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14th of July 2016 Stacey Roberts

How to Get Your Readership Involved and Grow Your Audience with Community Challenges

One of the things we’re always told is to build community – it makes all the difference between traffic who don’t care and an audience who are invested in you and your story. If you have a blog or online following, and you want to take it to the next ...more
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7th of July 2016 Stacey Roberts

How to Rock Instagram to Promote Your Small Business

Karlee Prior is the kitchen whiz behind Karlee’s Kupcakes: a one-girl band creating bespoke cakes and sweet treats for the lucky folk of Brisbane, Australia, and surrounds. Karlee’s small business relies almost solely on Instagram to help get the word out about her gourmet goodies, both by posting on her ...more
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22nd of June 2015 Stacey Roberts

10 PBEVENT Speakers Share their Morning Routine

There’s a real buzz in the air now that the ProBlogger Training Event schedule has been released. Everywhere, people are chatting about where they’re going to be when, sessions are being highlighted, and bloggers are stalking the guest list, wondering who they’re going to meet. We have some exceptional speakers ...more
4th of February 2014 Stacey Roberts

Content Week: An Interview with Chantelle Ellem of Fat Mum Slim – Where Does She Find Post Ideas?

Chantelle Ellem is a blogging powerhouse – if you’ve not read her blog Fat Mum Slim, then you’ve probably seen her pop up in your social media feeds with her Instagram Photo A Day challenge. Over her five years of blogging, she’s not only come up with almost two thousand ...more
29th of August 2013 Jade Craven

Bloggers To Watch: Jen Bishop talks about how to become a full-time blogger

Jen Bishop is the creative force behind Interiors Addict, the leading Australian blog dedicated to interiors and home wares. She was made redundant a year into starting her blog and was accidentally thrust into the world of full-time blogging. I’ve loved watching her journey. She started off with a hobby ...more
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2nd of March 2012 Georgina Laidlaw

Blog Wise Tip 7: Use the Right Tools

You might think that, with blogging being a digital pursuit, the bloggers we interviewed for Blog Wise would be right up with the latest and greatest productivity gadgets, philosophies, and software. They’re not. Physical tools Interestingly, almost every one of the bloggers we spoke with relies on physical productivity tools ...more
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1st of March 2012 Georgina Laidlaw

Blog Wise Tip 6: Build a Productive Team

“Have you ever merged together four different companies with four different partners, and employees from one company and another company?” asks Brian Clark of “Oh my goodness, it was quite stressful.” But, he adds, now that the transition’s complete, “It’s amazing to me, what we can do.” All of ...more
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29th of February 2012 Georgina Laidlaw

Blog Wise Tip 5: Manage Distractions

Given their productivity levels, you might think that A-list bloggers don’t get distracted. The truth, as the interviews in Blog Wise show, is that they’ve learned to deal with distractions so that they don’t rule the day. Distraction #1: Social media Is social media sucking up your time? Give yourself ...more
Pro Blogger Interviews
28th of February 2012 Georgina Laidlaw

Blog Wise Tip 4: Choose a Structure that Works for You

All the bloggers we spoke to as we researched Blog Wise had an opinion on structure. Even those, like Matt Kepnes of, who doesn’t blog to regular schedules, noted that they had particular times that were good for certain work tasks, and particular times that tended to be less ...more
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