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New Technorati Features

Posted By Darren Rowse 21st of December 2005 Blogging Tools and Services 0 Comments

David Sifry has announced a few new interesting features over at Technorati including charts to help you track the interest in keywords, improved extracts, scoped search based on related tags and enhanced profile information. There’s some helpful little updates there that will make Technorati more useable and useful.

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  • Does he explain why my links ranking has been stuck at 289 for six weeks despite 20+ links every 3 days or so? Or why nobody responds to any of my emails over there?



  • Tim

    I agree. Technorati support is terrible. There is something seriously wrong with my account. I’ve emailed them about once very month for the past six months from several different email accounts and they have never replied.

  • Hmmm I had a problem once, while it took them at least 4 weeks to answer, they answered in the end… sounds weird that they didn’t acknowledge you, Tim.

  • Tim

    Yea, I think it is strange too. I just looked and I’ve got seven support “ticket” numbers from them going back to early June. None were ever replied to.

  • Is someone watching this comments section? Within an hour of posting that message my ranking has been updated.

  • I just checked my “update” and to no surprise Technorati let me down. is far superior, as even their customer service responds fairly quickly.

    I am so glad Google jumped into the Blog search business, as it has made my life much easier.

  • what can i say – problogger readers are very powerful readers….

    or maybe the best way to get the attention of tecnorati is using their name in comment feeds ;-)

  • It is unfortunate that some blogs suffer a bit on Technorati for some reason. I know my ranking goes up and down but that it says I havn’t updated for 36 days.

    Also the guys at the blog network list can’t seem to import my blog’s details into their system to feature in lists like this one.

    I guess they are following millions of blogs though – so there is always going to be some problems.

  • Hi,

    The issue over at blog network list isn’t that we can’t import your details – it’s that technorati’s API is unfortuantely not reporting any data for your blog.

    I know it’s there… but the API doesn’t pull it. It’s irritating as all hell.


  • yeah – sorry if I worded it to sound like it was your fault Matt – it’d definately technorati’s problem. Hopefully they can fix it but it’s very hard to get the message through to them. I know I’ve tried to email them also but support isn’t a strength of technorati – probably due to the massive numbers of requests they get each day.

  • The “charts to help you track the interest in keywords” isn’t a “new” feature, it was likely seen at either my site,, or at TrendMapper

    Both of our sites have been doing this for well over six months now. I know for a fact that mine has been doing this for almost a year.