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Posted By Darren Rowse 19th of January 2005 Blog Promotion 10

This time tomorrow I will have been blogging for 7 hours straight in my blogathon to raise money for the Tsunami appeal, I’ll have added around 30 entries and I just know that I’ll be starting to wonder where the next 70 will come from.

So this is a call for the most interesting post (or two) that you’ve written on your blog in the past few days. Leave a link in comments below and if I find it interesting (and if I don’t get hundreds submitted – unlikely) I’ll link up to it with some comments. Might be a good way to promote your writing and get your blog noticed by a few more readers.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
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  1. This posting garnered the most comments thus far this week:


  2. I would be interested in your thoughts on today’s “rel=nofollow” spam solution announcement. I wrote something about it (http://www.johnsjottings.com/archives/2005/01/18/this_is_not_a_solution_to_comment_spam.html) but the best comment I’ve seen to date was at http://www.andywismar.com/archives/themiddle/2005/01/18/the_spammers_have_won

  3. Hi Darren, I have a good number of posts that I like a lot. Here’s the one that got me a lot of attention (not one of my favs):
    And one of my true favs:

    Happy blogging!

  4. Feel free to link to any of my posts. You have permission to use any post from Blog Business World that you want. Good luck with your blogathon.

  5. Hey there, just stumbled onto your post via Evangelical Outpost. Anyway, here’s a link to my Blogger Idol post last week, hope you like it!


  6. Oops, sorry – I gave you the wrong link: the correct one is:


  7. Doing a great job mate

    The following couple of recent posts on Thinking Home Business – http://www.thinkinghomebusiness.com have had quite a few visitors today. You are welcome to link/comment etc.

    Blogging for Business: A Neat Q&A

    Why I Chose BlogHarbor With Blogware: Update Review

    Des Walsh
    Gold Coast, Australia

  8. Hi, you might be interested in an article I just posted about using SWOT analysis to improve your blog. It is directed at bloggers in my niche (martial arts) but the principle can be easily applied to any blog.



  9. Hi Darren … as someone who probably has a close relationship with his technology, you’re not going to like my post but it’s meant to be a laugh. Hope it makes you smile.

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