When Failings, Mistakes and Half Finished Thoughts can Help Grow Your Blog

Posted By Darren Rowse 15th of December 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips

Another way to make yourself more relatable to readers is to highlight your humanity by showing when you’re less than perfect.

One of the problems of blogging is that it can create (intentionally or unintentionally) ‘spin’ around a person that gives readers the impression of ‘super hero’ status.

Ask yourself – when was the last time you wrote about a mistake you made?

I find it very easy to write about my successes and strengths – but quite naturally avoid sharing my short fallings. The problem is – that I regularly mess up and make mistakes. If I never mention these and only highlight the good stuff the image that I portray to others becomes quite one dimensional and eventually un-relatable.

Share your some of your (relevant) short comings and the lessons that you’ve learned from your mistakes and you not only present readers with a great case study – but you show them that you’re actually similar to them also.

You might want to have some balance with this strategy of course – posting everyday about a mistake you’ve made might not be the best way of showing your expertise on a topic or build credibility but the occasional story of a lesson learnt through falling on your face can be well worth posting. The key is to not just highlight the mistake but to show what you’ve learned and how others might avoid it too.

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