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Ana White Webinar: Recording

I recently had the chance to interview Ana White – DIY blogger from Ana-White.com.

Anna is a blogger I’ve admired for some time now. I love the way that she’s built an audience from nothing to millions of page views a month and yet still retains something very personal about the way that she blogs and interacts with readers.

As we recorded this webinar with had several hundred people listening into it and their reactions were incredibly positive. Some of the recurring words to describe Ana during the webinar by attendees were:

  • Passionate
  • Community Minded
  • Humble
  • Engaging

Below is a recording of this webinar – please excuse the background noise we had during the call, while a little distracting I hope you’ll stick with it as Ana’s message is inspiring. Please check out Ana’s site here and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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