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Katherine Abdo

I am a freelance Content Creative Writer and Published Author, with a background in culinary and photography
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • March 30, 2023

I am a freelance Content Writer, whom has a wide degree of knowledge on the culinary world and creative writing. My writing is highly engaging and tailored to the specific brand or company. I've written articles of restaurants in Chicago and Minnesota, and I write blog posts about food and how food connects us to life. In 2020 I published a poetry novel called Blood Orange, which ranked at number 38 in Best Sellers for Epic Poetry, and 100th in Poetry by Woman. In addition to writing, I’ve been a professional photographer and cook since 2016, I do product photography and food styling.

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Personal Assistant / Virtual Assistant
Writing Topic
Creative, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Home, Lifestyle, Personal


Television Writing and Creative Writing @ Columbia College Chicago
Sep 2015 — Jun 2017

I studied at Columbia College Chicago for writing. I spent most of my time there learning how to write intriguing and engaging stories, short stories, scripts, and advertisements. I use the knowledge I've obtained from school to my work.


Assistant Photographer
Mar 2023 — Apr 2023

I got the opportunity for an internship with Micheal Alan Kaskel, whom is a high-end, luxury, interior design photographer. Being his assistant I learned the in’s and out’s of the interior design photography world. I wrote and sent business emails, assisted in styling each room for the intended shoot, gathered props, setting up cameras and the equipment, working hours on end, and always using Capture One during shoots.

Blog Writer
Jun 2022 — Current

I have a food blog where I post professional photographs that I've taken of the food I make. I give instructions on making the food and its recipe. I tend to include writing my opinion on how food brings and connects us all. Food is an expression of culture and elevation.

Private Chef
Jun 2020 — Current

I work with private clients whom want meal prep for the week, usually specified 3 course prepared meals. I work private parties and Farm to Table events, I’ve collaborated with other Chef’s on these events, but usually do them on my own. I am in charge of grocery shopping, creating the menus and recipes, prepping, delivering food, cooking, plating and serving guests.

Assistant Chef @ Eataly
Nov 2019 — Apr 2020

I worked along side one Chef as we taught cooking classes at Eataly in downtown, Chicago. The menu was consistently changing based on the food selection in the market place at Eataly. We created the menus from scratch, which taught me how to be ever changing and learn a variety of techniques quickly. We taught cooking classes ranging from 10-20 people, we hosted and served several private events, and had Chef’s from various regions of the world come and cook with us for a class. Unfortunately, once the pandemic happened Eataly shut done.

Line Cook II @ Hilton Hotels and Resorts
May 2019 — Oct 2019

I worked as a seasonal Cook at an upscale, roof top, open kitchen restaurant in downtown, Chicago. Extremely short staffed in back of house, with a high intensity volume of covers per night. Since having no prep cooks or Sous Chef’s, each cook learned how to man every single station, becoming more versatile as a cook in this industry. It was a very fast paced environment, and rotating of roles and duties.

Production Assistant @ Universal Studios
Mar 2019 — Nov 2021

I was a PA on NBC's Chicago P.D. and Chicago MED TV show. Call time was at 6 am sharp, and we didn't wrap filming till the sun went down. We were constantly on our headsets, running around all parts of the studio to retrieve things for anyone who needed something. I loved being around the production side of TV, it was very fascinating, and hands on work!

Content Writer and Photographer
May 2017 — Current

I’ve worked with and wrote for various restaurants in Chicago and Minnesota, like Tiffany’s Sports Lounge, Hexe Coffee Co., Gioco, Woodwind, styling and capturing food as well. I am in charge of bringing my own lighting and camera equipment. I style and photograph the food or drinks, or whatever may be specified. I am well educated in Adobe Photoshop, Capture One and Microsoft Word.

Photographer @ Iconic Photo Group
Oct 2016 — Current

I started off as an assistant and then transitioned into being a photographer. 8-10 hours per shoot, minimal down time, and often traveling far to shooting sites. I learned techniques and became better equipped to adapt on the spot. The subject matter we were shooting consisted of live collegiate graduation ceremonies, graduation portraits, school photos, head-shots, marathons, and private events.

Line Cook @ Entertainment Cruises
Mar 2016 — Apr 2019

I first began this job as a prep cook, which I then became a line cook in the first couple of months. We normally did 600 covers a night on the cruise ship, resulting in a rigorous amount of prep required daily. Throughout working here I learned and operated all positions behind the line, this is where I honed many basic techniques and cooking skills.

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