The Cost of High Quantities of Posts

Posted By Darren Rowse 5th of August 2006 Miscellaneous Blog Tips

Does the quantity of content that you post to your blog add value to or devalue your blog?

I suspect that there are many bloggers who think that by adding large quantities of content to their blog that they are adding value to it however in many cases constantly pouring new posts into their blog and increasing the size of their archives can actually devaluing it by forcing readers to wade through vast quantities of posts to find the ‘gold’ that they are looking for.

There are of course some examples of blogs that seem to thrive on large amounts of posts each day and massive archives (in fact some of the largest blogs on the web use this strategy very well) however I suspect that for the majority of us that we’d do better to write a smaller number of top quality, highly focused and useful posts each week than going for a high posting frequency rate.

The ideal posting frequency will vary from blog to blog but I think many bloggers would do well to consider the question at the top of this post and make changes according to the answer they come up with.

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