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Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Better Blog

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31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Secret Twitter User Signup Page

Hi all and welcome to a sign up page to the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. I’m putting final touches on the challenge but here’s what I can tell you:

The idea behind this is simply to have a group of bloggers setting aside a month of their time to work at improving their blogs. While we all want to have better blogs sometimes it becomes one of those things that we’re going to do…. one day.

I personally find that I make the most significant improvements to my blog (and life) when I am intentional about setting time aside to work at it. I’m also more effective when I work alongside others. That’s what this project is about.

There are more details below but if you’re keen to signup already – do it here:

UPDATE: The 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is now available as an ebook/workbook. You can download it all at once to work through at your own pace for $19.95. Otherwise can still do it for free by signing up above.

Here are a few more details:

  1. It is free and starts on 1 April (update: it is snow starting 6th April) and runs until 1 May.
  2. Each day over that period (31 Days) you’ll receive an email notifying you of a new post that contains teaching and practical tasks to help you improve your blog.
  3. You may unsubscribe at any point if the challenge doesn’t fit with your needs or situation.

I’ll post more details of the challenge on ProBlogger in the next day or two but as my Twitter followers I wanted to give you a sneak peak. If you’d like to be one of the first to sign up – do it here.

Note: if you don’t see the signup form I’ve been told that some ad blocker plugins in Firefox are blocking it. Please try in another browser or temporarily disable the ad blocker to see it. Thanks

Looking forward to journeying with you over the next month!