Are You a Parenting Blogger? Opportunity for You Below

Are you a blogger with an audience of parents and looking to earn commissions on promoting a quality product to that audience?

Click_cover4.jpgIn the last week on my photography blog we’ve launched a eBook on the topic of kids photography. The eBook is called ‘CLICK!: How to take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids’ and as the name suggests it’s sole purpose is to help parents, grandparents and others with kids in their lives take beautiful images of those kids.

The response we’ve had back from readers has been fantastic and we’re already getting readers send us pictures that they’re taking with the new found knowledge on the topic – and so we’d LOVE to get word out about the eBook beyond our own network.

Earn 40% Commissions on Sales You Generate

If you’re a blogger who is blogging to an audience of parents, grandparents or others with kids in their lives we’d like to invite you to join our affiliate program for this product. We’d like to reward you for any sales you generate with a 40% commission of those sales ($8 per sale).

We can help you out by providing you with some graphics for your promotion. If you’re interested in joining in in this promotion please contact us today by shooting us an email with the following information via the ProBlogger Contact form.

Please shoot us a quick email with:

  • Your Blog’s Name
  • Blog Topic
  • Twitter handle

We’ll reply back with some details of how you can participate.

Thanks for your interest!

We’re seeing great conversions for affiliates on traffic they refer – it looks like we’ll pay out more commissions on this one than we’ve ever done before and look forward to chatting with you about how you can be involved.

If you’re not into the affiliate marketing thing – totally understand and there’s no pressure here at all. Thanks for reading!