just released ‘street view’ for Google maps for Australian streets (found via Duncan).

As soon as I heard this I naturally wanted to see what they had in our street and for our house and went to check it out.


The picture is a few months old and from soon after we moved into our new house (I can tell because we now have grass instead of a dirt patch).

What interested me about the picture is that our garage door is up. At first I didn’t think much about it – but upon reflection I realized that we only ever have the door up when we are coming or going from the house.

I blew the picture up as large it would go and sure enough – there’s a person in the garage (or at least an outline of one).

I’m not sure if it’s me or my wife – but if you look at the image below (click to enlarge)…. and squint a little… and use a little imagination – you’ll see one of us immortalized for all time (or until they drive by next time) on Google Maps!