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Joe Burgett

Experienced Writer/Editor
  • Birmingham, AL
  • July 8, 2022

I'm an experienced writer who has spent around 15 years writing online. More than 6,000 articles of mine have been published across more than two dozen websites.

I'm experienced in writing about Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Religion, Technology, and much much more.

I am also well educated. I have an A.A.S. in Television & Radio Broadcasting and Production, a B.S. in Public Policy & Public Service, and I'm nearly done with my Master's in Education Administration.

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Project Manager, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist
Writing Topic
Creative, Family, Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Marketing and Public Relations, Personal, Technology, Travel, Politics and Current Affairs, Religion and Spirituality, Gaming, Hobbies, Politics and Current Affairs


M.A. Education Administration: Curriculum & Supervision @ University of Oklahoma
Aug 2021 — Current

I am in the second half of my Master's degree at the University of Oklahoma. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and hope to keep it. While this does take up some time, I am an online student and take one class at a time usually. As this is how the program is designed. Therefore, I have plenty of time to work too.

Public Policy & Public Service @ Arizona State University
Jul 2018 — Jul 2021

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy & Public Service and minored in Political Science. I took a lot of classes over the years and felt it was finally time to go back full-time to earn my Bachelor's degree in 2019. So I did and spent roughly 3 years earning this degree.

TV & Radio Broadcasting and Production @ Jefferson State Community College
Aug 2008 — May 2012

I left with a certificate in both TV & Radio, as I decided to do both tracks rather than one. It also took me longer to finish as a result.

Sadly, they did not tell me it would all count for just one degree as I thought I was going to be leaving with 2.

Therefore, I have one Associates in Applied Science Degree from this college.


Founder & Chief Editor @ ComicStans
Jul 2020 — Current

I founded ComicStans in the Summer of 2020 but did not do as much with it until the following year due to my schedule. Now we're seeing our position growing in both social media and search engines, and we've even partnered with a great advertising company.

While we cover entertainment topics here, we always like to add a twist to things too. Allowing you to read articles you cannot see anywhere else.

Founder & Chief Editor @ #ManVs
Nov 2019 — Current

#ManVs is my passion project where I along with a few others publish articles on numerous topics. The site is very interactive and a pleasure to have.

List Writer @ Science Sensai
Jul 2019 — Current

I have truly enjoyed my time writing with Science Sensai. I get to learn about new and exciting scientific material. Then, I get to write about it.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of this type of content and I hope to do more of it here and anywhere else that wants to use me.

Writer @ Tent Camping Lifestyle
Jun 2019 — Current

I was writing as a ghostwriter for iWriter when I began writing articles for a site owner. I wrote at least a dozen articles for him under the iWriter banner before we touched base outside of the website.

At the time, he was starting to push more content for his website, which was relatively new at the time. While with iWriter, I wrote a few articles for "Tent Camping Lifestyle" but he wanted more content, and we both felt I'd be paid better away from Writer.

So we began that client/business relationship. Since then, I have written at least 100 articles for TCL. I mostly write about outdoor products along with some survival articles too. Pretty much whatever he needs, I write.

Managing Editor @ Men's Gear
Sep 2018 — Apr 2019

I operated mostly as Managing Editor for the first 5 months of my time there. While I still edited articles quite often, I then shifted to the marketing side of the website where I spoke with and tested products for numerous top-tier companies.

Those include HP, BENQ, SOG, Gerber, etc.

Lead Editor @ Top5.com
May 2017 — Mar 2020

I assisted as the Lead Editor for Top5 during their comeback project in 2017. They had a new owner and needed an experienced writer/editor to come in and get things started.

It was always going to be a temp job but it was fun while it lasted. I returned in the Spring of 2019 to help with a few other edits they needed as well. So it's still an open place.

List/News Writer @ Valnet Inc.
Nov 2014 — May 2019

I wrote with just about every single website under the Valnet Banner over the span of 5 years.

That includes Screen Rant, The Clever, The Gamer, The Sportster, CBR, The Travel, and The Richest.

With Richest alone, I have over 100 articles published. Meanwhile, on the rest of the sites, I have quite a bit less.

My time was done here in 2019 but the people there, as well as the several editors and hiring managers, have been good to me.

News Writer @ The Inquisitr
Feb 2014 — Apr 2017

I wrote news content for IQ, as well as some editorials here and there. They went through a downsizing move in 2017, where I was on the chopping block.

However, in my time with them, I published a little over 1,000 articles on numerous topics. Clearly, news writing is something I have a ton of experience in.

Syndicated & Featured Columnist @ Bleacher Report
Sep 2008 — Sep 2011

I wrote about pretty much every sport you can imagine here. Though I had a focus in pro-wrestling and football, I dove into many avenues.

I was lucky enough to interview great athletes here as well as cover certain events.

Writer @ Self-Employed
Jun 2008 — Current

While the other positions focus on some of the bigger brands or more established writing relationships I have had...I also wrote a few articles for several other brands over the years.

Here is a list of websites I've written for outside of the ones I referenced:

- Inverse
- What Culture
- Nerd Much
- Monsters & Critics
- Fansided
- Oddee
- Rant Media (Rant Lifestyle & Rant Sports)
- The Social Man
- Men's Variety
- SportScroll
- Guy Counseling
- Skilled Outdoors
- Yahoo

I also own websites too. ManVs.co & ComicStans.com are the main two that have been active, though I am trying to start up a few others beyond them.

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