Shayne Tilley

27th of October 2022 Shayne Tilley

Creating Products: How to Launch Your Product

Darren says: It’s been a big month here at ProBlogger as we’ve worked through a series of posts exploring the topic of monetizing blogs through creating products. I hope you’ve found it helpful and feel equipped to create your next product. Today in a final instalment from Shayne and myself, ...more
20th of October 2022 Shayne Tilley

Creating Products: How to Create Products for Your Blog

  Today is part 4 in our ‘creating products’ series here at ProBlogger and now that we’ve done a lot of the ground work and decided on what product to create, we’re moving onto the all-important challenge of actually creating the product that we want to sell on our blog. This is ...more
Other Income Streams
13th of October 2022 Shayne Tilley

Creating Products: Which Product Should You Create?

Darren says: Today Shayne Tilley continues our series on creating products for your blog by examining the important question of “what product should you create?” This is a question I know many ProBlogger readers are pondering because I get asked it many times. “Should I create an eBook, a course, a ...more
6th of October 2022 Shayne Tilley

Creating Products: Before You Even Think About Creating Products, Think About This

Darren Says: Today we’re continuing our ‘creating products’ week here at ProBlogger by looking at some of the areas of groundwork you might need to do before or while creating a product. Our Marketing/Product Guru Shayne’s written this post but I’ll chime in along the way with some thoughts too.Over to ...more
14th of April 2022 Shayne Tilley

Blog Metrics: Why You Need to Stop Focusing on ‘Vanity’ Stats

While having lots of page views, sessions, fans, followers and even email subscribers may feel good, they don’t actually tell you anything about the health of your blog. At a previous ProBlogger Mastermind, I shared a slide that seemed to hit a nerve with the group. I included this in ...more
Blogging Tools and Services
8th of August 2014 Shayne Tilley

Facebook: The Lowdown on Advertising, and What We’ve Found Works Really Well

Often when I float the idea of advertising amongst my blogging colleagues (including Darren) I get looks of skepticism, dismissal, and that blank empty stare of disinterest. You might have that look on your face already. In some ways I can understand that sentiment. As bloggers, for more than a ...more
28th of May 2014 Shayne Tilley

Looking to Outsource Your Design Needs? You Need to Read This

This is a guest contribution from our very own Shayne Tilley. Late last year Darren looked at some of the DIY image and graphics tools we use here on ProBlogger — many of which I frequent daily. However with design, whilst I can resize and format an image and cover some ...more
26th of March 2014 Shayne Tilley

The ProBlogger Infinite Scroller WordPress Plugin

Last week we made out first plugin available on the ProBlogger Community: an Infinite Scroll Wordpess Plugin. It’s a plugin we’ve been using on Digital Photography School since we redesigned it late last year. With each of these plugins we release we want to share why we’re using it on our own ...more
21st of March 2014 Shayne Tilley

All You Need to Know About Using Exclusivity for Better Product Launches

This is a contribution by our very own Shayne Tilley. Launching products and campaigning can be fast-moving and complex beasts. There are so many layers, and even the best-laid plans can be scrapped in an instant as it all goes amazing well, or horrifically wrong… Two promotional tactics we use ...more