Effective Blogging Habits

The following piece was submitted by Rhonda Bell from Knitting News Cast as part of the habits of highly effective blogging group project.

First, there needs to be a definition of what is considered “effective” when it comes to blogging. For instance, for one blogger it could be earning X amount of money from ads or other income sources. While for another blogger, it could be creating a dialog with other people in the community in which their blog is appropriate. And still another blogger may want to promote an event, book, etc.

Earning Money Directly From Blog

  • Create topic relevant content-rich pages on a daily basis. Examples include getting started type articles to more advanced topics to news items.
  • On going marketing. This can include posting on forums and other blogs, buying Google Adsense, and writing press releases.
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques. Examples include using key words and cross-linking.
  • Ad placement. It is important to experiment with ad locations for optimal earnings.

Creating Dialog With Others in Field/Interest

  • Create topic relevant content-rich pages on a weekly or daily basis. These can include articles similar to those of bloggers interested in earning money.
  • Marketing. The same as above but limit expenditures by eliminating buying ad space. Instead focus on external links from others in field.

Promotion of Non-Web Related Product

  • have web/blog specific activities. For example, the publisher of the knitting book, One Skein by Leigh Radford, created a buzz about the book by creating a blog specifically for the book. Readers of the book could post their completed knitted items. They also offered review copies of the book to knitting bloggers and podcasters who not only reviewed the book but knitted items from the book before it was available. These were posted on the blog and created interest and anticipation for knitters waiting for the book’s release. Finally, they set up a secret pal exchange which is popular with knitting bloggers. The book quickly rose to the number one position on Amazon the first week it was available.