10 Steps to Guarantee You’ll Never Make More than 0.14 cents per month with AdSense

Posted By Darren Rowse 11th of April 2006 Adsense

Every day I come across and courses which promise to teach people how to make thousands of dollars a day with AdSense by following a few easy steps – so I thought it was time for one that shows you how to guarantee to keep your blog from making money with AdSense. Here’s my top 10 tips for a guaranteed earning of 0.14 cents or less per month from your blog:

1. Position Ads Out of Sight – Ensure that you put any ad units that you put on your blog below the fold where they’ll be sure not to annoy your readers. If you do choose to put your ads above the fold (why you would I’ll never know) make sure they are placed in the white zones in the diagram to the right. Obviously the bottom of the page is best but the top right corner and right hand skyscraper positions can also work against you very well. Do your best to keep the ads away from the areas that people’s eyes will be drawn to (ie away from content, pictures etc). This helps keep the money from rolling in quite well.

2. Only post to your blog once every few weeks – Lull your readers into a hypnotic trance decrease the chances of them ever visiting your blog.

3. Unclear Post Topics – If and when you do choose to post make sure that your posts have as little focus as possible in terms of topic. Write about multiple topics in every post in an attempt to confuse the AdSense bots. Never blog about anything with a commercial aspect to it and attempt to keep your posts as uninteresting, unoriginal and as useless to readers as you possibly can.

4. Poor Post Titles – Never use the keywords that relate to your post in your post’s title. In order to get lower paying (and irrelevant) ads use the word ‘blog’ as much as possible both in your titles and posts. Also try to find topics to write about that AdSense has no ads in their inventory for. Do this by simply adding keywords into Google.com until no ads come up next to the search results.

5. Never set your ads to show Alternative Ads – If you do your readers will see ads that might make you money when Google can’t find any of their own to show (something that ideally you will have if you get #4 above right). A much better strategy is to just allow the PSA (public service ads) to appear which will guarantee you earn nothing at all.

6. Click your own AdSense ads – This might make your AdSense total go up for a little while but the chances are that you’ll never see the money because you’ll be banned from the system. You might even go into negative earnings if Google decides to get their lawyers onto you!

7. Break Other Rules – If clicking on your own ads doesn’t get you banned fast enough try breaking some of the other AdSense terms and conditions like blatantly encouraging your readers to click your ads, using obscene language, writing constantly about violent and adult topics, labeling your ads with things like ‘free prizes if you click here’ or by putting flashing arrows pointing at the ads etc. Another good one is to add YPN ads to the same pages that AdSense ads are on. This has the double bonus of possibly getting you banned from both programs in one hit! If AdSense do contact you to make a change to some rule you’ve broken it’s best to ignore these emails, or if you decide to write back be as argumentative and uncooperative as possible.

8. Make your ads stand out – Set your AdSense ad design to completely clash with the rest of your blog’s design. Blending your ads is for sissies – be bold! In essense what you’re aiming for is to make your ads look as much out of place and as ad-like as possible. Here’s a few of my personal favorites (keep in mind I’m not a very good designer – I’m sure you could do worse if you put your mind to it):

9. Never track your AdSense ads performance – Definitely do not use channels to monitor how your different ads perform. This way you’ll ensure that if you do happen to fluke some well performing ads – you’ll never know which ones they were and will never be able to reproduce the results elsewhere.

10. Lower your Traffic – Ultimate the probably one of the best ways to ensure you never make much money from AdSense is to work hard at maintaining as little traffic as possible to your blog. You can do this in many ways including:

  • Ignoring any readers that do happen upon your blog
  • Practicing black hat SEO principles to make sure you get banned from Google and other Search Engines
  • Writing the worst content possible
  • Stealing other people’s content (and other unethical practices)
  • Post as infrequently as possible (I know I’ve said this already – but it’s worth repeating)
  • Never promote your blog in any online or offline forums

If you do have an occasional surge in traffic you can always remove the ads from the page that is getting the most traffic. Some bloggers do this well by only showing ads on certain pages (like their front page) and not showing them on other pages that get traffic.

Bonus Chitika Tip – If you want to branch out from AdSense and not earn much from other ad programs you might like to join up with Chitika and try many of the above strategies also. Another good one with Chitika is to use the default settings and keywords. If you really want to push it with Chitika you should target keywords that are as irrelevant to the topic of your blog as possible. In fact you can use this strategy with many money making strategies for your blog – especially affiliate programs. The more irrelevant they are to your blog’s topic the less chance they will convert!

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