Melbourne |10th - 11th August 2019

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When Business and Creativity Collide!

We know you've already listened to a hundred podcasts, attended scores of webinars and bought countless courses and eBooks you haven't finished. We’ve all been there.

And yet you're still not sure what your next step should be to turn your creativity and passion into a secure income.

You’re spinning your wheels and close to burnout, trying to break through to the next level. Many of us did it the hard way, which is how we can now help you with the smart way! 

This tailor-made mastermind experience over two days that will ensure you get exactly what YOU need to help you evolve your business online.  No more talking heads, boring presentations and listening all day.

Our team of master minds point you in the right direction so all that effort actually gets you somewhere - potentially on the road to earning your first $1m.

We believe in creators and your ability to build a profitable business from your passion and skills. The bloggers, vloggers and podcasters, the social media mavens and online influencers, and the teachers and practitioners who want to scale helping people beyond the one to one.

We believe in your voice - it is at the centre of what you create, which is why we’re bringing out Jeff Goins from the US. He’s a master in helping you define and refine your voice to tell the stories that will connect with and help your audience.

Join Darren Rowse from ProBlogger, Jeff Goins author of Real Artists Don't Starve, James Schramko from SuperFastBusiness and other selected experts to discover how to evolve your business online. 

Jeff Goins

It starts with your voice – we start blogs because we have a voice or a message that we want others to hear. But the internet is a noisy place – it’s difficult to stand out and be original. We often become disheartened when we see others selling or doing the same thing we’re trying to do.

Jeff Goins will help you learn how to put your personal (or brand) voice back at the centre of your business and create a business offering around it that is uniquely yours.

Attend his opening keynote and then springboard into a small group workshop experience with him.

Access our 'Master Minds' – where creativity and business collide!
With your voice and message clearly in focus, it's time to tackle what is holding you back from evolving to the next level. For starters you'll be able to access the super powers of Jeff, James, Shayne, Kelly and the ProBlogger team (joined by Darren on Sunday), as well as other relevant experts. Some of which we've already invited, and others based on what you tell us in the survey after you buy your ticket.

That's right, YOU will influence who we bring in to help you, as well as decide who you need to spend time with over the weekend to get the direction YOU need. 

Master Mind Powers

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A champion for bloggers for over 17 years

15 blogger events over 9 years

Connecting over 2,000 attendees

What to expect

ProBlogger Events have an excellent track record for delivering real value
Pitch-Free Advice
Pitch Free Advice

There is no selling, just generous advice from carefully selected speakers to help you meet your learning objectives.

Practical Takeaways
Practical Takeaways

Our events are well known for delivering good actionable learning that you can take away and implement straight away.

Outstanding Networking

One of the highlights of our events is to meet online friends in real life. We've seen many friendships, collaborations and businesses grow from our events.

White Space
White Space

Time built into the schedule where you can go off on your own, or spend time connecting with others to work on what is relevant to you. 

Your "Master Minds"

(roll over to reveal just some of their super powers)

Jeff Goins

Goins, Writer

Darren Rowse

ProBlogger & Digital Photography School

James Schramko


Nicole Avery

Planning with Kids

Kelly Exeter

Writer &  Editor

Shayne Tilley


How can we help?

  • Every one of our speakers has experience running online blogs and businesses - you can ask them anything you want.
  • Even better, only sit down with the specific people who can help you with your relevant content, traffic and business models.
  • Benefit from measured doses of inspiration, education and implementation – all interspersed with white space to help you take it all in.
  • Take away some powerful insights from our experts in the crowdsourced Q&A panel as they provide their approach to the most common problems experienced by attendees.  
  • Feeling a bit lost? Talk to our Mastermind Concierge who will help connect you with the right people in the room! 


(Indicative agenda, more speakers to be announced, subject to change)
  • friday
  • Saturday
  • sunday

8:30 Registration, Tea/Coffee + Welcome

Darren Rowse

9:00 Keynote

(New York room)

How to define, understand and trust your voice, and make it the unique selling point of your online offering.

Jeff Goins

9:45 Q&A and Workshop Activity

(Mastermind Room)

Follow up Jeff's keynote with the opportunity to ask him questions and plan how you can best craft and implement your voice in your business.

Jeff Goins

10:30 Morning Break + Networking

11:00 Meet your 'home' group

Meet your home group and moderator and learn about each other's businesses, goals, issues and more. You will touch base with your home group a few times throughout the weekend.

11:30 Expert Round Tables: Content Models

Our experts will help you with specific content models and challenges such as writing, video, podcasting and more, or grab some time with other experts for a general Q&A. Visit who you want (max table of 8) for 2 x  30 minutes rounds.

12:30 Expert Round Tables: Traffic Models

This time you can visit our experts based on their traffic knowledge. Get help with the channels you're trying to cultivate, or meet with other attendees in your niche to share and brainstorm solutions. Visit who you want (max table of 8) for 2 x 30 minutes rounds.

13:00 Lunch Break + Networking

14:00 Expert Round Tables: Monetisation Models

Refine existing and explore new revenue streams with our experts. Or sit with one of our strategy or analytics experts to help you discover which model may best suit you. Visit who you want (max table of 8) for 20 minutes rounds.

15:00 Afternoon Break + Networking

15:30 Expert Round Tables: Second Chance

Did you miss sitting with one of our experts in the previous rounds? Catch up time for one 30 minute round (max table of 8).

16:00 Keynote: How to Make Your First $1m

From the man who has done it not just once, but successfully every year for 10 years running – learn how to overcome the barriers to earning your first $1 million dollars. If the thought of trying to achieve that makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable, then you definitely need to hear the advice James has to offer you before you tackle the rest of this mastermind weekend.

James Schramko

17:00 Training Concludes

You may join the training day attendees for casual networking and drinks at the hotel bar.

18:30 Private Mastermind Dinner

Join us for canapés and drinks followed by dinner at 7pm

A Word from Our Attendees

Rebecca + Joe

Anyone who is wanting more information about making a place for themselves in a digital world needs to be here. 

If you’re a business owner in general and not just a blogger, the blogging world is so far ahead. If you’re really looking to be inspired and take some action and get an implementation plan then the mastermind’s great for that.

~ Rebecca & Joe

The speakers were amazing and not just from what they telling us, but the fact they really showed us the ‘how’ and step-by-step processes.

They were really open about what had worked for them and what hadn’t and then being able to talk to them and ask them ‘how does that apply to my business and my blog’ - that was invaluable.

~ Kate Toon

Sam Jockel

My biggest takeaway was there's a lot of noise out there, everyone has the same messages, but the thing that sets your content apart is who the messenger actually is. That was really good to be reminded of, as someone who feels overwhelmed by the noise.

And that's ok, you just need to focus on who you are and how you're delivering that message.

~ Sam Jockel

Any hesitations in joining the mastermind?

What was your "Aha!" moment?

Who would you recommend it to?

Mastermind Highlights

Is the Mastermind Right for You?


  • You have established some consistent content on at least one platform and you're considering, or are already, monetising your blog. 
  • You are feeling a bit stuck on figuring out the best way to monetise your particular type of blog
  • You are deadset on world domination - whether your aim is monetisation or global change, the takeaways from the mastermind will help you focus your attention and effort for amazing results


  • You love blogging, you're just not interested in making money from your blog
  • You've already achieved world domination
  • You've only been blogging a short time, or don't have a business model to work on
  • Events and networking are not really your thing

Ticket Inclusions 

Earlybird ticket prices end:



Our Learning Guarantee ensures that if your question related to the content presented was not answered, you can simply email us and we will help you. We have 10 years of event content, even more years of blogging experience in our team, and a network of experts we can direct you to for help.


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Mantra Bell City

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Located just 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD and airport, this contemporary hotel offers premium stays in Melbourne’s vibrant inner north, with a range of rooms and suites fully equipped with a kitchen, all as stylish as they are spacious.

Home to 3 restaurants serving the finest cuisine, a large outdoor pool, fully equipped gym & sauna and offering no less than 15 different conference spaces, Mantra Bell City is the alternative choice for smart business people or travellers who prefer to avoid the hustle of inner city accommodation.

215 Bell St, Preston, VIC 3072
(On the 86 tram line and 500m from Bell Train Station)

1 bed Manhattan


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