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Gerry Pelser

An all-round creative who can write up a thunderstorm.  And design a little
An all-round creative who can write up a thunderstorm. And design a little
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • January 25, 2023

I'm an all-rounder.  I've been writing since high school (and I'm pushing fifty now!) .  I have the capacity to take just about any topic, research it, look at it, analyse it, and make sense of if for the customer.  I can write to speck (IE, make blogs which are search engine friendly, littered with the right H2 & H3 tags  and sub-headers formatted as questions) .

But I'm not limited to blogs.  I do long form writing, too.  I've ghost written long-form literature (non fiction - though by the way some people embezzle their life stories, it could be fiction, who knows?)  and wrote several books under my own name.  Currently I've three books for sale on Amazon (two novels and a memoir), all of which are critically acclaimed, and will be publishing more novels over the course of 2023.  My first publication was a photographic manual, From Snapshot to Hotshot - now out of print as it is out of date.

When not writing, I also work in the visual arts field.  I'm an accomplished photographer, and a can design and layout books for broth print and eBook formats.

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Graphic Designer
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Creative, Food and Drink, Home, Personal, Business and Finance, Travel, Hobbies, Other


None yet, but I'm getting there... @ The School of life
Jan 2023 — Current

I'm an autodidact. I got myself eighteen months of formal tertiary education at a third-rate tin-pot art college before I realised this structured academia thing wasn't for me. Since then I've done self study in all things creative. I tight myself to build websites, to take photos, to write... but also worked on myself in fields such as finance, wealth creation, crypto/blockchain, and psychology. Speaking of which, I was approached by a psychology lecturer to rewrite 'Chronicles' in academic language and submit it as a dissertation. I may just get a PhD for my efforts!

High school @ Florida Hoërskool (High school)
Jan 1988 — Dec 1992

I competed my dozen years of state-mandated education in 1992, and I earned my high school certificate - English was my best subject. Don't ask me about maths, though.


Writer and Novelist @ Self (Again!)
Nov 2015 — Current

2015: I published my first book at the 2015 Photo and Film expo. It is titled 'From Snapshot to Hotshot' This was a photographic manual aimed at the beginner to entry level photographer. It was well received in the photographic community, and I sold enough of of these books to be profitable before withdrawing the book from shelves in 2019 due to it being out of date.

2018: I published my first novel: 'Discovering Leigh' to great critical acclaim. 4.53 stars on Goodreads, and available on Amazon.

2019: together with the hen Mrs South Africa I published a memoir. Book is pulled due to copyright infringement. But it scored 4.75 on Goodreads while it was still up!

2021: After the death of my wife I had time to publish my second novel: Defining Giulia, the sequel to Discovering Leigh. Arguably the best fiction I've ever written, or ever will write. Covid spoiled the party on that one and did not get released to too much fanfare.

2021: almost a year to the day after my wife died, I published my magnum opus: The Chronicles of a Reluctant Widower. this is a deep-dive and personal journey into grief, and finding life on the other side. 4.86 stars on Goodreads, I was covered nationally on television, radio, and print.

Yeah, I can write a little bit!

General Gopher @ Sidus Consulting
Apr 2015 — Dec 2020

My wife started her own financial consulting firm, and I got seconded in as 'adjunct' employee and did all kinds of interesting corporate duties such as report writing, making Excel spreadsheets look good, polishing PowerPoint to a point where they don't bore the audience to sleep within the first three slides, and made my wife's company look as good as it actually was. My wife died of breast cancer in 2020, and the firm got bought out by another company.

All Round Creative Freelance Dude @ Self
Jan 2000 — Current

I draw. I photograph. I write. I design. I did infographics and 'corporate design' where I took the 34-page IT report and condensed it into one-page visuals for the boss upstairs to look at. I consulted in book design - covers, internal layout, photography - and made some money doing product photography for online shopping. I designed titles for video clips, cobbled together calendars, and even took 360-degree VR tours for golf courses.

Basically, if its creative - and does not involve music or singing - I can do it, and probably have done it somewhere in the last 23 years.

Web designer, chief in charge @ OJB Web Development
Jan 2000 — Feb 2015

I was 25 when I started my own web development company. Over the next fifteen years I developed (HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, MySql) and designed (CorelDraw, Photoshop, traditional media) over 1,000 websites for clients in five countries on three continents.

In 2015 I had enough of talking to inanimate objects, got married, and dedicated my time to helping my wife with her company.

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