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Lotus Felix

An uncommon "word-tailor"...I sew words into extraordinary content
An uncommon "word-tailor"...I sew words into extraordinary content
  • San Jose, California
  • March 28, 2020


I am an astonishing copywriter, digital marketer, and god of words -- impeccable in triggering sales with tasty words that your audience will savor. 

I boast over 9 years of elite blogging experience and 4 years of web development experience. Do you know what that made me?

It made me notoriously responsible for the transformation of several fragile small businesses to gigantic industry leaders using hypnotic copywriting and result-oriented content marketing.

Are you looking for a sumptuous slice of the extraordinary? Here I come! My hobby is beating your expectation with remarkable, engaging content/copy that KIDNAPS the attention of your audience...getting them to take action HELPLESSLY.

Yes, with me on board, they don't have an action than to click that goddamn CTA.

I believe you have a unique project. I think working with you offers me the perfect escape away from the epidemic of mediocrity plaguing the internet, where digital agencies are just recycling dead content as well as "refurbishing" old topics. I want to DISH OUT FRESH AND SAVORY CONTENT that your readers can't get enough of.

I WANT TO GO BEYOND THE AVERAGE AND dazzle with trailblazing copy pioneering the next evolution of online marketing. This is because I relish the sport of extraordinariness with a hobby of beating conventions. 

Alright, I will tell you the truth...

I love to work with you because I think you need a copywriting expert like me whose content is not written "mechanically" nor starved of that sentimental spice that keeps your audience stuck. I am confident you will be thrilled with how I connect emotionally with the reader as my articles are perfectly streamlined to the audience persona.


Is that all? Hell NO!


I believe you need a content genius like me who produces content by stepping in the shoes of his audience, addressing their pain points, interests.... This way, when my readers read my content, they feel I am an INSIDER and one of them. 

So what the hell happens then?

They can trust me enough to even take targeted actions in the article (in terms of CTAs).

Yeah, you guessed it...

My articles are a balanced diet of value and entertainment. My readers get to learn with a smile on. The conversational tone of my articles perpetually replenishes their interest, as the content SPEAK TO THEM AS A BUDDY!

Of course, being an exceptional copywriter is more than writing – there are mental recipes as well. I am even more delicious attitudinally. I am self-motivated, with a voracious appetite for challenge and an insatiable curiosity to learn something new every day. This would be further enhanced with my keen attention to the minutest details, capacity to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-specific environment, and my knack for beating expectations. 

Here is what your competitors don't want you to know...

Teaching is to me what the rosary is to the Pope: MY THING! My articles are always a "classroom," with my audience being fed satisfactorily with actionable knowledge and trailblazing insights.

These nourishing articles will comprise meaningful information well in line with the topic and keyword - adequately optimized for excellent SEO performance.

C'monI am as tech-savvy as they come! 

I am equipped with admirable proficiency in Google Suite, MS Office, WordPress, Google Analytics, and powerful SEO TOOLS LIKE AHREFS, Buzzsumo SEMRush, and UberSuggest.

Talking about originality and uniqueness, there I radiantly and dignifiedly stand out from the crowd of content writers. I don't just think outside the box, I think "MILES" outside the box. Blazing with creativity and industriousness, I always painstakingly take the innovative distance to produce the most nourishing articles in terms of fresh information feeding my audience to stupor with value.

It is said you can't kill two birds with one stone, but I defy this principle! With my excellent multitasking abilities, I am that one stone you can use to kill two birds – or even three! Hard work and transparency are the ideological pillars I have built my world around. Diligence is my hobby, and time is one deity I religiously worship; hence, I never miss deadlines.

Want something more enjoyable than Game of Thrones?

Spare some time to savor some links to some of my published articles in SEO and digital marketing just to give you a tip of my impeccable expertise:

















These are some of my works for Rahmi Ozcan at Think Digit (a cutting-edge digital agency in London):





I wrote the entire web copy for SEO specialist Melbourne (http://seospecialistsmelbourne.com.au/), an innovative SEO consultancy firm in Melbourne, Australia.


Across the last few months, I worked on a massive link building project with Stan Ventures (https://www.stanventures.com/), a leading Indo-American White Label SEO Service, where I built over 421 backlinks on a wide spectrum of verticals.

Think you have seen a writer as versatile as I am? Sorry, you haven't!

Here is an encompassing collection (portfolio) of my other samples to show my sumptuous versatility: https://bit.ly/2kbyqUy

More importantly, I AM A TEAM PLAYER. I VORACIOUSLY RELISH CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, always available to make edits. 


So this is the best thing you would have done in a long while: KICK OFF A PROJECT WITH ME AND ADD A CONTENT GENIUS ON BOARD TODAY!!!


I burn to contribute my "divine" brains to advancing your project soonest.








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Digital Marketing Specialist
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Beauty, Creative, Family, Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Wellbeing, Home, Lifestyle, Marketing & Public Relations, personal, Business & Finance, Technology, Politics & Current Affairs, Politics & Current Affairs


Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication @ University of Waikato, New Zealand
Jul 2007 — Jan 2011


Senior Copywriter @ Flawless Content Shop
Feb 2015 — Nov 2019
 Collaborated with product managers, security strategists, and other marketing researchers to gather intelligence and formulate a framework for assets management and control.

 Developed Tier 1 and Tier 2 messaging protocol for social, corporate, and government institutions.

 Proficiency in a wide range of social media platforms including the ability to handle content management systems.

 Consistently maintained editorial benchmarks for external-facing communication systems.

 Trained 15 junior writers to use editing software to create high-quality content on a consistent basis, meeting set deadlines and working under strict time management. This translated into a 22% increase in productivity in the space of 3 months.

 Worked with content strategists and the media team to create new ideas on content presentation and direction to capture targeted demographics.

 Collaborated with art and project designers to make sure copy tone and theme fit perfectly with visual tone and theme.

 Extremely detail-oriented professional with excellent editorial judgment.

 Creates and nurtures procedures that drive idea generation while having a clear concept of rival activities making sure to stay one step ahead of the competition.

 Proficient in the use of editing software including web-based and social media applications, not excluding Office 365 for Windows and Mac O.S.

 Ability to write clear, concise and persuasive original copy.
Sales Copywriter @ Mind Vision Group
Aug 2013 — Jan 2015
 Carried out in-depth research and analysis on the internet to assist brands market their products directly to targeted consumers on the web.
 Wrote persuasive content for a baby product manufacturing company and was able to target this content to different mummy groups on Facebook. This action was able to increase sales by 31.5% in six months.
 Wrote compelling ads for products advertised by e-commerce stores to boost sales and convert visitors into loyal customers.
Technical Copywriter @ Elegance Media
Mar 2011 — Nov 2013
 Created DIY tips for tech products, teaching customers how to trouble shoot and fix their gadgets when faulty.
 Provided reviews and recommended products for consumers based on personal testing and application of these products to ascertain the consumer experience first-hand.
 Promoted to top-level writer after 4 months, writing between 60,000 and 80,000 words per month or 3,500 words each day on average.
 Monitored monthly site rankings through the use of analytic tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to fine-tune organic search.
 Oversaw quality control in content delivery within the team, delegated and distributed assignments, proofread work for grammatical correctness, and accuracy of content to hit targeted demographic.
 Excellent in Google Analytics, Notepad ++, WordPress, and SEMrush.

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