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Welcome to - A private community of bloggers who came together to collaborate, learn and grow their blogs in a supportive and authentic environment.

Why We Created The ProBlogger Community was created for bloggers who want to go beyond reading about blogging and who want to take their blogs to the next level through a supportive private community and targeted advice from the ProBlogger team and other experienced bloggers.

Our aim is to help you improve your blog by providing you with:

Practical Teaching

Through regular webinars and Q&A sessions (with Darren and the ProBlogger team) you'll get be inspired and equipped to grow your readership, deepen reader engagement, create compelling content and monetize your blog.

Powerful Tools

Get access to the plugins the ProBlogger development team have developed for ProBlogger and Digital Photography School. We're also negotiating great deals and discounts on blogging tools and services that we know and love.

Engaging Community

Meet, network and collaborate with other bloggers in our community area where there are discussion areas for 'content', 'finding readers', 'building community' and 'making money'.

The ProBlogger Team

As ProBlogger has grown, so has the team supporting Darren. Whilst there are over a dozen people involved in different blogs, this is the team that help keep and in tip top shape.

Jasmin Tragas

Jasmin is the master of product development across all our blogs. She helps wonderful authors give eBooks life and her efforts in bring Problogger events to the community year after year is something to behold.

Super organised and a wonderful person to be around.

Shayne Tilley

With experience in startups SitePoint, 99designs,and Flippa as well as with larger technology companies such as AVG and MYOB, Shayne takes care of all Marketing, Partnerships and likes to boss around developers when given half a chance.

You can find out more about Shayne here, or get in touch with him here.

Stacey Roberts

Stacey is the official word nerd for (but you can call her managing editor for short). She ensures the brilliant content keeps flowing all year round and all our bad spelling and grammar is kept in check.

Crochet lover, vintage collector, and a tea enthusiast and also fluent in sarcasm and a solid appreciator of dry humour.


The Internet (We think he was born there)

Mario leads our development team taking care of all the wild and wacky requests we ask for. He loves to think in milliseconds when it comes to load times and page performance and doesn’t seem to sleep — ever!

His desire to create the unknown is backed by his brilliance with a keyboard (although a very noisy one). For this website being up 24/7 to Mario and team we give thanks.

The Community

Whilst the team above are the people behind the real driving force behind it are our members.