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Kevin Gabeci

Content Writer & Editor | SEO Specialist | Professional Copywriter
Content Writer & Editor | SEO Specialist | Professional Copywriter
  • Tirana, Albania
  • June 29, 2022

As an SEO specialist, I'm well versed in the latest White Hat practices. I take pride in staying on top of the ever-evolving marketing trends. I have Identified Strategies and used them to help websites succeed.

  • Using the latest SEO Practices, I've helped the client's website rank higher in the search
  • I've helped companies Increase Website Traffic by providing high-quality content.
    Generating Leads for the business has been a significant success in my career.
  • I'm constantly learning and improving my skills, so you'll always get the best from

As a Content Writer, I can deliver content on various topics and even in specialized niches since my research ability is one of my most vital points.

  • I write Informative and Engaging Articles while providing Value to the Reader.
  • When writing articles, I always consider how they look, so I try to make the pieces look
    visually pleasing.
  • One of the most important things in content writing is to make the article be seen and rank high. I've done this by using the best SEO practices and the right keywords.

As a Professional Copywriter, I've worked with multiple companies providing high-converting landing pages. I've made several personas that fit each client's needs, targeting different markets.

  • I've Lead Successful E-Mail Campaigns that increased brand awareness.
  • Created Newsletters that snowballed over the months, gaining the company's loyal
  • Brainstorming and developing concepts for advertisements and marketing campaigns
    has been my primary responsibility. I've slashed the expectations and achieved excellent results.

I have been a blogger for a while now and my articles have been picked by Google’s SERP many times. My Medium profile is always active and I’ve had a lot of success there too. Some of my articles have been selected by Medium curators for further distribution.

You can check some of my work on my Medium account here: https://medium.com/@kgabeci

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Other Freelance Job Category
Website Developer, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Influencer
Writing Topic
Beauty, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Home, Lifestyle, Personal, Business and Finance, Technology, Travel, Gaming, Hobbies, Other


Bachelor of Science: Applied Informatics @ Marin Barleti
Sep 2016 — Jul 2019

My proudest achievement from graduating with this bachelor's is that I learned how to create useful applications that have uses in real life. An example is a C# Desktop Application that has sold all over Albania. I learned many other useful languages and skills that made me a valuable programmer.

I also had Business Management as my Minor and that meant that I grew into an Entrepreneurial
Spirit, which challenged me and opened my eyes to further business opportunities. That's when I decided to follow my passion for writing and with the knowledge gained from school, I became a valuable writer as well.


Content Writer & Editor @ Futura Creative,
Jun 2022 — Jul 2022

I achieved great results and brought thousands of website visitors through my content writing in the form of blog posts.
My Call-To-Action Snippets and forms to join the Newsletter created many leads, which some turned into eventual clients.
Through my ability to Manage the other writers and organize their work schedules, the website remained active and continued growing steadily.

Content Editor @ GreenBuild & TyresBest
Sep 2021 — Jun 2022

Research competitive keywords that have helped the website rank higher on the search engine indexes.
Proofreading of articles and Publishing them on the blog through the WordPress platform. By doing it I helped the entire work process and ensured that quality was delivered.
I have also written articles that have been picked up by Google's SERP for the specified keyword, resulting in constant views and interactions.

Project Manager @ Total CrossBow & Camping Picks
Apr 2020 — Jul 2021

Content Writer for Crossbow Review, Camping Review, How-To Crossbow/Camping, and everything to do in those niches.
Website Management, Uploading, and Formatting Content in WordPress Designing Captivating & Engaging Thumbnails and Graphics for the articles, that increased comments from readers.
Content Editing & Managing a small team of writers which lead to the successful posting of articles every day on the website.

Content Writer & Editor @ GadgetGang
Jan 2020 — May 2022

- Content Writer for Tech, Gaming, Blockchain, Crypto, and Artificial Intelligence Niches
- Website Admin Management, Designing Front End, and Formatting Content in WordPress
- Graphic Design for Thumbnails and Graphics
- Content Editing

Technical Writer @ People's Host
Jan 2020 — Dec 2021

Technical Writing with How-To Instructions for the platform knowledge base where I helped numerous customers find solutions.
Graphic Design, of the instructions and how to fix each issue or how to perform a function within the platform. My graphics made it easier for the reader to understand, which reduced the need for contacting support.
I helped this web hosting platform's customers to find the answer they were looking for while providing value.

Content Writer @ Temple of Tech
Jun 2017 — Jul 2019

Content Writing & Research on various topics.
Finding the best keywords that had a healthy monthly visit number and that were easy
to rank for.
I formatted the style of articles to make them visually pleasing and easier to get through
by the reader.

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