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23rd of April 2018 Darren Rowse

244: How to Find More Traffic for Your Blog Offline

How to Promote Your Blog Offline Today I’m tackling questions from listener, Julianna Barnaby about whether it’s important to spend time offline building your blog’s personal brand and reputation. The answer is simple. “Yes.” Offline promotion is worth it. Get creative, and get out and meet people. You may need to ...more
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11th of December 2017 Darren Rowse

220: What You Should Include in Your Email Newsletters

What You Should Include in Your Email Newsletters (and Answers to 4 FAQs About Email) Do you email your blog readers regularly? Maybe you put ‘set up email newsletter’ on your ‘someday’ list ages ago, but still haven’t done it. Or maybe you have a newsletter list, but you haven’t ...more
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18th of October 2017 Darren Rowse

How to Create a Reader Avatar for Your Blog

For several years, I’ve been using Reader Avatars (also called Reader Profiles or Personas) on my blogs – and I’ve found them very effective and helpful.To create your first reader avatar, you’ll need to spend some time thinking and writing about a type of reader that you’re either attempting to ...more
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22nd of September 2017 Guest Blogger

How to establish your brand on Pinterest (and make it popular)

This is a guest post by Larry Alton If you’re a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ kind of person, then Pinterest may be a great option for you. Its tight-knit community and visual focus make it an ideal board for circulating and popularizing your ideas. And while it may not be as ...more
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28th of August 2017 Darren Rowse

208: 5 Actionable Tips You Can Use to Get Better Results on Your Facebook Page

Get Better Facebook Page Results With These 5 Actionable Tips Today, I want to present you with five actionable things you can do to increase the effectiveness of what you do to build your business on Facebook – particularly from Facebook pages. I know there’s a lot of pain and ...more
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16th of August 2017 Guest Blogger

3 Ways to Turn Blog Posts into Engaging Instagram Content

This is a guest post from Jonathan Chan of Foundr Magazine. You are probably here because you are a proud blog owner. Your content is consistently fresh and up-to-date, your mission statement is on point, you’ve managed to create a brand from scratch and everything is going swimmingly. But you’re ...more
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24th of July 2017 Darren Rowse

203: How to Approach Influencers in Your Niche

How to Connect With Influencers in Your Niche Today I want to share some teaching on how to approach influencers and other well known people in your niche (or outside it too). One of the most powerful ways to grow your profile, audience and brand is to connect with others ...more
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19th of July 2017 Darren Rowse

A Guest Post Follow Up Strategy for Maximum Success

Once you’ve understood why guest posting is important, got your pitch accepted, and written the post … you might think you’re done. A lot of the success of your guest post, though, comes from what you do after it’s published.  There’s plenty you can do to get the most out of ...more
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7th of July 2017 Ali Luke

Find and Pitch the Perfect Guest Posting Opportunities

Today ProBlogger Subject Matter Expert Ali Luke is guest posting about guest posting. So, you’ve realised that guest posting has loads of benefits for you and your blog, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Maybe you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience. Perhaps you haven’t even got an ...more
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