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Tanmay Patange

Crypto Content Specialist, General Content Writing & Marketing
Crypto Content Specialist, General Content Writing & Marketing
  • Anywhere, India
  • March 26, 2023

Hey there!

I'm Tanmay Patange, your go-to writer for all things technology, finance, and digital innovation. My love for writing goes beyond the world of crypto and blockchain, as I tackle a wide array of business, finance, and tech topics with enthusiasm and flair.

Over the years, I've dipped my toes into various industries, picking up valuable insights and honing my craft along the way. My writing portfolio is a veritable smorgasbord of engaging content – think cryptocurrency, blockchain, decentralized finance, FinTech, business strategies, and emerging technologies, just to name a few.

As a creative and analytical writer, I've got a sixth sense for transforming complex concepts into simple, digestible nuggets of wisdom. My passion for high-quality content and my chameleon-like adaptability have helped me earn a solid rep as a reliable and sought-after content marketer, juggling diverse audiences and industries with ease.

Whether I'm diving headfirst into the latest tech trends or untangling the web of global finance, my versatility and expertise make me the perfect partner for anyone seeking compelling and informative content with a dash of entertainment.

So, if you're interested in brainstorming collaboration opportunities or just want to geek out over the ever-changing landscape of business, finance, and technology content marketing, feel free to hit me up on Telegram at @techtsp or Twitter @techtsp.

I'm always down for a chat, and I can't wait to connect and swap ideas with fellow enthusiasts like you!

Catch you on the flip side!


"Tanmay is really good at content marketing and writing - getting the right positioning for our content on our blog and amplifying them on other channels. It was a privilege to have worked alongside this dedicated, intelligent and warm teammate!"


"Tanmay is an excellent team player with really strong content marketing skills and SEO knowledge. He has lots of experience drafting effective content strategies and leading efforts in this domain. He has a growth-oriented mindset, always seeking opportunities to improve and enhance his skill set. I would strongly recommend him for any relevant position!"


"Now here is a combination you don't often see: a former reporter with several years of experience in Web3 and a knack for intricacies of SEO and content marketing. If your project has something to say and wants to be heard, you've just found your answer in Tanmay."


"I worked with Tanmay for over 6 months, and he shows an amazing capability to produce quality educational/news content for our Liquid Blog. I would recommend anyone to work with Tanmay for copywriting, especially for news sites and publications. He is very knowledgeable in blockchain and crypto topics as well."


"Tanmay is both enthusiastic and a self-starter. He is always full of new ideas to tackle the task at hand. His knowledge and adaptability to new techniques and formats in the ever-changing digital publishing space certainly give him an edge. Tanmay is a true team player."


"Tanmay has been nothing short of an asset at Techook. His intense drive and keen insight into reader-friendly content paired with his ability to balance time have been very helpful in running the site. He is very reliable and shares workload responsibly. Tanmay will be a great addition to any team that is looking to create unique, audience focussed content."


"When it comes to work, Tanmay is the one of most energetic persons, I have ever met. He takes little details seriously to deliver the best. He is team player that take care of whole team (Online or Offline), while outperforming them."


"Tanmay has a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards work. He interned with Digit few years ago, when he was fresh out of college (or maybe in college, I forget). Tanmay always strives to improve his writing and has come a long way since his early days. He is a good networker, and I wish him the best."


"Tanmay is a talented technology editor! I've worked with him for over 3 years on www.pc-tablet.co.in and he built the website content literally from the ground to one of the top tech blogs in India."

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Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist
Writing Topic
Beauty, Creative, Family, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Home, Lifestyle, Marketing and Public Relations, Personal, Business and Finance, Technology, Travel, Politics and Current Affairs, Religion and Spirituality, Gaming, Hobbies, Politics and Current Affairs, Other


Engineering Diploma @ Mumbai University
Aug 2008 — May 2013


Content Writer/Editor @ Polygon Labs
Feb 2022 — Feb 2023
Content Writer @ Liquid Global
Dec 2020 — Aug 2021
Content Specialist (Writer, Editor, Consultant) @ Self-employed (Freelance)
Feb 2020 — Current
Journalist @ Republic TV
Oct 2018 — Feb 2020
Journalist @ The Indian Express
Jul 2017 — Sep 2018
Content Writer @ Pricebaba
Sep 2016 — May 2017
Freelance Writer @ Digit Magazine
Jun 2012 — Current

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