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Blog Breakthrough Submissions

We are currently seeking submissions of stories to appear on the ProBlogger Podcast – the theme is ‘blogging breakthroughs’.

Our goal with this series is to feature bloggers from around the world telling the stories of breakthroughs that they’ve experienced in their blogging.

Our hope is that this will both inspire ProBlogger listeners and give them practical ideas to try in their own blogging.

Your breakthrough could be in a variety of areas. For example you might share a stories about:

  • how an influencer helped you grow your blog
  • the story of trying a new income stream
  • the story of how you made your first dollars blogging
  • the story of how a post went viral
  • an opportunity that arose from blogging

We would love to feature a variety of stories including bloggers of different experience levels, bloggers from different countries and bloggers focusing on different niches.

We are also looking for breakthroughs of different kinds, so can’t feature too many that are the same.

How do I submit my story?

1. Written Submission

Submissions are a two part process, starting with a brief written submission (via the form below). This will allow us to choose which stories we want recorded for the podcast. Hopefully this will help you prepare for your recording, but also ensures only those selected will need to take the next step of making a recording.

2. Audio Recording

If we select your story we’ll ask you to submit an audio recording (based on provided prompts) no longer than 10 minutes in length. We’ll provide some tips for making the recording and getting the best quality and result you can.

Please keep in mind we are looking for good stories to inspire our listeners as well as something practical that they can try for themselves.

Follow the prompts in the form below. Please don’t feel the need to write too much – we don’t need a verbatim of what you would say in the audio.

We look forward to reading your response!